Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chloe's message

Chloe's face when she saw 103%------------------- Look at that GLOW!
And what she wanted to say to you ALL..................
Isn't she the sweetest:)
I started the new Chip In event. And this is it. Once this fee is covered we will be DONE. It's been hard to explain to family (MOM) why we wanted to take Chloe when we learned of the fee we had to pay and didn't have it. First thing said was "don't take Chloe".
But I really felt God wants her to go. That He has the orphanage fee covered, so we were NOT to use the $$ donated for her to cover that fee. That the fee money would come somehow. We do not know how, I really thought it would be waived and that was the way, but nope, I guess we had to show even MORE faith in Him to know this will be wiped away and we will be on our way with $$ as NO issue to our adopting both of Chloe's brothers.
Over a year now and wanted so badly, our sons will soon be home, with their sister and she will be there to reunite with them. It's been a long year for her waiting, as I am sure it has been for the boys. We are so close to the end! And couldn't have gotten here without God and all of YOU. Thank you, thank you, our whole family thanks you! Not just Miss Cutie:)


Lori said...

That is so great!!! And I totally agree...Chloe simply MUST go! No doubt about it.

I have absolutely loved watching how God has paved the way for you at every single step of this. Wow, what a ride, huh?! It's almost over and your sweet boys will be HOME where they belong!

Shelley said...

It is just as He planned all along. I love watching Him work and I can tell you are getting a kick out of seeing it too! :) Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

Sue said...

That is so great, and I agree, God will make sure you have all the money...somehow. That is how we are with brining Erin home.