Saturday, February 27, 2010


It never ceases to amaze me the support from other adoptive families and people with a heart for adoption. It also never ceases to amaze me the non-support of families. What a bummer. You are sooo excited to announce you are adding to your family thinking everyone will be jumping for joy with you and instead they look at you like you have just said you are growing a cancerous horn from your head and think it's super.

My mom gently (I am a redhead) tried to tell me that "people" in the family want to know what we are going to do with all these kids. Also, why we want to go back for her brothers, where will we put them, and I am betting some other - NOT- SO- NICE- THINGS. I am glad my mom answered the way I wished, that (#1) we feel God is leading us on this journey and that's why we are doing it AND (#2) that it's important to us to keep the children together since they are siblings.

So instead of rising to the occasion of negativity, I decided to make this some fun. I thought of some reasons to give when anyone asks those really dumb questions and you just look at them and are speechless---here's going to be some of my answers............

Why do you NEED all those children---- well, they are really super to claim on the tax return and I really want to go to Hawaii some day. The no brainer answer we think is obvious---- there is no NEED, God has BLESSED us with each and every one of our children, no matter how they come to us.

Why are we going back--- well now, the Chinese food compared to here and there is nothing so we enjoy it so much we max out everything to go back as often as possible just to eat. The adoptions are just an excuse to eat. We really thought this was a no brainer, these are HER BROTHERS, to us that says it all.

What will you do with them all---- hummm.... try to get a TV spot for Ron and Vic & the mixed dozen? Hey why not, Jon and Kate are out of business and we have some really cute Asian faces around here. We live in PA too. Not far from where they film:) Again, no brainer---shame on us, we thought loving them, caring for them was enough ??

What if the boys are terrible for us-- well, there is a local jail and why not add to society's problems, they aren't getting any better. Really, really no brainer---we have never given up on any child and don't plan to start now. We'll cope with whatever comes.

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE- Does Ron know? Shhh, don't talk so loud, he might find out! Now really, come on. I am NOT that pushy. He's downsized and SOLD his NASCAR collection to make this happen, he is totally aware and wanting to do this. I have not twisted any arms, pleaded, or sprung any surprises on him, these are children, not dogs. For those who do not know me, I have sprung a few of the canine variety on hubby with no notice, NOT a good practice, has not gone well and I promised never to do it again. I admit it, MY BAD.

Just to add to this fun, I am going to share with you some of the initials for adoptions that make perfect sense to me, as I am the "paperwork woman" which is typical in adoptions, one person doing the papers to keep straight what needs done and when and why and how. But since hubby isn't involved I'll tell you what HE thinks they are---

SN means- Special Needs-hubby answer- Super Nice
PA- means - Pre Approval- hubby answer - short for Pennsylvania, where we live
LOI means- Letter Of Intent- hubby answer- Living Our Insanity
LID means-Log In Date-hubby answer- Looking In Disgust
LOA means -Letter Of Acceptance- hubby answer- Laughing at Our Age
USCIS- US immigration-hubby answer-United States, Civil Ideas Start
TA means-Travel Approval - he does know this one!!!

So I would say by when hubby knows the RIGHT answer you could say he gets involved there. Doesn't mean he isn't totally on board with the whole thing. He's just smart enough to get out of doing all that paperwork:)

Our financial update, we are $10 away from another $100 being knocked down , each donation counts!! $2610 of the $2700 final fee we need. YEAH! Now the not so super news. Was expecting the next step toward our Travel Approval to happen this week, then got a package in the mail today. One box checked wrong, they even put white out on the wrong answer but wouldn't check the right box, they sent it to me to recheck the right box:( AHHHHH. SO off it went again, and will arrive Monday so maybe next week will be the one for that. God's timing, God's timing, chanting it:)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chloe's message

