Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Nice Lie?

It seems funny to me when you talk to someone and you know they are just wanting to end the call with you so they tell you something that you KNOW they are fibbing. To get rid of you. One too many questions, phones ringing all around them, they gotta pee, I don't know but I don't want to hear your nice little lies.

Yes, the next step of the adoption fun, National Visa Center (NVC). I call yesterday. I call today. They are clueless telling me 2 different things in 2 days. I guess at this point it's a waiting game and the next 2 steps are ones our agency has the ability to expedite. It will be out of my hands, which is probably really for the best. This process is frying my brain. And I need all of my brain, trust me.

Chloe was so kind to me tonight, I felt the love just overflowing as we ran into someone who said "hi" to me and Miss Nosey said "who's that?" When I said someone I went to school with the girl comes off with "she look younger than you! AND you go to school with someone?" So apparently I look old and am so ancient or terrible that either she thought schools weren't invented yet or I was in jail and missed out on school. One word for her BRAT. She knows what it means too.

I told her I was telling dad she was mean to me and she said "I tell him he no be mad at me." Ohhhh, so that's how it is. Another girl with daddy wrapped right around her finger. Sighhhh.

We signed Chloe and Cam up for track, she loves to be active and on the go so she can just run that energy of hers off. And Cam had to do whatever Chloe was doing. They start April 20 and I said to the coach we WERE going to China, April 23. Okay, I told her it wasn't set in stone, although I wish it WERE. Anyway, it's fine, it's not a big deal and she will be able to pick up in track when we get back.

I'm not sure why but somehow Chloe saw Cam eating a granola bar and said "what that?" He said "granola bar" and she said "Oklahoma?" We looked at her and said "how did you get Oklahoma out of granola bar?" Don't know but that's what she calls them now and sadly, we understand the nut. Does that make us nuttier???

Sunday, March 28, 2010


As we patiently wait on word of that last approval till travel, we had some fun figuring out the meanings of the kids names. Oh, and assigning jealous Cam a name as well:)

Chloe's name means "blooming" sooo fitting! Chance means "good fortune" which is so true since we found out about him, and Chase means to go after, of course, and we chased for Chase:) Cam means "winding valley" a lovely Irish name for his red hair.

Now to their original and now middle name meanings. All of the children's surnames are the same and means "of the people" the sibs middle name is also the same and means "journey" while Chloe's second name means "cloud", Chance's means "victorious" and Chase's means "to fly." Isn't that amazing?

So we have the victorious, flying cloud on a journey if you combine the sibs. Neat, huh? One other thing, Chance's name meaning? It's the same as mine, Vickie means victorious. Guess that's why I am known for my tenacity?

Chloe was talking to me yesterday morning, she was babbling away and she said "can we talk?" strangely she felt the need to say this even though she was already on her 100th question of the day and going strong when it wasn't even 10 am yet. Yeah, Lori, I know you THINK you are jealous with your quiet girl. Oiy.

But usually that means it's something about Chance and Chase she wants to talk about. So I asked her how she thought the boys will react when they see her? She said "BIG SMILE" and showed me her mouth she had grotesquely made into the biggest smile possible:) She's really getting excited thinking it is going to happen and soon, she will see them in person, be with them in the same room she met me with us signing the same papers saying we want the boys for our sons.

She even taught me how to say I love you son, I learned long ago how to say "I love you" (wo ai ni), I learned the "daughter" for her and said it when I got our adoption certificate making it legal for her adoption. Now I'm all set for the boys.

Cam asked on the way to church would the boys be jabbering in Chinese with Chloe and I said "yeah, I am sure, and I better hear lots of "Wo Ai Ni mama" so I know what they are talking about:) Chloe got a good laugh out of that one.

As the teens did a wonderful skit in church today and I was amazed when I asked for prayer for our sons, that we had the visa approvals, and hoped to travel April 23, that everyone, including Chloe broke out in applause. We are so blessed to share this wonderful journey God has sent us on, to give others uplifting at a time when they may need it. The boys' adoptions are true miracles, we do not lose sight of His hand in this.

But when all the little ones left the sanctuary to go to practice for the Easter program, I saw something on my sweater and looked at it. Guess what it was? A LADY BUG. I'm NOT a luck seeking person, I have my Heavenly Father to look to but it was really neat to look around and not see one other lady bug anywhere to be seen. And I parked her on my Sunday school lesson book where she stayed the whole sermon!

Miss Kat learned to do something this week, it only took her a day and she had it. Guess what it was??? You got it, our baby girl's training wheels are gone. They hit the dust. She is soo proud that she can ride her bike with no training wheels. Growing up so fast. Sigh.........

