Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nasty Rodent

Well. That rotten ugly critter, Phil, predicted 6 more weeks of winter and I made fun of him. Now we are predicted our biggest snow storm of the winter. Yikes. Then another one on Tuesday. Guess it doesn't pay to anger the rodent? Hummm..

We, like every other person in the county went and bought milk and bread. Not sure WHY we must have these things when it snows, it's not as if we will be trapped in our home for a month, but it's standard requirement for the "storm" that's headed our way.

Donobin is thrilled, he is counting his profit from shoveling already. It always amazes me how thrilled he is to shovel for everyone else, while off he goes with our only shovel leaving us----snowed in? And I thought God gave me all these kids so I would never have to shovel again, that LONGGGG lane with the dead rodent on a post haunts me from my childhood. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here?

I said to Baba the other night, "man, these girls, they are not listening to a thing I say." His response? "Well, they are ours." Huh? Then we were shown how much Miss Chloe is truly our child, at 10 pm she declares, "oh I need chips for tomorrow class." Yeah, like any bag of chips that would come in this house would be unopened for even an hour? Grrrr..... I explained to her she should not tell us this at bedtime, too bad, she wouldn't have them since she told us so late.
Then what does Baba do??? You guessed it, he got up EARLY and went and got her chips. I just said " you aren't teaching her anything." But he didn't want her to be upset she didn't have what she was supposed to bring. Softie:)

Baba doesn't know that I have found slips the younger kids brought home after Christmas break saying they signed us up for things for November?? Guess they made out okay without it, although I am sure they thought we were slacker parents. Thanks kids, thanks a lot.
I sent off for our visas, that's the only real news of the week so far. No word on Letter of Approval for Chase yet.
I'll post pictures of the pretty snow, at least we have that, it is beautiful........sigh....

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Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

So happy to see you got PA and the boys are coming home!!! YIPPEE!! WHOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love the Jackie Chan comment too!!