Chloe's face when she saw 103%------------------- Look at that GLOW!
And what she wanted to say to you ALL..................
Isn't she the sweetest:)
I started the new Chip In event. And this is it. Once this fee is covered we will be DONE. It's been hard to explain to family (MOM) why we wanted to take Chloe when we learned of the fee we had to pay and didn't have it. First thing said was "don't take Chloe".
But I really felt God wants her to go. That He has the orphanage fee covered, so we were NOT to use the $$ donated for her to cover that fee. That the fee money would come somehow. We do not know how, I really thought it would be waived and that was the way, but nope, I guess we had to show even MORE faith in Him to know this will be wiped away and we will be on our way with $$ as NO issue to our adopting both of Chloe's brothers.
Over a year now and wanted so badly, our sons will soon be home, with their sister and she will be there to reunite with them. It's been a long year for her waiting, as I am sure it has been for the boys. We are so close to the end! And couldn't have gotten here without God and all of YOU. Thank you, thank you, our whole family thanks you! Not just Miss Cutie:)

A message

Although the focus of our adoptions is nearing the travel and the funds needed, this, by no means, brings us to thinking that it's all about the $$. It's fun to watch the mountains of fees being squashed like a big devil mountain being ground down into a tiny ant.

BUT our focus must remain on the importance of God's Will in all of this. He is writing this story how HE wants it to be, He has it planned. Yes, we believe He is touching people to donate, but even more to tell us to trust and to share with others all that WE can. It may be prayers, never underestimate the power of prayers. They are free.

God is so much bigger than money. We all know that:)

If we can share our adjustment of Chloe for another child to be accepted by a family who before, feared taking on an older child, then we will. Or it may be to help a child already home that the family is not understanding their behaviors and are struggling. It may be helping another family financially once we are home and done. I'm asking Him what can I do? And I am willing to do it. Hannah's mom said I should write a book in my spare time, and we laughed together on that one.

We received a donation at the church, and the nicest letter for Chloe. Now Chloe, who LOVES to get mail was thrilled. She couldn't read the cursive (sorry, I've never shared that, didn't really think about it) so I read it to her. And I loved it. It was an answer I have been trying to get Chloe to understand WHY all these people are helping us. She knows, believe me, she is watching that counter and knows 100% means Chloe goes:) But she doubted what I said that because people love God they want to help. She wasn't putting it together.

So Christine and family, THANK YOU, bless you, for your wording "God uses people to show you His love for you" Chloe got it! You could even SEE her getting it. Like WOW, okay God loves me and my brothers and these people are just listening to Him. So as appreciated as the donation was that you sent, your words were priceless.

Where we stand today----$182 for Chloe to go WHOO HOOO almost there!
$2700 for fee

We are so close to Chloe's 100%. Once we have hit the 100% (I lowered the Chip In total amount to reflect church donations) then I'll put a final Chip In (FINAL Chip In for us!! YEAH )for the orphanage fee depending on how much we still need of the $2700.

Mountains to ant hill. God's work. We are awed.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And Again

Totally amazed. Another person e-mailed and said to expect $500 being sent to the church. And another person donated $8. And it all adds up. It's all given from the heart. We know that. We appreciate that. No amount is too small for us to be grateful for... it's all getting us there:)

It means we are $508 closer to the funds. YEAH!!

So it's at $322 to take Chloe
and $2700 for the fee
or $822 for Chloe and $2200 for the fee, however you wish to look at it:)

God is meeting the financial need through everyone that is helping:) Answering His call to them. I read something today that just touched my heart. "You can't out give God". Isn't that true? We have not been in any position to help financially another family YET, but it's a goal, believe me. Beyond our adoptions, I so badly want to continue to advocate for orphans- NO WORD on a family for Chloe's blond buddy:( Where, oh where is his family??

I found out we are just 2 papers per boy away from being DONE with all the paperwork requirements- at least till we go there to adopt. WOW, I think I might have paperwork withdrawal or something. NAHHHH, just kidding. Not gonna miss that one bit.

Once the 2 papers that we have to have are processed we will have our Travel Approval and be off on a giant airplane to bring home our sons. Seems agency thinks we will be matched up in a group, which is great since it further decreases our "In country" fees since they split them between the families traveling. And really, it's just more fun with a group, we've done it both ways.