Friday, March 26, 2010

News, News, I said NEWS!!

Whooo hoooo, visa approvals for our sons. Yeah, yeah, oh, yeah!!!! Happy people here in our world. And look, even new pictures of Chase!! I think I see more resemblance to Chloe than I ever have. Isn't he just handsome, our new son Mr. Chase.

We are asking agency to get expedition for the rest of our stuff to get our Travel Approval (TA), asap! We are just a LITTLE anxious here to get to our boys.

Chloe's understanding? Americk say all yes- not Ch*na yet. She knows now that it's a 2 part deal that we have to get approvals from both and she was NOT impressed with the only the first "Americk" approval. Too smart for me, our Chloe.

She keeps saying in her best insulting teen drama queen voice "it gonna take next year to get Chance, Chase." OUCH, break my heart. But I say "no way, it's soon"- to which she rolls her eyes and sighs at me. Just like a daughter.

Just so you know we do not have a set time to fly, but we have a best guess and we are hoping for April 23rd. Might be wrong but there it is, my prediction. And I still haven't packed. Guess I better get on that?

Hubby had the NERVE to ask if I was going to get my hair "cut and styled" for our trip. Is he MEAN or what? I will not, can't make me, if I even suggest it come HIT me, after the burned perm of last year when I lost 8 inches of hair and suffered terrible vanity issues.

Jaxon and Drew update 36% WHOO HOO, it's got to be 100% and we KNOW God is going to provide this somehow! It's getting there.........and soon both our families will be off to bring home our sons, all because we heard a call and faithfully answered, we are being blessed beyond measure. We NEVER could have done any of this without GOD.

Is God calling on you today? Is He just waiting for you to answer to bless YOU with riches money can't begin to measure? He sure is.....listen.........do you hear Him???

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Still no news

No news on the adoption front, praying to hear something tomorrow. I know everyone is anxious to hear news on our travel times but I am posting 2 pictures of Chloe's reaction to the news of yet again today, NO NEWS.

Guess you can tell she is not thrilled. Maybe I should just sic her on
these people making her wait. Oh yeah, she thinks that's ME- I have to explain each and every day that is isn't me holding us up from going. The joy.

There's still funds needed for Jaxon and Drew, please keep them in your thoughts and prayers and if you are called to give please do. We are in the same time line as their parents and may very well end up traveling at the same time, if we do we will have all 4 of our boys together and we promise pictures:)

Wouldn't that be cool? How cool is Miss Kitty in purple today, looking so stinkin' cute? Man, I have to say, I am soooo glad these girls have numerous LARGE big brothers. And I pity the boy who thinks they can even look at our girls:)

Patiently waiting on God's timing. Okay, maybe not patiently but I'm trying! At least it sounded good?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bad Day

Well. We got something from immigration, I got all excited as hubby called me and said something came, I was at school picking up a kid coughing and disturbing their class (a whole other story) and I got home to pink papers.

PINK. As in, we want more info, NOT approvals. So I quickly e-mailed and called agency to find out what they "need" to get us approved, and they were to call and let me know if whatever is needed can be faxed and allow up to get approved still this week. No word from anyone and the day is over, all I can do now is pray. Can you all send a prayer up for us as well??

We are so eager to travel to get our sons home, and it can be so hard to wait on God's timing. We don't understand this delay. In honor of my feelings I posted an older pic of Miss Kitty doing what I wanted to do today.

I'm off to bed to say all my prayers and hope tomorrow brings us better news 'cause we know our God is bigger than pink papers :)

Don't forget too, in times of need look to help others, Jaxon and Drew still need to come home, the raffle is over but the funds aren't complete so please help them get the final funds needed, you can still Chip In on their blog or this one for them. It's still appreciated, needed and will be such a help for 2 wonderful boys to come home.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


No news to report on our adoptions since the mail went already today:( I guess I can chill till Monday now.

I got out of bed yesterday, as I went to put my robe on and turned around to make my bed, this is what I found! Children! In my bed. As quick as lightening, as they were not there when I was sleeping.
Funny how one room of the house seems to be the favorite and why is it our bedroom? I guess the kiddos like to hang out with me when I am on the computer and they all tell me that our bed is "the most comfortable in the house" (I have a feather top on my bed:) I guess I should feel lucky they don't join me sooner, huh. I don't see any room left there for me if they did:)

Hannah was brave enough to spend the night last night, I'm not sure what time they crashed and finally fell asleep, They outlasted momma and baba both.

