Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Who's adopted?

This is a true story. One little girl went to our pastor's wife and said "I have a friend and he is getting 2 brothers from China, where he is from." Now the pastor's wife having been a huge prayer warrior in our journey knew this girl was talking about our family. So she said to the girl, "Do you mean where Chloe is from?" And the girl said, "no, no Cam, he's adopted."

Just goes to show you, there may be no one who really, truly knows WHO is adopted here and who is not. I guess it just makes it easier to treat them all the same, as our children we love, at least most days - ha ha! It is interesting how once you get to know us, and even faster to us, that the darker skin and black hair just fits, it doesn't stand out.

I just thought that was amazing because of all the children I have to say Cam is the carbon copy of me, just the male form. He is the one everyone who is puzzled by our "color variety family" they pick out immediately as "mine" just due to the red hair, the big brown eyes, pale coloring. His nickname has been "mini male me" for some time now.

Today we got an update on Chance, with one picture. He sure is a cute bugger and a carbon male copy of Chloe. She told me "he smile, have no eyes like me" meaning he smiles big and his eyes squint tight enough to not see them. Chloe has some eye jealousy issues:) She says "why you eyes so big?" I just told her she could have them if I could have her skinny butt:) She's wasn't taking any of my fluff- ha ha.

I did ask her why he was wearing slippers thinking she might say they are his favorite or something like that- no, I should have known better. She comes off with "I don't know, I not there" like I was goofy for asking her. Turd.

His measurements are very close to Chloe as well. She is now 89 lbs and 5 ft 1 inch. He is 88 lbs and 5 ft 1/1/2 inches. We were all amazed that he is growing about the same as her. As she eats and eats here, slurping her noodles tonight so bad that I said "Chloe, good grief, why don't you eat like you are Chinese already?" And she laughed as we always do, 'cause she was doing it on purpose to get me to say something.... a little game, you see, that she thinks I don't know what she is doing.

No news on the approval yet.....still waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, like it or not waiting, guess you can figure out what we are doing-- W-A-I-T-I-N-G:(
Okay, I'm getting bugged by Mini Male Me to type his homework with him so gotta goooooooo..


Sue said...

Congrats on the update picture of Chance.....praying hard for Chase.
Sometimes people forget that my girls are adopted (even in my family), they will say something and so has your genes...and then they will rethink it... said...

What a handsome son, but that fence behind him looks pretty scary...

Holly said...

Oh, I am just so excited for you to get those boys!! And I think your mini male me is mighty cute too!

trina said...

The girl has to have a sense of humor...or she is learning so fast at your house. :) Both of you are soooo funny. Hoping/praying you go soon to get them. They are really cute. trina

Leah said...

I am so glad that you got an update! We are currently waiting for the mysteriously illogical LOA. It's been 2 months now and I am ready to move on. So I can relate to the crazy waiting emotions!!! I love reading about your family. You have been a wonderful source of info for us as we wait for our 13 year old girl.