Chloe didn't want to take advantage of the time ahead in Ch*na, yesterday so she got her 1 year gifts today. A little silver box with a "C" on it, she said " now I not have to hide money in my socks". And a DS game "Cooking Mama". Now WHO could resist the fun in that title?? I told her "oh no, you can't cook MAMA, Mama fluffy but that's not good." She said "ha ha" in a sarcastic tone that rivaled any teenager you could find. Guess she's mine alright.

She did come off with a kiss for Baba and I, after Baba told her she owed him 362 kisses, one for each day this year minus the 3 he has gotten so far. Then he told her he would take just one and she jumped at that. She loves Baba, she is still prefers me, she is more used to women than men. And believe me Kat makes up to Baba for any loving Chloe doesn't give him:) She soooo loves her daddy.

This morning we got everyone off to school, on time, no spitting, no broken glasses, ahhh it was a better day:) Hoping this week will continue on smoothly and would like to see ONE of those last 2 papers needed head our way- wouldn't that be great? God's timing, it will be perfect.

Prayers for Tim and family, getting their older son in Ta*wan, hope all is going well buddy, post pictures!! Thinking of you with prayers that all is good. Another child loved, an orphan no longer. YEAH!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Year ago

A year ago (in Ch*ina since it's Tuesday there), I walked into an office, looked around and didn't even SEE my daughter stuffed down in a bean chair near the floor, trying to become as invisible as possible. Gosh, she looked so scared. OF ME. Boy, did that hurt. I kissed her cheek and she flinched. Of course of she did!

I could go on about what the year has brought us but I am not going to. You all know we adore her, she is wonderful daughter and sister. Fits right in. And she came with brothers.

So here's what you really want to know... first-- how much is needed to go back.
We need $830 on the Chip In for Chloe's way to be paid.
We need $2,700 of the $4,700 second orphanage fee.

YEP, that's $2,000 we have lowered that MOUNTAIN ( orphanage fee) by reworking the budget, squeezing out every cent we can, a $1,000 donation from a very special friend:) Thanks friend:) Also donations at church, 2 wonderful older gentlemen give me a "hello" and every few weeks stuff money in my hand. It goes right to the fund:) Again, gotta say, we are so blessed.

Now we announced LAST WEEK that this fee is going to have to be paid. And a week later, it's nearly cut in HALF. God is so good, He is not going to let us down, nor Chloe, who really, so badly wants to go.

I was going to do the usual post on our one year anniversary, the progress Chloe has made. Then I got a phone call from a recent adoptive mom who had brought home a 12+ year old and they needed some help. I realized then that it would be more beneficial to people out there who are thinking- maybe this is for us, or we did this but what NOW---- so instead of HUGE post, I spent some time and wrote it out in a document and if anyone wants a copy please e-mail me at and I'll send it to you.

Otherwise, our day started out really crappy, Donobin missed the bus, Em broke her glasses, Pip SPIT at Kat (gross) and Kat threw a fit over misspelling "purple" on her homework and scribbled it all out and tore the page up- nothing like a good snit fit for a Monday morning- ahhhh! As I called the girls' teacher to warn her what was coming her way, she was sympathizing for ME- all I could think of was "hey they are heading your way now, I'm alone with the dogs and she might want to don some war gear or something?"

Pictures of Kat and of Chloe, a year later, as happy as she can be without her brothers home yet. Soon Chloe, soon. We can finally say that:)

Friday, February 19, 2010


I am just tickled pink. Look at that total to get Chloe to China!! 61% people!! Did you see it?? Did you?? 61%! We are sooooo thankful. You all are amazing in your love for our spunky Chloe and wanting to see her reunited with her bros. It's super to know how many of you CARE!
I KNOW we are going soon. You know HOW I know? Dreams. Yep, they filter into my night as I dream something goes wrong, we miss the plane and lastly that I was getting ready to kiss Mandy Patinkin and woke with a smile on my face?? UGHH. Don't even think dude is cute AWAKE so where did that come from? Was hoping the smile was for hubby, that he has just kissed me, but alas, he was already gone to work. So it was just me and the stupid grin. How embarrassing to tell this:)

Oh well, just means my brain is working overtime to handle the fact that we are going SOON, did I type that already? It will have been over a year, I learned of the boys from a piece of paper handed to me on Chloe's Adoption Day. I asked for the boys to come home then, instead I returned with our girl, $1,000 I had done everything to not use in China so we could start the journey for the boys.