Chloe was not too thrilled there was no school yesterday as if her momma was thrilled. Hummm.... not. But Chloe was in a good mood and joking with me, she snapped this picture and even though I had no makeup or even combed my hair, I'm posting it anyway 'cause she's so darned cute:)

Usually on Saturdays or evenings, she perches on my chair, and picks my brain with her million questions. I answer till I am wore out or till she quits, whichever comes first:)

The weather is fantastic and outside we are heading. Raking up leaves from the fall and getting our little pond running. We're also getting out the swing and having our first cookout of the year. Yummmm!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


You gotta hurry, there's just one more day to get in on the bounty of stuff over at Drew and Jaxon's - http://bringingdrewhome.blogspot.com/ You don't want to miss out on the drawing tomorrow! Don't worry I asked Mandi not to include us in the drawing, giving everyone else more chances to WIN:) Since there is so many of us........

You can Chip In on their blog or ours, as our Chip goes to them:) Again thankful we can look to help another family bring two wonderful boys home since our funds are complete. Everyone who helped, we thank you AGAIN. Sorry if you are tired of hearing it, I have to say it 'cause I FEEL so very thankful.

I an van-less today. Something going on for some time with the back brakes, I've had it checked, pads and rotors changed and after 4 times of being looked at, I am hoping this new dude can figure out why it squeals like a dying pig when I brake just sometimes, and clicks when I drive just sometimes. I swear I have the most temperamental vehicle, I guess to suit the personality of owner? Yeah MOM, you now have it in writing.

Donobin came home and saw the room and flipped. Sadly it was not a "you are the most wonderful mother I have ever seen, thanks for cleaning my room". Nope, it was "who touched my stuff!! Where is my stuff? Who did this?" He ranted, he raved. He went to the basement and wrote me a letter. It wasn't very nice:( I wrote him a very nice one back. He's adjusting and down to a mild roar. Gotta love teens, it's all you can do with them some days, huh?

That Miss Chloe was a funny goof the other day when she looked at me and said "how I get American momma and I Chinese?" I said "God picked you out for us to be our daughter and we are so glad He did." She then said "how LONG?" Ahhhh... the root of the silly question, to which I told her " forever girlfriend, you are never getting rid of me."

Still no word on the approval for the boys visas, just in case you were wondering. I called since I couldn't take the suspense and the mailman was starting to look at me really funny......paperwork is on the woman's desk. She said she would "try to expedite it". Okay, thank you.
Gotta be nice, I remember momma saying you get more with honey than with pepper or something like that....... I wanted to say "well then just approve them and let's move it NOW". I contained myself, although it was a tongue biting, teeth gritting, fist clenching ordeal. At least I knew I could leave the mailman alone for a day or two:)
Don't miss your opportunity to get the goods, remember, the raffle of items ends tomorrow!! You'll have a wonderful joy to see these boys come home and know you helped make it happen. Even a few dollars, every bit is appreciated:)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flip flops

After days and days of rain, the perfect time to rearrange furniture, we have been given a respite. Sunny, warm~~ okay so 50 degrees isn't the WARMEST but to us frozen, sick of winter and snow Pennsylvanians, we are thrilled!

I broke out the flip flops today and ventured out in short sleeves :) The sun is shining and it's wonderful to see and feel. The flower picture is from our yard---- pretty huh?

The time change this past weekend was a novelty to Chloe, she really didn't notice it last year either the spring forward or the fall back. But boy, did she ever want to know if we were "crazy" when we told her the clocks were to change by an hour Sat. night. She thought we were "joking her" what she says for teasing her:)

I should have known that I was not going to get away with short sleeves for long around Miss Chloe, she had to pester to get her summer clothes out of the attic. So she is in the hallway now surrounded by her clothes figuring out what still fits and telling me I did indeed pack away her gym shorts in the attic (ongoing argument) and she wins, I did it. Oh well, she didn't need gym shorts in winter anyway, silly girl.
Speaking of clothes, she is so sweet, she wants to know if we can take back clothes for kids that don't have any when we go, of course I said "yes, some" and she says "really?" Then she asked me "do you know what kinda" means?" Yep, sure do, it's slang you learned from your momma:)

I was hoping to type we had our news of visa approvals for the boys but NO, still nothing, nada, zip, none, nope, zilch. Get my drift? I think I am as anxious as Chloe these days.

Speaking of, I got 3 motion bracelets highly recommended by friends, Chloe gets terrible car sick as she had never really traveled anywhere, so it's highly likely the boys will too. So I've got that covered. All ready, although other than throwing things in the suitcase to get them out of my way, I haven't really packed anything. I'm learning to chill on that since I end up repacking 10 times anyway.

