Friday, February 19, 2010


I am just tickled pink. Look at that total to get Chloe to China!! 61% people!! Did you see it?? Did you?? 61%! We are sooooo thankful. You all are amazing in your love for our spunky Chloe and wanting to see her reunited with her bros. It's super to know how many of you CARE!
I KNOW we are going soon. You know HOW I know? Dreams. Yep, they filter into my night as I dream something goes wrong, we miss the plane and lastly that I was getting ready to kiss Mandy Patinkin and woke with a smile on my face?? UGHH. Don't even think dude is cute AWAKE so where did that come from? Was hoping the smile was for hubby, that he has just kissed me, but alas, he was already gone to work. So it was just me and the stupid grin. How embarrassing to tell this:)

Oh well, just means my brain is working overtime to handle the fact that we are going SOON, did I type that already? It will have been over a year, I learned of the boys from a piece of paper handed to me on Chloe's Adoption Day. I asked for the boys to come home then, instead I returned with our girl, $1,000 I had done everything to not use in China so we could start the journey for the boys.

And here we are, going SOON. Yeah, I'm a little freaked out, hey, super mom I am not and not 1, but 2 teen boys? I LOVE boys, I personally think they are tons easier to raise, so in that I have hope I will be able to enjoy my 2 more boys. But it's no picnic, the whole trip and then the happily ever after.

I HAVE to tell you what Donobin did the other night. He is a total hoot- 15 going on 20. He tried to pester me to use the computer. Because his math grade is not above a 70% and he is not allowed to use the computer till it is. I told him he was "killing me here" by pestering me. Well, this sent Chloe into panic mode. She put him right in his place with a "you not kill her, we NEED her!" Uh, YEAH, Donobin, you are quite the funny one, but I can tell you I feel the love. I am NEEDED, so knock it off.

I told him he better shape up as well, he will be looked up to by the incoming boys, and to that he groaned. Gotta love those teenage boys, it's all you can do with them some days.

We are getting our 4th set of bunk beds today- someone is giving them to us. We are so thankful for them. Many people who know us are aware that we have a 4 bedroom house, 1 bathroom. Not the largest home around. Many say "where will you put everyone?" And " you need a bigger house." As funny and even possibly true this may be, since our standing joke is that we are waiting for Extreme Home Makeover- we are able to fit the boys in without construction although it's gonna be tight.

I have been of the mind lately to share my "take" on this- we are BLESSED. We have everything we need. I have spent many a younger and less mature years whining- I mean, bemoaning things I did not HAVE. So when it came down to needing such overwhelming help to get the boys here and figuring out where we will put everyone, I really became quite humbled as I realized how very blessed we are. We have a home. We (and the bank) own it. We have a bathroom- hey some folks DON'T. Do you think any family in Haiti would not be thrilled to have what we have today??

We have food to feed everyone, our bills paid, 2 running vehicles, older models, but that's okay. We have a washer and dryer, a nice home that's warm. We have our health and the health of all our children. We have our dreams. We can freely worship our God.
I'm not bemoaning anything, I am happy to have what we have and I think we may have some super "bathroom" stories to tell when everyone is grown and comes back. That gets a little hairy sometimes.

But we manage quite well, thank you very much. Now I'm not gonna go so far to say if EHM did call us we would turn them down for a new house- ha ha... but for now, we are not looking at what we don't have, but what we have.
It's the same way with the adoption and funds. To think of where we started, with a $1,000 and hearts full of hope and here we are, just a small amount still needed compared to the total and just weeks from travel. My cup is almost full, not partially empty. I know the funds will be there when we need them. Just as I know when we bring the boys home, they will be fine bunked in together, and I will just rejoice to be able to walk past their room and see them in their beds, safe, secure, bellies full and I will be at peace.

Maybe then I'll be smiling for kissing the "right" fellow in my dreams. Although my mom stated I must be the only person who would pick her hubby over an actor on TV to be kissing?? Okay, so I'm weird, but I love the man, I don't think anyone else would put up with me.........


Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Wow!!!!! I so happy for your family!!! Cant wait to follow your journey and watch her see her brothers again!!!!

Grandma Shelley said...

Ohhhh, it is going to be so fun to follow this trip. We all are hoping for lots of updates on this trip...and tons of pictures, too!

Jerry and Christy said...

Hi, A few posts back you said you would let people know how much money you still need to bring the boys home. Would you please let us know and where to send that money to? I am praying for your need and waiting to see God's faithful provision.

Holly said...

Vicki, I am so happy for you!!! And I love a great attitude like you have. You are right. None of us needs to complain! God will always provide what we need, and that is enough. : ) I can't wait for you guy to get to China. We are so excited for you!