Sunday, February 14, 2010

Packing and Sick

As the pile of things "for the boys" was growing in our room (aka the dumping hole) I asked hubby to get out some suitcases. We had previously refused to get them out as Chloe wanted to pack NOW. But I had to have one and I knew there was no way I would get away with getting out one for me and not one for her. So she is packing.
We aren't leaving for at the very least a month, but she'll be ready. She may be naked in the meantime, but she'll be packed- ha ha.

I am sick. I know, GASP. Mom sick? Mom has no TIME to be sick. I woke up feeling like a truck ran me down, muscle aches, fever, sore throat, stuffed up, yucky. Hubby was wonderful and cooked, minded children and even though the girls have now been showered and changed from the jammies they wore ALL DAY, into clean jammies, it hurt NO ONE that they didn't get dressed and it was the least of my worries.

At one point Chloe came to me crying, she wasn't feeling well and was deeply upset that she had gotten sick. Odd since she is the child who says "why I no get sick ever, I want to be sick" when anyone else turns up unwell. Making us think she's as goofy as the rest of us. So fast forward to today and she is finally getting her wish and I am learning it's a good thing she is not sick often.

She will say NOTHING about what hurts, what I can get her, she doesn't wish to take the fever reducing pills I give her (I made her) and she proceeds to vomit then tell me "I barf, it stink, it sour." Okay, TMI, I only needed to know you puked, and now you feel better. BTW, I do not have an upset stomach so whatever she has is not what I have. Oh JOY..... lots of germs floating around here. And yes, (MOM) I have plenty of bleach wipes.

The girls have sinus infections and are on antibiotics, even the dogs are on antibiotics. Guess you all aren't interested in visiting us, huh?

We got a gift today, on this Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year. An amazing gift from the heart, as all the donations we have received are, no matter large or small.

This one came from someone to honor the memory of their hubby, whom she recently lost to complications of the flu, obviously a very special man.

His wife said "family was so important (to him)" and so she chose to help Chloe get to go to reunite this family. WOW, I can't begin to imagine the loss of someone so important to his family, then look to help another family on this day of "love". We thank you Catherine and sent you a big, big hug for sharing with our family in such a way.

We celebrated yesterday ( good thing too since we are all sick now) Chinese New Year, we went to a restaurant, I took crafts kits for CNY and Hannah's family (Chloe's BFF) went along to help celebrate. I included a picture of Kat, thrilled to be sitting next to Fox.
We had a fun time and even though we couldn't get any "fire" aka sparklers for Chloe she was pleased we went to the trouble to celebrate. Next year I'll remember to get some sparklers at July 4th and put them back for CNY. Don't know what I was thinking this year? Maybe I was filling out paperwork for the boys??

Speaking of... 5 more pages per boy and another step closer to Travel Approval (TA) maybe Chloe is smart to be packing already, it will hopefully go fast now that we are in the last few steps before we really and truly are going! I should have counted out how many pages of paperwork I have done for each child, but then maybe not, it might discourage anyone from ever adopting!

All I can say is that when we learned of the boys, my issue was not raising 2 more children, I just wanted to know if they could morph into our home, no papers required- ha ha.

I was more upset at the thought of filling out all those papers yet again---it's not for the weak of pen.... but oh, my, is it ever worth it.......


Dawn said...

God is providing for you all! What a wonderful new friend you have in Catherine. Blessings for GOOD health as you get ready to travel! I have enjoyed following your journey to your sons and I am sure your story has built up others faith as it has mine.


Krista said...

We've been battling the flu around here too!!
I had it last night, and your right, it's never good when the Mom gets sick!
Glad to hear your getting so close to travel!
Krista D