Jaxon and Drew update- 35% Getting there!!!! Yeah! God is so good, He will not leave these precious guys without their family. Neither one. Have you been able to donate? Pray? If so, THANK YOU--- glad you can join and know you are helping all these great kiddos come home! Boys are a joy, I can't wait to meet ours:)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Boys Room ready

When we got the final amount of money we needed, we told Chloe what we wanted her to know, "we have enough to go and get your brothers." We shouted, we celebrated, we praised God, we rejoiced.

What did Chloe say~~ "How?" I think we named her wrong, she should have had a name meaning "questioning one or seeker of answers" instead of "blooming" ha ha. So we said "someone sent us the rest of the money we needed because God wants you to see how much He loves you and your brothers."

Next question "why?" Baba pipes in here, " because God doesn't have a checking account." We all laughed at that but it's so true, He counts on us, to hear Him and respond. Then He is able to bless us with His riches for our lives because we are faithful and willing to follow Him.

I'm so glad to see we surpassed the 30% mark for Jaxon and Drew to come home, let's go for 40% now, remember every dollar adds up and we can't out give God:)

It is supposed to rain all weekend so I decided this was the perfect time to work on the boys room. Got beds set up, the rug we were given laid down, and clothing space for 4 boys.

No easy feat but I think I did okay:) I had our older boys come help me with the tough stuff, furniture assembly is not my forte. I tried to put together a space saver with the fabric drawers, I totally messed it up and Jay had to take over:) Not saying I did that on purpose.........

We were able to park the space saver on top of a dresser, taking off an old an ugly mirror, those fabric drawers will be perfect for socks and unders for all those boys. I also used a 3 drawer chest in the closet to give us some more clothing space. I still need another lamp for the other side of the room if someone wants to read.

I was happy to find Chance and Chase's names in cut out letters, everyone has their names in their rooms to make them feel at home and I have painted all the others- so imagine my joy to find their letters in mirrors, cool and no paint needed!!! Got bedding for $10 at the discount store, and we have a room ready for our sons.

Even Chloe likes it and she was sure the boys would be totally offended to be in a room with 4 of them, another puzzling thing for us as she had a room with 4 beds at the orphanage, I saw it myself. It really makes it real for us now, we are ready for boys to be sleeping in those beds, playing on that rug:)

But space wise, yet again, God has given us the beds, closet and drawer space and enough space for a play area. There is room in our home as well as our hearts.

Now to hear some official news that our TA steps are moving along, wouldn't that be nice?

We got notice that our paperwork was received, how nice, now just add a "you are approved" to that and save a stamp, why don't ya?:)

While we cleaned today the dogs were laying around, not minding the mess, although that puppy, seemed able to find herself some trouble? Of course she could, she is one mischievous little bugger.

Just look what Lucy Lu ended up getting herself caught up in, all I'm gonna say is she's lucky she's so stinkin' cute.......................

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who broke my back?

What is it that they say about your health? That you don't miss good health till you don't have it? OUCH.

I woke up yesterday morn and could hardly get out of bed. I racked my brain, did I over exert myself doing something? (Stop laughing MOM) I decided that rotten little troll that lives in our house, you know the one that steals socks from the washer before they can make it to the dryer, the one who does things that no one else did, that he must have stabbed me. It hurt that bad. Lower back, couldn't sit, couldn't hardly stand or walk.

Thankfully today it feels better, I must have just slept wrong. Glad it's temporary. Don't know how I could handle constant pain like that. Gives me a new appreciation for people in physical pain, that's for sure. I rarely have back pain.

My kids have been really B-A-D lately. I don't know what has gotten in to them. The oldest one said "They aren't my heathens" when I asked him to sit with our angel children for me. Then I tried the old "you owe me, I gave birth to YOU." And he said "that was your first mistake". OHHH, the stabbing to my heart these kids give me. MOM- go right ahead and call HIM about this. He should KNOW better.

Then Em finally broke down and told me she cries all the time because she was hit (abused) by someone and wasn't allowed to cry. The girl cries, big, loud wailing crying over next to NOTHING, driving us all nuts. BUT- her even being able to tell us this is HUGE for her. Let's hope we can now head forward as I reassured her- she will NEVER be abused here. EVER.

I have always said I will not sugar coat issues with Chloe's adjustment, it's not fair to others wanting to know the whole scoop to be prepared if they are considering/bringing home an older child. SO here's the dirty on her. Sunday she started, whining, badgering about little things. Why could she not have a computer of her own, a cell phone, she made some comment a coat that got broken (not hers) that it was $50 and her clothes probably didn't cost more than $10, any of them. She was on a ROLL. AN ugly roll. She seems to do this when she has decided she is bored, she was also jealous that the tonsils girls had first dibs on the family room TV.