And here we are, going SOON. Yeah, I'm a little freaked out, hey, super mom I am not and not 1, but 2 teen boys? I LOVE boys, I personally think they are tons easier to raise, so in that I have hope I will be able to enjoy my 2 more boys. But it's no picnic, the whole trip and then the happily ever after.

I HAVE to tell you what Donobin did the other night. He is a total hoot- 15 going on 20. He tried to pester me to use the computer. Because his math grade is not above a 70% and he is not allowed to use the computer till it is. I told him he was "killing me here" by pestering me. Well, this sent Chloe into panic mode. She put him right in his place with a "you not kill her, we NEED her!" Uh, YEAH, Donobin, you are quite the funny one, but I can tell you I feel the love. I am NEEDED, so knock it off.

I told him he better shape up as well, he will be looked up to by the incoming boys, and to that he groaned. Gotta love those teenage boys, it's all you can do with them some days.

We are getting our 4th set of bunk beds today- someone is giving them to us. We are so thankful for them. Many people who know us are aware that we have a 4 bedroom house, 1 bathroom. Not the largest home around. Many say "where will you put everyone?" And " you need a bigger house." As funny and even possibly true this may be, since our standing joke is that we are waiting for Extreme Home Makeover- we are able to fit the boys in without construction although it's gonna be tight.

I have been of the mind lately to share my "take" on this- we are BLESSED. We have everything we need. I have spent many a younger and less mature years whining- I mean, bemoaning things I did not HAVE. So when it came down to needing such overwhelming help to get the boys here and figuring out where we will put everyone, I really became quite humbled as I realized how very blessed we are. We have a home. We (and the bank) own it. We have a bathroom- hey some folks DON'T. Do you think any family in Haiti would not be thrilled to have what we have today??

We have food to feed everyone, our bills paid, 2 running vehicles, older models, but that's okay. We have a washer and dryer, a nice home that's warm. We have our health and the health of all our children. We have our dreams. We can freely worship our God.
I'm not bemoaning anything, I am happy to have what we have and I think we may have some super "bathroom" stories to tell when everyone is grown and comes back. That gets a little hairy sometimes.

But we manage quite well, thank you very much. Now I'm not gonna go so far to say if EHM did call us we would turn them down for a new house- ha ha... but for now, we are not looking at what we don't have, but what we have.
It's the same way with the adoption and funds. To think of where we started, with a $1,000 and hearts full of hope and here we are, just a small amount still needed compared to the total and just weeks from travel. My cup is almost full, not partially empty. I know the funds will be there when we need them. Just as I know when we bring the boys home, they will be fine bunked in together, and I will just rejoice to be able to walk past their room and see them in their beds, safe, secure, bellies full and I will be at peace.

Maybe then I'll be smiling for kissing the "right" fellow in my dreams. Although my mom stated I must be the only person who would pick her hubby over an actor on TV to be kissing?? Okay, so I'm weird, but I love the man, I don't think anyone else would put up with me.........

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Our journey to the boys has been so much about FAITH. That we learned of the boys, that we are able to go back for them, to make them our sons, for the funds to come in, the doors to be opened to do this has GOD written all over it. There is NO other explanation. It's not possible.

He has given me total peace of mind that the $$ part of this would come. Well. We took a hard knock when the news came that we would not be waived for the second orphanage fee- final answer. Ouch. I cried, I was mad, it seems so wrong to me, but it is the final word, it will have to be paid.

This will be our children's miracle, along with their story for if we are going to HAVE to pay this fee to accomplish their adoptions and bring them home then a miracle will need to occur for this amount to be met. Part of the miracle has been met already, we got another grant we had been hoping for- YEAH!! So God is leading the way already.

We know God wants us to parent these children, He showed us the way and invited us to come, to go back for these precious sons, and we have NO DOUBT this is in NO WAY bigger than HIM. Our faith remains strong, we have not been broken by this news, no, instead we called upon prayer warriors to join us and pray for His answer to come. We believe Chloe is meant to go so this will continue to be where we put the money that has been donated for that.

