Monday, February 22, 2010

A Year ago

A year ago (in Ch*ina since it's Tuesday there), I walked into an office, looked around and didn't even SEE my daughter stuffed down in a bean chair near the floor, trying to become as invisible as possible. Gosh, she looked so scared. OF ME. Boy, did that hurt. I kissed her cheek and she flinched. Of course of she did!

I could go on about what the year has brought us but I am not going to. You all know we adore her, she is wonderful daughter and sister. Fits right in. And she came with brothers.

So here's what you really want to know... first-- how much is needed to go back.
We need $830 on the Chip In for Chloe's way to be paid.
We need $2,700 of the $4,700 second orphanage fee.

YEP, that's $2,000 we have lowered that MOUNTAIN ( orphanage fee) by reworking the budget, squeezing out every cent we can, a $1,000 donation from a very special friend:) Thanks friend:) Also donations at church, 2 wonderful older gentlemen give me a "hello" and every few weeks stuff money in my hand. It goes right to the fund:) Again, gotta say, we are so blessed.

Now we announced LAST WEEK that this fee is going to have to be paid. And a week later, it's nearly cut in HALF. God is so good, He is not going to let us down, nor Chloe, who really, so badly wants to go.

I was going to do the usual post on our one year anniversary, the progress Chloe has made. Then I got a phone call from a recent adoptive mom who had brought home a 12+ year old and they needed some help. I realized then that it would be more beneficial to people out there who are thinking- maybe this is for us, or we did this but what NOW---- so instead of HUGE post, I spent some time and wrote it out in a document and if anyone wants a copy please e-mail me at and I'll send it to you.

Otherwise, our day started out really crappy, Donobin missed the bus, Em broke her glasses, Pip SPIT at Kat (gross) and Kat threw a fit over misspelling "purple" on her homework and scribbled it all out and tore the page up- nothing like a good snit fit for a Monday morning- ahhhh! As I called the girls' teacher to warn her what was coming her way, she was sympathizing for ME- all I could think of was "hey they are heading your way now, I'm alone with the dogs and she might want to don some war gear or something?"

Pictures of Kat and of Chloe, a year later, as happy as she can be without her brothers home yet. Soon Chloe, soon. We can finally say that:)

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Sue said...

Happy one year ago...and yes not a good way to start a Monday, hope it ended better