So instead of finding something else to do, she decided she would pick at me. WRONG ANSWER. She did it till I blew. I told her I did not want to hear another thing, that she was behaving just awful. That she should be thankful for all she DOES have, not going on and on about what she doesn't have. I told her she had to apologize and she did, the next day, just a little stubborn, mind you.

After she apologized I sat her down and told her, I would give her the shirt off my back, I would DIE for her. But along with that love for her and her being my daughter I needed her to show me the RESPECT I deserve and God expects us to have for one another. I told her she will not be doing that to me again and that I do not keep a tally of what I buy for so and so and make sure it's all equal, I make sure everyone has what they NEED. And we all do and we are thankful for that.

She didn't have much to say for herself but her behavior has been much better. She is watching her tone with the little ones too. I talked to her about her jealousy of them, there is no need for that. Every one has rights to do things based on their age and ability, they are up to momma and Baba and that's life. Pretty much a usual teenager issue, I believe, but there it is.

I think she seems happier after I do scold her, it's as if she realizes she is a part of this family, everyone gets scolded by mom so if she got her scolding she is one of us. Just as goofy as the rest of us, I guess.

Jaxon and Drew Update, we are almost to 30% of funds!! Go ahead, get it there, put it on over 30%, hey, I won't complain:) Leave me in the dust---I'm fine with that:)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Drew and Jaxon

Mandi and Matt have posted on their blog the news of their Pre-Approval for the 2 sons they will be bringing home. Note- THEY WILL BE BRINGING HOME. They will. God has their answer just as He had ours.

They have till May 1 st to get their older son. Then he is lost, he will have no family EVER. Instead he has a family excited, eager to bring him home, a brother who can't wait to get this guy home, wanted so badly he e-mailed Jaxon's picture to dad himself, just to help the cause along. Helping mom and dad see what God had planned all along.

We may possibly even travel at the same time, we are close in time lines, so it is possible. Wouldn't that be a blast, to watch these 4 boys coming home to families that want them so badly. After no one caring if they were warm enough, going to bed hungry, doing their school work, teaching them about God, loving them, they have all this and more just a dollar away. Yes, a dollar, because the total to us looks so big. But dollar by dollar God will take it DOWN!

But we all know what God thinks of money barriers. I can tell you, it's an awesome but scary thing to be sitting there knowing in your heart you would sell anything (except your other kids- don't call me MOM) to get these children home. You'd give up eating, you'd give up anything you can but the money amount is still not something you can squeeze out. You have enough to raise them, just not the mountain of adoption fees to get there for them.

But Mandi and Matt are doing that. Stepping out in huge FAITH, that God will whisper in your ear (send $20, send $50, send $100) do you hear Him? Will you listen and be part of this blessing as well??? Please do, there's nothing like the RUSH of knowing you helped when you see these children, with their family, home safe.

It's so wonderful to know these 2 boys have a family, the waiting girls often get snatched right up, the older children, the BOYS wait and wait and no one comes:( Don't miss being a part of this!!!

I have to say, I am not related to Matt and Mandi, have never met them. Hope to some day. That would be fun. I just know that we will not be letting go of the importance of God's warriors to help, we are continuing Chloe's Fund and if you care to send to there, go ahead, Matt and Mandi will get it, just note it for Drew and Jaxon, yep, he's got a name even, and God knows his road home.

It looks like a lot and the total is daunting, BUT I ask can we get to 30%? Come on, we can do it!! God's warriors, please answer the call to get these boys HOME. If you don't have funds to help, there's ALWAYS prayer and support, we never underplay that, it's just as important to this journey as well as ours! So spread the word, pray and watch this unfold.

To see the story of how Jaxon was shown to them to be their son--- go to http://www.mattmandi.blogspot.com/

I'm sitting back today and breathing a sigh of relief. They all went off to school today. WHOOO HOOOO. I love 'em, I really love 'em:)

Now I am doing laundry, dishes, cleaning up, and planning the rearranging of the boys room for this weekend. That's going to be a major job, but gotta have it ready. I posted a pretty picture of Miss Kitty all ready for church yesterday. The girls were glad to get out of the house and go somewhere:)

And spring really is coming, I saw 2 blooms on the crocus plants, tulip shoots this morning, along with daffodil shoots. YEAH!!! Spring is coming, spring is coming-------

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lego anyone?

We are still looking at each other and saying "we have the funds to go" as if it's not real. BUT IT IS:) A BIG thank you to Carmen and Andy and honestly everyone---- THANK YOU!! It's God's miracle for our children. Praising God for His promises to us for these children to come home:)

I can't wait to get my hands on the boys and hug the stuffin' out of them.

