Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Our journey to the boys has been so much about FAITH. That we learned of the boys, that we are able to go back for them, to make them our sons, for the funds to come in, the doors to be opened to do this has GOD written all over it. There is NO other explanation. It's not possible.

He has given me total peace of mind that the $$ part of this would come. Well. We took a hard knock when the news came that we would not be waived for the second orphanage fee- final answer. Ouch. I cried, I was mad, it seems so wrong to me, but it is the final word, it will have to be paid.

This will be our children's miracle, along with their story for if we are going to HAVE to pay this fee to accomplish their adoptions and bring them home then a miracle will need to occur for this amount to be met. Part of the miracle has been met already, we got another grant we had been hoping for- YEAH!! So God is leading the way already.

We know God wants us to parent these children, He showed us the way and invited us to come, to go back for these precious sons, and we have NO DOUBT this is in NO WAY bigger than HIM. Our faith remains strong, we have not been broken by this news, no, instead we called upon prayer warriors to join us and pray for His answer to come. We believe Chloe is meant to go so this will continue to be where we put the money that has been donated for that.

We'll just continue on waiting for our travel approval next and will rejoice when we are set to go and everything is in place. This will happen! We've used suggestions left us in comments on previous posts for downgraded hotels, hey, I'll sleep anywhere it's reasonably clean and safe, so that's a huge help. Also we figure on 2 meals a day, I can handle losing a few pounds, so that's not terrible either. THIS WILL WORK OUT!

We are coming sons. This redheaded momma will never give up on YOU. Baba too, just he has gray hair and he is tamer than mom, no less dedicated, just nicer, more pleasant, if you will?


Sherri said...

I want to send something to help you out. I'll discuss it with my hubby when he gets home and we'll see what we can do. Oh, how I wish we were rich!

Annie said...

Lots of prayers for you guys!!!

Leventhal Family said...

I don't even know you but I am so challenged and encouraged by your faith. You are right, he WILL provide and His economy is so very different than our own. Praying you have just what you need just when you need it and that you are continually encouraged along the way. Your story, your children's story is such a testimony of His faithfulness! Keep pressing on!
Missy Leventhal

Holly said...

Yes! We just found out that God has provided the money for the last part of our adoption that we couldn't figure out why He didn't provide in the first place. Turns out He just wanted us to wait and have faith a little longer. He provided the money for the WHOLE thing. Our great God!!