We'll just continue on waiting for our travel approval next and will rejoice when we are set to go and everything is in place. This will happen! We've used suggestions left us in comments on previous posts for downgraded hotels, hey, I'll sleep anywhere it's reasonably clean and safe, so that's a huge help. Also we figure on 2 meals a day, I can handle losing a few pounds, so that's not terrible either. THIS WILL WORK OUT!

We are coming sons. This redheaded momma will never give up on YOU. Baba too, just he has gray hair and he is tamer than mom, no less dedicated, just nicer, more pleasant, if you will?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Packing and Sick

As the pile of things "for the boys" was growing in our room (aka the dumping hole) I asked hubby to get out some suitcases. We had previously refused to get them out as Chloe wanted to pack NOW. But I had to have one and I knew there was no way I would get away with getting out one for me and not one for her. So she is packing.
We aren't leaving for at the very least a month, but she'll be ready. She may be naked in the meantime, but she'll be packed- ha ha.

I am sick. I know, GASP. Mom sick? Mom has no TIME to be sick. I woke up feeling like a truck ran me down, muscle aches, fever, sore throat, stuffed up, yucky. Hubby was wonderful and cooked, minded children and even though the girls have now been showered and changed from the jammies they wore ALL DAY, into clean jammies, it hurt NO ONE that they didn't get dressed and it was the least of my worries.

At one point Chloe came to me crying, she wasn't feeling well and was deeply upset that she had gotten sick. Odd since she is the child who says "why I no get sick ever, I want to be sick" when anyone else turns up unwell. Making us think she's as goofy as the rest of us. So fast forward to today and she is finally getting her wish and I am learning it's a good thing she is not sick often.

She will say NOTHING about what hurts, what I can get her, she doesn't wish to take the fever reducing pills I give her (I made her) and she proceeds to vomit then tell me "I barf, it stink, it sour." Okay, TMI, I only needed to know you puked, and now you feel better. BTW, I do not have an upset stomach so whatever she has is not what I have. Oh JOY..... lots of germs floating around here. And yes, (MOM) I have plenty of bleach wipes.

The girls have sinus infections and are on antibiotics, even the dogs are on antibiotics. Guess you all aren't interested in visiting us, huh?

We got a gift today, on this Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year. An amazing gift from the heart, as all the donations we have received are, no matter large or small.

This one came from someone to honor the memory of their hubby, whom she recently lost to complications of the flu, obviously a very special man.

His wife said "family was so important (to him)" and so she chose to help Chloe get to go to reunite this family. WOW, I can't begin to imagine the loss of someone so important to his family, then look to help another family on this day of "love". We thank you Catherine and sent you a big, big hug for sharing with our family in such a way.

We celebrated yesterday ( good thing too since we are all sick now) Chinese New Year, we went to a restaurant, I took crafts kits for CNY and Hannah's family (Chloe's BFF) went along to help celebrate. I included a picture of Kat, thrilled to be sitting next to Fox.
We had a fun time and even though we couldn't get any "fire" aka sparklers for Chloe she was pleased we went to the trouble to celebrate. Next year I'll remember to get some sparklers at July 4th and put them back for CNY. Don't know what I was thinking this year? Maybe I was filling out paperwork for the boys??

Speaking of... 5 more pages per boy and another step closer to Travel Approval (TA) maybe Chloe is smart to be packing already, it will hopefully go fast now that we are in the last few steps before we really and truly are going! I should have counted out how many pages of paperwork I have done for each child, but then maybe not, it might discourage anyone from ever adopting!

All I can say is that when we learned of the boys, my issue was not raising 2 more children, I just wanted to know if they could morph into our home, no papers required- ha ha.

I was more upset at the thought of filling out all those papers yet again---it's not for the weak of pen.... but oh, my, is it ever worth it.......

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Taking Chloe

When we got LOA, we were thrilled of course. But the next question was, is Chloe going along? How do we afford it? Obviously she doesn't HAVE to go. She wants to go badly. So as we had one person e-mail and say " I want to help financially to get Chloe to China" our thoughts were "no, no we can't ask that."

