Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ground Hog Day

It's not really a huge honor to say we live in the State of Phil, the ground hog. I can think of a number of things this beautiful state could be represented by, yet it's a rodent we are known for. Bummer. And who really believes a rodent predicts the weather anyway? PLEAZZE.

I can tell you a really gross ground hog story if you like, to show we are true hicks:)

My dad died when I was 10 and he worked away so I did not have many memories of him, but I have this one.......

When we were kids my dad shot a ground hog, then in his sick and twisted humor, he propped that dead critter on top of a post along our lane, making it look alive and just sitting there.

I hated that thing, it stunk, it was scary. Now you know why I have no respect for the state rodent. And why I may be a little odd:)

No news on LOA yet. No word on the grant yet either.

I think the kids all have cabin fever. Chloe and Cam are behind me fighting over something dumb and Chloe just told him "whatever", then "get out of my face". Hummm... she's not hard to understand. Feeling the love, feeling the love.

I included a picture of them all nicely getting along watching Kat play DS just to prove they really can do that.

The girls all have colds and are miserable with tissues all over and the dog loves to shred tissues, and mom is sick of tissues, do you get the picture here? Darn ground hog anyway, we need SPRING.......

Donna had a super idea on the last post comments, about changing the Chip In to the amount needed, which I will do as soon as we know. We should have word of the grant soon, I really need to know how much that is first.

We will fly Continental out of Newark, NJ. I did write to them and ask the CEO to help (figured it wouldn't hurt to ask) and they sent back a nicely worded "no":( I don't know how the whole frequent flier thing works, but I'll look into that for anyone who is interested in donating miles to help Chloe go:)

I did add in on the side bar how to donate to our fund through our church, this will give you a tax receipt if you need one. Otherwise I will change the Chip In soon, so it's clear how much we need to get this mission ACCOMPLISHED:)

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