Saturday, February 6, 2010


Something you never want to hear. "Brandon has been in a accident." WHAT!! Yes, the snow arrived and it hasn't stopped yet. 14 inches so far, but yesterday when it was still clear here Brandon stopped in to do his taxes on line. He said he was tired, he has trouble with his back, and off he went. I was busy with the kiddos just getting in from school, I barely said "see ya later" to him.

About 2 hours later, in comes Jay, son #2. "Mom, Brandon wreaked his jeep, flipped it over, he called 911, the ambulance is on it's way to get him." AHHHHH! But this time we had 4 inches of snow and no let up in sight.
They were taking him to a trauma unit 25 miles away from here. Thank God Jay offered to drive, and his friend offered her vehicle. No way I would have made it in our van.

So we get there and he is okay. Banged up, cut elbow, badly bruised hip. They did x rays and then released him, we were the only family who got there, so he was able to leave with us. It took us 2 hours for a normal 30-35 minute drive to get home, and we saw 8 or 9 accidents on the way. It was terrible. I prayed hard going up for Brandon and on the way home for us to get back safe. And we did.

It just goes to show, you always take time.... my first thought was "why didn't I have him lay down here and stay?" Well, he wouldn't have, it's too noisy here, but really, all my kids are important and loved, but sometimes we get lax in our " bye, love you, be safe" and it's not okay. I deeply love that child, a man now, and yes, he knows that, but it really opened my eyes about SAYING it often, saying it LOUD.

He's here now, resting, feeling like, well, like he flipped over in a jeep! Sore and painful, but alive and thankful for it. I don't post much about the older boys, they were all grown when we started our journey of adoptions with Miss Kitty and when I started blogging, but they are loved just as much, just not adopted:) And obviously the blog is adoption related:)

Miss Kitty was very worried when she heard, she said "Oh no, my Brandon is hurt?" Yes, all the bigger boys are "hers" she has every one of them wrapped right around her little finger:) The girl has it made, 7 big brothers:)

As matter of fact, the doc who stitched up his elbow said Kitty (via picture) was cuter that Brandon or Jay, when we were joking about how much trouble those 2 have caused me in their lifetimes. They were great "break in the parents" children so we are prepared and willing to take on more boys-- bring 'em on!
I included pics of Brandon from last night and older ones of Jay and Miss Kitty, you'll thank me that I did not include the gross picture Jay was kind enough to take of Brandon's busted up elbow, there's some brother love for ya??
BTW, if I caused the snow storm by picking on the ahhumm, "kinda cute" rodent, maybe I could learn to like him if he would predict SPRING---- com'mon Phil, do you really have that little sense of humor? Okay, sorry?? Will that do it? 14 inches and counting PHIL!

Needless to say, we are snowed IN. Bring on the family movies and hot cocoa........


Andi68 said...

I am sorry to hear about Brandon's accident. We will pray for quick healing. I haven't seen a pic of him in awhile. I must say I see a lot more of your family in him now that he is older. And Jay of course is your's through and through.
Take care,
your cuz, Andrea

Ladyblog said...

That is a mother's worst fear! I am SOOOO glad your boy is ok.