So as we can't possibly have a totally great week, not in this house anyway, Donobin was messing around with Cam who had a lego in his mouth for some odd reason and you guessed it, he swallowed it! He came running, I yelled "what, are you serious??" Having just watched some show about a kid who swallowed stuff and almost died, I was floored. So I did what every responsible nurse does after hours, I googled "swallowed a Lego" and yep, got my answer. The great and wonderful world of Internet. As long as he didn't choke on it (he didn't- it went down nice and smooth??) it will uh,humm, PASS.

He told me today he thinks it did, I think that I should not have to do poop patrol for kids age 6 and up in my house, so I'm taking his word for it. And believe it or not, I have NEVER had a child swallow something like that, at least none that was willing to tell me at the time.

Hannah and her sister and brother came to hang out last night for an hour, this is what they did the whole time. Not exactly hard to watch them:) They were all sharing games and playing together with their DS's. They sure look intense, huh? Solving world peace? The National Debt? No, Cooking mama!
I can't wait to look over at the couch and see 2 black haired boys in that mix:) Even if they are "cooking mama". No news on our next step this week, we'll have to hope for next week.

Friday Cam took a poster to school for a project. He commented he put his name on it as he is not the only "Cam" in school. I mentioned then that I bet Kat was the only "Kat" and he said "yeah, but there are other Katharyns." Enter Miss Kitty who says "I can spell Cam". C-A-M. I said "good job!" She then said "how do you spell friend?" and I spelled it but wondered why--- well she said "Kat-friend, now I can spell my name!" Guess we know why she is so loving and friendly:) She thinks it's her name! Gotta love that girl, even with her potty mouth, all clean now, no repeat dirty words- pheww.

Sometimes with this big household, I keep things in my mind that I will need, like for the boys to have beds, we were given bunk beds and have a rug being given to us for the boys room as well. Well, the bunk beds came without mattresses so I was thinking "okay, gotta think about fixing that soon, we will need mattresses."Said a small prayer, "God you know the need."
Open the newspaper THAT DAY and the only item in the giveaway?? 2 TWIN MATTRESSES IN GOOD CONDITION--- I called and we got them. They are almost new! Thank YOU GOD for answering even a small need. Just like that. Wow is it cool to hand stuff to Him and let Him take over. I have so much more time for stuff I really want and need to do instead of fretting where, how, when, why.

Speaking of fretting, that Chloe, I told her today I was going to knock her out till it was time to go and then wake her up and say "let's go." I love her. TONS. She has NO patience and I don't blame her. I asked Baba to take her and the other non sick ones as the sun was shining today and it was mildly warm- hey we'll take 40 degrees as warm, and they all went for a longggg bike ride and I got a break:)
The picture of "Cousin It" is actually Chloe and it's her front, she thought it looked like her back. She's such a goof. Fits right in here.
Fund update for our new family-- 28% of funds needed. Can we make it 30%?? Please?
She's got some SUPER giveaway stuff I didn't even mention if you donate!! Check it out here


Friday, March 5, 2010

Blown away

Blown away. Amazed. Blessed in God's Grace. Carmen was God's worker and we deeply thank you for answering His call to you!!! We can't thank you enough for CARING!! WOW!!!

Got a call last night. Church financial lady. "Got a check here." Okay then. "It's HUGE!!" WHAT?? No, way!! "Yes, it is!" It's enough for our fees, and will cover if we need more than I budgeted for the tickets since the prices are rising the closer we get to spring. It was the answer to prayer, the end of our need, but the seed of another.

This donation has sprouted as more than just covering our need-- it's a seed because I realized we need to keep this going. Chloe's Fund needs to keep going. It needs to be there for anyone who is called to adopt, to give them the courage to know people care. That we can help others bring home older children who want and deserve the joy of a family for life.

I ended Our Chip In but I want to help another family bringing home an older child and a younger child. BOTH. And they need financial help. So I am taking their Chip In and adding it here, in hopes that if Carmen beat you to sending us funds, if you were waiting, you heard God but thought, oh , next week, or when the income tax return is here, that you WILL answer and Chip In for this family just as if they were US. The need is the same... 2 boys need to come home to their family. For one, it's his last chance.

So PLEASE, don't look at us and say- yeah, they got what they needed, but look to help another who is not there yet, and praying hard to make it. They have a time limit to get there, can you imagine that? You make it by this day or your son is lost to you forever. Imagine the pressure this causes them with paperwork only, let's ease the funding worry together!!