Then another person, same thing. Again we thought the same thing. THEN another person, and we realized this was something we really did need to listen about- God was telling us she needs to go. So we are going to post how much we need to take her along. It's $2800. It's more than just a plane ticket, or we would squeeze that out somehow, which is why we were not going to be able to take her, as we will be made to book 2 rooms in all the hotels. Due to the hotel rules, not us. We'd bunk on the floor if it was our choice.

So we are putting it out there, we got her passport and I sent for her visa (we paid this) so if she is meant to go we hope that we can come up with this. We know that God has moved huge mountains in these precious children's story, so this is mild for Him, even when it looks big to us. If He wants her to go, we'll take her:)

2 ways to donate, to our church for a tax receipt. Address is on the right sidebar. Chip in. It's at the top right of the sidebar, you just click on the "Chip In". Chloe doesn't understand why you all care- she says that "why people give money, how they know" and I want you to know what I say "because God made you special Chloe and God asks people to care and they DO."

I have warned Chloe though, no animal heads on our table when we are eating, mom doesn't consider that an honor to see head of animal she is eating.- uhhhggg. On my trip for Chloe, she ordered duck after I got the staff to understand "do not bring chicken head, momma doesn't want to see that." So they bring her duck, head on a platter looking at me and I freaked. Daughter laughed, she thought that was too funny. (Mom should have realized right then what a character this girl was)

As far as our adoption costs, here's where we are-

We are being considered for a grant, we are hoping that will cover the last of one orphanage fee, yeah, another leap of faith, we have enough ONE orphanage fee, we do not have enough for both. Still praying they will waive one fee, we have been told it doesn't happen but we have heard that before it seems:)

Otherwise we have our income tax and with donations to our church, grant from Gift of Adoption and the grant we hope comes through. That should cover everything but the extra for Chloe going. Isn't that amazing?? We started with $1,000 left over from Chloe's trip from our income tax last year. That went really fast, home study update, immigration application, that was more than gone.
Everyone (YOU ALL DID THIS!!!) helped plow the mountain of the agency fees to the ground.

Paperwork submitted and the wait began, all the while we started Chasing for Chase. Now we are approved for both, our biggest fees yet to come, and we have the $$. This was a total leap of faith, we did NOT have the means to do this, the heart, YES, but no way the means.

WE WILL HAVE IT ( keep praying for that final grant) ..... our sincere thanks to everyone who cares, who prayed, donated, supported, we want you to watch these kids reunite and know that warm fuzzy feeling that YOU helped make this happen, YOU, sitting at your computer drinking your coffee.... YOU followed God's word and took care of His orphans, orphans no longer but loved and wanted so badly by their family:)

BTW, if anyone wants to bring that warm fuzzy feeling on in for good, Chloe and brothers have a friend, he is listed with Holt,
He is albino, so he is a lovely blond with pale brown eyes. He is the "smartest" kid at the orphanage, he has 1 year and 5 months left till he ages out. His fees are reduced and a grant is applied to his adoption as well. He is near the bottom of the page, they have had his file over a year now, and he has not found a family!!

Come on, he needs a family. Albinism means he has LOW vision, but he can see, he can read, as his info states, he loves to read. He would be a wonderful son, we'd scoop him up if we were allowed---- (MOM do not call me and tell me I'm nuts- I know we can't qualify for him) I have lots of pics of him and we would LOVE to maintain contact with his new parents for our kids to remain friends:) Just think we could be your extended family--- or maybe I shouldn't offer that? Ha ha........He's some one's son......I just know it-- is he yours??

We are snowed in today, about 3 feet of snow so far and the winds are not helping matters. No school. Pctures of our backyard and Kat's reaction to how high the snow it to her (shoulders) and Chloe pouting that I asked her to go out and shovel snow:(

That blue thing in the snow?? My poor doggie, he has a halo collar due to his dry skin he won't stop licking and he has to have snow dug out for him to even go to the yard. We have no where we HAVE to go so we are sitting back and enjoying God's beauty, it really is pretty, cold, but pretty:)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Announcing LOA

LOA- Letter of Acceptance for Chase!
The Brothers ARE COMING HOME!!

