Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Taking Chloe

When we got LOA, we were thrilled of course. But the next question was, is Chloe going along? How do we afford it? Obviously she doesn't HAVE to go. She wants to go badly. So as we had one person e-mail and say " I want to help financially to get Chloe to China" our thoughts were "no, no we can't ask that."

Then another person, same thing. Again we thought the same thing. THEN another person, and we realized this was something we really did need to listen about- God was telling us she needs to go. So we are going to post how much we need to take her along. It's $2800. It's more than just a plane ticket, or we would squeeze that out somehow, which is why we were not going to be able to take her, as we will be made to book 2 rooms in all the hotels. Due to the hotel rules, not us. We'd bunk on the floor if it was our choice.

So we are putting it out there, we got her passport and I sent for her visa (we paid this) so if she is meant to go we hope that we can come up with this. We know that God has moved huge mountains in these precious children's story, so this is mild for Him, even when it looks big to us. If He wants her to go, we'll take her:)

2 ways to donate, to our church for a tax receipt. Address is on the right sidebar. Chip in. It's at the top right of the sidebar, you just click on the "Chip In". Chloe doesn't understand why you all care- she says that "why people give money, how they know" and I want you to know what I say "because God made you special Chloe and God asks people to care and they DO."

I have warned Chloe though, no animal heads on our table when we are eating, mom doesn't consider that an honor to see head of animal she is eating.- uhhhggg. On my trip for Chloe, she ordered duck after I got the staff to understand "do not bring chicken head, momma doesn't want to see that." So they bring her duck, head on a platter looking at me and I freaked. Daughter laughed, she thought that was too funny. (Mom should have realized right then what a character this girl was)

As far as our adoption costs, here's where we are-

We are being considered for a grant, we are hoping that will cover the last of one orphanage fee, yeah, another leap of faith, we have enough ONE orphanage fee, we do not have enough for both. Still praying they will waive one fee, we have been told it doesn't happen but we have heard that before it seems:)

Otherwise we have our income tax and with donations to our church, grant from Gift of Adoption and the grant we hope comes through. That should cover everything but the extra for Chloe going. Isn't that amazing?? We started with $1,000 left over from Chloe's trip from our income tax last year. That went really fast, home study update, immigration application, that was more than gone.
Everyone (YOU ALL DID THIS!!!) helped plow the mountain of the agency fees to the ground.

Paperwork submitted and the wait began, all the while we started Chasing for Chase. Now we are approved for both, our biggest fees yet to come, and we have the $$. This was a total leap of faith, we did NOT have the means to do this, the heart, YES, but no way the means.

WE WILL HAVE IT ( keep praying for that final grant) ..... our sincere thanks to everyone who cares, who prayed, donated, supported, we want you to watch these kids reunite and know that warm fuzzy feeling that YOU helped make this happen, YOU, sitting at your computer drinking your coffee.... YOU followed God's word and took care of His orphans, orphans no longer but loved and wanted so badly by their family:)

BTW, if anyone wants to bring that warm fuzzy feeling on in for good, Chloe and brothers have a friend, he is listed with Holt,
He is albino, so he is a lovely blond with pale brown eyes. He is the "smartest" kid at the orphanage, he has 1 year and 5 months left till he ages out. His fees are reduced and a grant is applied to his adoption as well. He is near the bottom of the page, they have had his file over a year now, and he has not found a family!!

Come on, he needs a family. Albinism means he has LOW vision, but he can see, he can read, as his info states, he loves to read. He would be a wonderful son, we'd scoop him up if we were allowed---- (MOM do not call me and tell me I'm nuts- I know we can't qualify for him) I have lots of pics of him and we would LOVE to maintain contact with his new parents for our kids to remain friends:) Just think we could be your extended family--- or maybe I shouldn't offer that? Ha ha........He's some one's son......I just know it-- is he yours??

We are snowed in today, about 3 feet of snow so far and the winds are not helping matters. No school. Pctures of our backyard and Kat's reaction to how high the snow it to her (shoulders) and Chloe pouting that I asked her to go out and shovel snow:(

That blue thing in the snow?? My poor doggie, he has a halo collar due to his dry skin he won't stop licking and he has to have snow dug out for him to even go to the yard. We have no where we HAVE to go so we are sitting back and enjoying God's beauty, it really is pretty, cold, but pretty:)


Love for Lilly Yin said...

I have been thinking and praying for you so much. I am so touched by your story, and i promise if I had extra money I would give it to you first. I am praying and believing your situation will be resolved and money will be no are an inspiration! If some how I come up with a chunk of money I will give some to you, and start my own journey back to China....maybe to get your sons friend..who knows? All is possible with God.

trina said...

Vickie, it's coming together and they will be home soon!! I'm praying for a 'discount'..two for one deal...and only pay one orphanage fee. I'm praying for the grant, my friend!! That would be so sweet if Chloe could go,too. How special for her to see her brothers again and even see her friends at the orphanage. How sad for the boys to leave their friends. How do they digest it all? How do they live life happily knowing their friends are left behind? How heart breaking. I'll spread the word for their friend to find his family..and maybe even from your bloggy friends. Have you asked Holt if they would ask for you? You just never know. They might even say yes especially since he is older.Let us know if you ask. I won't tell your mom. :)

Dawn said...

praying for a miracle that China will allow ONE orphanage fee! May our God (who owns the cattle on a thousand hills) allow some one to sell one for the rest of your fees! Bless you


mumma to many said...

Hi Vickie
I have been lurking for a long time and yes I know about the extra costs etc and sharing two rooms and the stress that has on families I have followed another blog and they have been staying in Cheaper hotels I mean cheap! %30 per night per room. Check out their Blog.
Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

cool blog,期待更新........................................

GaelN said...

I wonder if this young man is on the shared list? I've been praying for him and was startled to see him on your blog :)! I do hope he finds a family.

Some Other children that Holt has on their page are actually off the shared list. This might help an interested family!!