I haven't written much on life if not adopted for the older kids. It's not pretty. No one wants to imagine it but for our children, it was their future. This is why it is SO important for any family wishing to adopt older to be supported in their decision in every way possible. The kids get a minimal education, they are not encouraged in their studies, nor are they able to attend "good schools" as they are paid schools. Orphans are considered "unlucky" so even if they somehow strive to do well and are able to go on to college (a rare few) they can not easily obtain a JOB, since they could bring "bad luck" to the company.

They do not have the option to change their name, the name which as soon as someone sees it or hears it brands them as an orphan with NO family. They have no one to guide them, from age 16 on! After being given food, shelter, all decisions made for them, they are released at age 16 to the street to somehow survive. Many DO NOT. This happens EVERY SINGLE DAY.

It's not pretty, it's not cozy, unlike our lives, please consider, will you be willing to step out of your cozy and go for it? It's a treasure to parent these resilient and super kiddos:)

You can't change the world by adopting a child, but for that child, you have changed their world.

Imagine if we all answered the call. No more orphans. WOW. I can't imagine Chloe or Kat if we didn't have them in our lives, and I am sure the boys will be the same. Blessings, true and wonderful blessings.
Think about it, will ya?? Our blondie friend still needs a family........

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Surgery over

Surgery done. Went well. Was a bit worried to do both with getting them both back from recovery, but by the time Em came back, Pip had been back and was settled. Pip is the vocal one and she was NOT a happy camper afterwards, she was trying to get her fingers in her mouth to "get that out, (the swelling) but once we convinced her to drink, she was like a wild woman. She had 2 ice creams, 4 juices, 2 Popsicles, 2 puddings and was still going strong. Didn't need the "salty" hint YET, but just love the things people have helped us out with from comments- you guys are the BEST!!

Em on the other hand is so quiet. She started out with her "goofy juice" 30 minutes after Pip got hers and Pip was telling me I had 4 eyes:) But Em went zombie- like on me and spiked a temp. Scary. Afterwards and up until now, 24 hours later, she has not even admitted she had ANY pain. I have been medicating her anyway. I know it hurts and hurts bad.

What bothers me about this is that Em is older and has been traumatized. She tends to react almost like an orphaned child when she encounters pain or problems. She shuts down. She doesn't respond and will not admit she is hurt. It makes me sad to see this, but also glad she is here and will have a secure and safe place to try to heal her in. It breaks my heart what some people do to precious children they are given, and it's not a cultural choice, or inability to get help. It was there, it just wasn't taken and these children suffered for it. Grrrr.......

Okay, off my bandwagon now. Kat is home sick. Just to add to the fun. She says she vomited this am, I think it was the cold she has and the coughing, add in some jealousy of the ice cream, pudding, and jello helpings for Em and Pip and she is home:(

I'm really hoping to hear from immigration this week, I know these next steps go boom, boom, boom and then we will have TA and be going, but the little steps from LOA to TA seem, well, DUMB. I'm all for no child trafficking and this is supposed to stop that? I can''t see how all these steps make someone say "oh, okay, that's another step, oh no, can't do it, just gonna stop trafficking RIGHT NOW."

We are not trafficking the boys and want them HOME. With their sis. Jumping hoops, and we'll do it, 'cause we have to.

As sister in her impatient way asked last night if I would buy her ear spoons when we go (see picture for the explanation of that) and when I said "yes" she declared, "yeah but gonna be 10 MONTHS" then in her best teen drama acting said, "and I haven't cleaned my ears in 10 years!" Baba told her nicely there were q-tips in the bathroom and they worked quite well for that for Americans.

Nope, gotta have her ear spoon. We were given this by our college students and had NO CLUE what they were. When Chloe mentioned this I got them out and said "is that what this is?" Yep, an ear spoon. I think the other piece is a nail cleaner?? Don't know and neither did she, I wasn't giving that to her since it had the sharp piece and I could just see her "fixing" her ear drum with that point- no thanks, we just did some surgeries- don't need that!

Money update- we are $2480 away from 100% of fee to bring our boys home. It will happen. We trust completely.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Potty Mouth

I'm so ashamed of my daughter. She is so sweet, so cute, yet what came out of Miss Kitty's mouth as she sat with dad eating breakfast?

"Holy SH-- we have a lot of bread." As she looked at the full bread box. He asked her "what did you say?" and she knew enough not to repeat it:(

What did we do? Well, she was told if she ever said that again she was getting her mouth washed out with soap. Just the suggestion made her look a little green around the gills, so I think it did the trick.

Now where did she get that? WELL........I've heard many a story from school about a young man named "Nick" this year and none of them have been in a good context.
MOM- it was NOT me, I still recall the taste of soap that you DID put in my mouth.

