Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A message

Although the focus of our adoptions is nearing the travel and the funds needed, this, by no means, brings us to thinking that it's all about the $$. It's fun to watch the mountains of fees being squashed like a big devil mountain being ground down into a tiny ant.

BUT our focus must remain on the importance of God's Will in all of this. He is writing this story how HE wants it to be, He has it planned. Yes, we believe He is touching people to donate, but even more to tell us to trust and to share with others all that WE can. It may be prayers, never underestimate the power of prayers. They are free.

God is so much bigger than money. We all know that:)

If we can share our adjustment of Chloe for another child to be accepted by a family who before, feared taking on an older child, then we will. Or it may be to help a child already home that the family is not understanding their behaviors and are struggling. It may be helping another family financially once we are home and done. I'm asking Him what can I do? And I am willing to do it. Hannah's mom said I should write a book in my spare time, and we laughed together on that one.

We received a donation at the church, and the nicest letter for Chloe. Now Chloe, who LOVES to get mail was thrilled. She couldn't read the cursive (sorry, I've never shared that, didn't really think about it) so I read it to her. And I loved it. It was an answer I have been trying to get Chloe to understand WHY all these people are helping us. She knows, believe me, she is watching that counter and knows 100% means Chloe goes:) But she doubted what I said that because people love God they want to help. She wasn't putting it together.

So Christine and family, THANK YOU, bless you, for your wording "God uses people to show you His love for you" Chloe got it! You could even SEE her getting it. Like WOW, okay God loves me and my brothers and these people are just listening to Him. So as appreciated as the donation was that you sent, your words were priceless.

Where we stand today----$182 for Chloe to go WHOO HOOO almost there!
$2700 for fee

We are so close to Chloe's 100%. Once we have hit the 100% (I lowered the Chip In total amount to reflect church donations) then I'll put a final Chip In (FINAL Chip In for us!! YEAH )for the orphanage fee depending on how much we still need of the $2700.

Mountains to ant hill. God's work. We are awed.

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Cayle said...

What a beautiful way to explain to Chloe. I have been praying continuously for Chloe in hopes of her going to China. Looking in the side bar and seeing 103% was the best feeling in the world. I am utterly and beyond happy for you Chloe and I hope time goes by fast enough so you can see your dear brothers again. <3