In their honor I wrote this~~~~

Three small children were found alone on the street,
together they were scared, sad, but also so sweet.

Off to an orphanage when no family came forth,
no clues to their pasts or of their births.

Many years went by, they played and they grew,
till one day they got some amazing news.

A family was coming, they wanted to adopt the girl,
somehow they had to accept this joy for her, but it was surreal.

For they were a threesome, so bonded you see, and they did not know of this family.

The pictures the family sent showed many a boy,
oh, could they not want another or two to add to their joy?

The children believed not as they parted their ways,
they wished their sister well on that final last day.

Then as the sister went willingly and kind,
the mother that came was certainly not blind.

She saw on a paper that in finding her there were 3.
She asked who these others were, how could this be?

The new parents were shocked and hurt to the core,
for their girl was not a single but a sibling group of 2 more.

They could not accept that they were the reason,
that these 3 children would be split, for they believed in God's season.

That He had a plan so bigger than them,
so they asked for some help, for all to join in.

Many shared their shock and joy,
but a few said, what will you do with another boy?

Well, love them, we said, for they are her brothers,
all they need now is a father and a mother.

Do they not deserve this as well as she does?
Is this not a plan from the Lord above?

It's bigger than us, for we trust in Him you see,
so off we go to make us an even bigger a family.

We will love them and cherish them as sons of our hearts,
and show them we want them even when they are tart.

All their lives they had each other, they were bonded for sure,
through hardship and good times they could look to each other to endure.

We'll give them that again, to bring them back together,
as they surely thought would not happen ever.

Over a year apart, but no less loved,
our daughter can't wait to every day be able to give her brothers hugs.

To know they are home, safe and secure,
with a mom and dad, and many siblings for sure:)

To our sons in China, Chance and Chase ---- we are coming sons!

And our sincere THANKS to all those people who are helping us to get there......

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Something you never want to hear. "Brandon has been in a accident." WHAT!! Yes, the snow arrived and it hasn't stopped yet. 14 inches so far, but yesterday when it was still clear here Brandon stopped in to do his taxes on line. He said he was tired, he has trouble with his back, and off he went. I was busy with the kiddos just getting in from school, I barely said "see ya later" to him.

About 2 hours later, in comes Jay, son #2. "Mom, Brandon wreaked his jeep, flipped it over, he called 911, the ambulance is on it's way to get him." AHHHHH! But this time we had 4 inches of snow and no let up in sight.
They were taking him to a trauma unit 25 miles away from here. Thank God Jay offered to drive, and his friend offered her vehicle. No way I would have made it in our van.

So we get there and he is okay. Banged up, cut elbow, badly bruised hip. They did x rays and then released him, we were the only family who got there, so he was able to leave with us. It took us 2 hours for a normal 30-35 minute drive to get home, and we saw 8 or 9 accidents on the way. It was terrible. I prayed hard going up for Brandon and on the way home for us to get back safe. And we did.

It just goes to show, you always take time.... my first thought was "why didn't I have him lay down here and stay?" Well, he wouldn't have, it's too noisy here, but really, all my kids are important and loved, but sometimes we get lax in our " bye, love you, be safe" and it's not okay. I deeply love that child, a man now, and yes, he knows that, but it really opened my eyes about SAYING it often, saying it LOUD.

He's here now, resting, feeling like, well, like he flipped over in a jeep! Sore and painful, but alive and thankful for it. I don't post much about the older boys, they were all grown when we started our journey of adoptions with Miss Kitty and when I started blogging, but they are loved just as much, just not adopted:) And obviously the blog is adoption related:)

Miss Kitty was very worried when she heard, she said "Oh no, my Brandon is hurt?" Yes, all the bigger boys are "hers" she has every one of them wrapped right around her little finger:) The girl has it made, 7 big brothers:)

As matter of fact, the doc who stitched up his elbow said Kitty (via picture) was cuter that Brandon or Jay, when we were joking about how much trouble those 2 have caused me in their lifetimes. They were great "break in the parents" children so we are prepared and willing to take on more boys-- bring 'em on!
I included pics of Brandon from last night and older ones of Jay and Miss Kitty, you'll thank me that I did not include the gross picture Jay was kind enough to take of Brandon's busted up elbow, there's some brother love for ya??
BTW, if I caused the snow storm by picking on the ahhumm, "kinda cute" rodent, maybe I could learn to like him if he would predict SPRING---- com'mon Phil, do you really have that little sense of humor? Okay, sorry?? Will that do it? 14 inches and counting PHIL!

