Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And Again

Totally amazed. Another person e-mailed and said to expect $500 being sent to the church. And another person donated $8. And it all adds up. It's all given from the heart. We know that. We appreciate that. No amount is too small for us to be grateful for... it's all getting us there:)

It means we are $508 closer to the funds. YEAH!!

So it's at $322 to take Chloe
and $2700 for the fee
or $822 for Chloe and $2200 for the fee, however you wish to look at it:)

God is meeting the financial need through everyone that is helping:) Answering His call to them. I read something today that just touched my heart. "You can't out give God". Isn't that true? We have not been in any position to help financially another family YET, but it's a goal, believe me. Beyond our adoptions, I so badly want to continue to advocate for orphans- NO WORD on a family for Chloe's blond buddy:( Where, oh where is his family??

I found out we are just 2 papers per boy away from being DONE with all the paperwork requirements- at least till we go there to adopt. WOW, I think I might have paperwork withdrawal or something. NAHHHH, just kidding. Not gonna miss that one bit.

Once the 2 papers that we have to have are processed we will have our Travel Approval and be off on a giant airplane to bring home our sons. Seems agency thinks we will be matched up in a group, which is great since it further decreases our "In country" fees since they split them between the families traveling. And really, it's just more fun with a group, we've done it both ways.

Chloe didn't want to take advantage of the time ahead in Ch*na, yesterday so she got her 1 year gifts today. A little silver box with a "C" on it, she said " now I not have to hide money in my socks". And a DS game "Cooking Mama". Now WHO could resist the fun in that title?? I told her "oh no, you can't cook MAMA, Mama fluffy but that's not good." She said "ha ha" in a sarcastic tone that rivaled any teenager you could find. Guess she's mine alright.

She did come off with a kiss for Baba and I, after Baba told her she owed him 362 kisses, one for each day this year minus the 3 he has gotten so far. Then he told her he would take just one and she jumped at that. She loves Baba, she is still prefers me, she is more used to women than men. And believe me Kat makes up to Baba for any loving Chloe doesn't give him:) She soooo loves her daddy.

This morning we got everyone off to school, on time, no spitting, no broken glasses, ahhh it was a better day:) Hoping this week will continue on smoothly and would like to see ONE of those last 2 papers needed head our way- wouldn't that be great? God's timing, it will be perfect.

Prayers for Tim and family, getting their older son in Ta*wan, hope all is going well buddy, post pictures!! Thinking of you with prayers that all is good. Another child loved, an orphan no longer. YEAH!!

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Mandi said...

Wow, amazing! God is truly a miracle worker as I have seen many times including out two adoptions. I am going to e-mail you with a couple of questions.