Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter days

I have to remember that this too will end. I do not like the cold, cold grey days of winter. Now that Christmas is over it seems like something should be happening. It's just more waiting, January seems to move along so slowly.

Pip's birthday was Tuesday, she is a cute little thing, so happy she is 6 now. I guess they would be called virtual twins, as her and Kat are so close in age. Just 3 months apart, but add in Em who is 7 and all are very small for their ages and it looks more like The Three Musketeers:)

They sure have a blast together. The girly giggles just abound in our home now:) My life is clothes, hair bows, dolls, ponies, dress up. Everything I wished for when I was birthing those 5 boys and wondering if God had the right mom here. I wanted girls with all of them sooo badly.

It was so cute in Children's church last night that Kat was asked what she would like to pray and thank God for and she said "Pip, my new sister and her birthday." It wasn't so cute when asked if she wanted to pray and she said "Yeah, (put her hands together, closed her eyes) and said "gooobyitsgeeeeewweeeeeekkdmjlaaaahhh" aka nonsense. Mom was not amused.

The girls coming to us has been a wonderful thing in many ways, they are healing from past hurts, they are also helping Kat in her acceptance of having a birth mother. The girls came with the neatest term for their birth mom. Tummy Mummy. It's that CUTE?

It's sooo sweet to hear them say they have a tummy mummy who carried them in her belly under her heart. She is unable to care for them so they are with us, and I am their mommy. I care for them, I love them. Their acceptance of this allowed Kat to ask me about HER Tummy Mummy.

Now this is a kid who wanted no part of having a "birth mom, Chinese mommy, a first mother", whatever term we used. Didn't want to hear it. Always said "no, YOU are my mommy". End of it.

So as the girls said it and it was COOL she asked about her Tummy Mummy. And I told her what I knew. And she was fine with that. I always knew God sent us the kiddos we are meant to have even the short term ones, and here's a good example of that. For the girls as well, Kat and Chloe being adopted is super to them, they are not the only ones here that I am not their Tummy Mummy but I am every one's MOM:)

We haven't figured out who was Monday's child of misbehavior but I assure you Chloe was Tuesday's girl.

She got her friend on the phone and was asking me if she could ride the bus home with this friend on Wed, and I said "no." She was refusing to tell her friend, tried to make me tell her, and then when she got off the phone laid on the couch all covered up with blankets pouting and refused to come out for Pip's birthday celebration.

She had been wanting a memory card for her new DS and I went to get one but did not give it to her right away, she thought I bought it for my camera.

Cam was trying to help her come up with ideas of how she could make money to pay for one, seeing how bad she wanted one. When we got home I gave it to her, and I said " you need to behave better because we do not give things to badly behaved children and your behavior was not nice at ALL last night. She immediately looked shamed and said " I'm sorry." She sure is a teen:)

I treat her no different than the others these days, at first you have the language barrier that you must really help them as much as you can, but she is about as normal a teen as any now, home 10 months. It's an amazing transformation, and even with her teen snits, I love her dearly. She is one cool kiddo.

I guess she is in the running for the prize of the week, still not sure what that is either, but I can't say who was Wednesday's child so unless someone ends down the week with a whopper of a day, Chloe's gonna be the winner of their weekly plan....... do you think they take votes as to who won???

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