Needless to say, we are snowed IN. Bring on the family movies and hot cocoa........

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nasty Rodent

Well. That rotten ugly critter, Phil, predicted 6 more weeks of winter and I made fun of him. Now we are predicted our biggest snow storm of the winter. Yikes. Then another one on Tuesday. Guess it doesn't pay to anger the rodent? Hummm..

We, like every other person in the county went and bought milk and bread. Not sure WHY we must have these things when it snows, it's not as if we will be trapped in our home for a month, but it's standard requirement for the "storm" that's headed our way.

Donobin is thrilled, he is counting his profit from shoveling already. It always amazes me how thrilled he is to shovel for everyone else, while off he goes with our only shovel leaving us----snowed in? And I thought God gave me all these kids so I would never have to shovel again, that LONGGGG lane with the dead rodent on a post haunts me from my childhood. Not sure what I'm doing wrong here?

I said to Baba the other night, "man, these girls, they are not listening to a thing I say." His response? "Well, they are ours." Huh? Then we were shown how much Miss Chloe is truly our child, at 10 pm she declares, "oh I need chips for tomorrow class." Yeah, like any bag of chips that would come in this house would be unopened for even an hour? Grrrr..... I explained to her she should not tell us this at bedtime, too bad, she wouldn't have them since she told us so late.
Then what does Baba do??? You guessed it, he got up EARLY and went and got her chips. I just said " you aren't teaching her anything." But he didn't want her to be upset she didn't have what she was supposed to bring. Softie:)

Baba doesn't know that I have found slips the younger kids brought home after Christmas break saying they signed us up for things for November?? Guess they made out okay without it, although I am sure they thought we were slacker parents. Thanks kids, thanks a lot.
I sent off for our visas, that's the only real news of the week so far. No word on Letter of Approval for Chase yet.
I'll post pictures of the pretty snow, at least we have that, it is beautiful........sigh....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ground Hog Day

It's not really a huge honor to say we live in the State of Phil, the ground hog. I can think of a number of things this beautiful state could be represented by, yet it's a rodent we are known for. Bummer. And who really believes a rodent predicts the weather anyway? PLEAZZE.

I can tell you a really gross ground hog story if you like, to show we are true hicks:)

My dad died when I was 10 and he worked away so I did not have many memories of him, but I have this one.......

When we were kids my dad shot a ground hog, then in his sick and twisted humor, he propped that dead critter on top of a post along our lane, making it look alive and just sitting there.

I hated that thing, it stunk, it was scary. Now you know why I have no respect for the state rodent. And why I may be a little odd:)

No news on LOA yet. No word on the grant yet either.

I think the kids all have cabin fever. Chloe and Cam are behind me fighting over something dumb and Chloe just told him "whatever", then "get out of my face". Hummm... she's not hard to understand. Feeling the love, feeling the love.

I included a picture of them all nicely getting along watching Kat play DS just to prove they really can do that.

The girls all have colds and are miserable with tissues all over and the dog loves to shred tissues, and mom is sick of tissues, do you get the picture here? Darn ground hog anyway, we need SPRING.......

Donna had a super idea on the last post comments, about changing the Chip In to the amount needed, which I will do as soon as we know. We should have word of the grant soon, I really need to know how much that is first.

We will fly Continental out of Newark, NJ. I did write to them and ask the CEO to help (figured it wouldn't hurt to ask) and they sent back a nicely worded "no":( I don't know how the whole frequent flier thing works, but I'll look into that for anyone who is interested in donating miles to help Chloe go:)

I did add in on the side bar how to donate to our fund through our church, this will give you a tax receipt if you need one. Otherwise I will change the Chip In soon, so it's clear how much we need to get this mission ACCOMPLISHED:)