Over the years I have often entertained maintaining my children's innocence by Home Schooling and then I come back to my reality, I am not able to pull that off. A good mother knows her limitations and admits them, I can not home school. I am jealous of all the wonderful homeschooling mommas out there, my hat is off to you.

But then when I hear my little ones who just started off in the hard cruel and dirty world come home with a potty mouth I feel so inadequate for not homeschooling. Our first son, now 24 years old, came home from kindergarten and wanted to know at bath time what "balls" were. That was my first dose of kindergarten teachings. I wanted to cry as I tried hard not to laugh. Because it's funny but it's really not.

My expertise must be nursing sick children since I took a leave of my senses and signed up Pip and Em to have their tonsils out tomorrow together, as in both of them. This should be interesting. Hopefully all will go well and they will have some relief of the constant illnesses they have had. We are to arrive at 6:45 AM- me and 2 kids, I think they are going to go in their jammies, have I mentioned I'm not really an early morning person either? Ughhh, 6:45am!!
Fund update-- it always cracks me up when I post "oh it's 4 percent" and before I know it, it's double that!! Yep, 8% and growing. Thank you AGAIN- can't stop saying it, because we mean it!! I can just see God up above amused at me because I see that percent go up and every time I shake my head in amazement at His warriors at work, little by little getting it covered for our boys to come.
BTW, I saw my crocus flowers are sprouted up at least an inch today- I declare spring is HERE!! Ha ha ha Mr. Phil the Groundhog:)

Monday, March 1, 2010

More Funny

I'm so sorry that so many people can relate to the issue of no family support and adoption. That's terrible. In honor of all you who are able to plunder on, and to the family that had to stop due to finances, I am praying hard for you. I felt so sad to read that:(

Since we can't do anything this week but sit and wait and hope some fast working government people send us good news lightening fast this week, most likely not till next week, we are going to have some fun. It's important for people supporting adoptive families or adoptive families themselves to take any time you have a break in paperwork that you can do nothing about except sit and wait- to recharge for the next paperwork frenzy.

SO we are taking advantage of the lull to bring you some of the 10 dumbest things ever said to us as adoptive and foster parents. And what it took to shut the person up.

10. Are they sisters? (Me) They are now. Oh,yeah, but are they REAL sisters? Don't have any fake kids, so yeah. OH, but, I mean, are they related? Well, I wasn't there at the conception, were YOU???

9. Are they all yours? I think--- are there 7 or 8 back there? (always one more than I really have) Uh, I think 6? Oh, those little stinkers I keep losing one, well I'm just going to leave him here (as I went out the door)

8. How many are yours? All of them. No, I mean how many are YOURS? Seriously, I claim them all. No, but really YOURS- you know? They are MINE, all mine, mine mine mine mine mine mine mine mine ( I kept chanting it as I walked away)

7. Do you know their parents? Uh, I think I know myself pretty well. No, you know their "real parents?" Last time I checked I was pretty real and I was their mother. Do you want me to pinch myself for you?

6. Did you plan to have all these kids? Well, not really but we're sure God meant for us to have them! Really? Uh. yeah, we see them as a blessing, each and every one. But how do you do it. Do what? Take care of them and remain sane? Well, we take care of them, love them and we avoid psychologists like the plague.

5. What if something happened to you or Ron or both? Then it does, would you like to sign on for guardianship of all the kids if something DOES happens to us?

4.. Why China? Well, we did consider Haiti or Ethiopia, they have such gorgeous kids, but maybe we should have gone to Russia where they would have looked like us so I wouldn't have to answer this? (I was in a bad mood that day) Usually would say - doesn't matter, an orphan is an orphan. We also get -Why not USA kids?- to which I am able to say "we do that as well, we foster." But I don't think we should even have to say that-a child in need of a family is all it takes. Love bridges all races.

3. How much did they cost? They are priceless and adoption costs are mostly the travel and some fees for paperwork. Yeah, but it's a lot of money for them, huh?
Uh, buying people is illegal and we paid people who work at their job to do paperwork for us so they can feed their family as well. But it's a lot of money.
Do you wish to adopt? There are many avenues with many different costs involved, you could look into it? I could never do it, I'm not like you. It really does take a special kind of insanity (as I grinned like a nut and giggled )

2.Do they have (you know) issues? Yeah, but mine usually outweigh the kids.

1. DUMBEST thing ever said to US- did you get a discount for the older one? How would you figure that out, $1,000 per year she is already grown or what? The paperwork and trip are the same, so how would that work and why- are you serious???

The fund update--funds are coming:) God is taking care of it. 4 % and growing to cover the part of the orphanage fee still needed for Chase. We continue to be so thankful to every person who is helping that total turn to DUST!