Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sat night fun

We had loads of fun last night. We decided to go bowling with our Sunday School class for a discounted rate and a meal. I made blueberry cupcakes with the real deal blueberries, yum. Didn't even get one there, they went that fast.

It was Chloe's first time to go bowling and the girl is good. She had a ball making funny faces as well. She nearly won our game. But then Baba decided not to be shown up. All in all we had some good players and a fun evening. Everyone brought something and we ate supper and snack while we played.

I think someone told Em and Pip that they were supposed to eat the ENTIRE time, both of them downed 2 hot dogs, cookies, crackers, cheese, chips. I did give them only water to keep them from being sick.
No more repeats of the doggie's performance, thank you very much. By child or dog:)

Chloe was very happy her friend Hannah and family went as well, they bowled beside us and as they grew tired of their game, Chloe "helped" them out as she was not happy it was taking so long for us to get through one round of our big ol' family:) The little girls did not get shoes, so in socks, on slippy floors, with heavy balls, = some good laughs and sliding all over. But they had a blast, which is all that mattered.

Do you think Cam's tongue being out helped him bowl better?

Donobin kept us all in line by badgering, pushing, demanding we move it as we were "on a time limit." Now we knew we had 2 hours and really didn't care, it was all about the fun for us but obviously he went with a different agenda.

The little ones were having to wipe off fingers each time to even roll their turn as they were eating continuously, further driving Donobin out of his "comfort zone". He wanted us lined up and ready to GO. As soon as our name was up. The boy needs to loosen up a bit:)

Kat's shirt said "I'm Kinda a Big deal" Baba thought that was so funny. His shirt said "Months of waiting--- 15 hours on a plane to China, 40 hours of no sleep...holding my daughter in my arms...priceless" Isn't that special?

We were in the van today when Pip said "mom, how far is China?" Before I got a word in Chloe comes off with "I China, I right here, you know- ahh dis" (this). I followed up with "far away Pip." Pip then said she wished Jesus had made her Chinese and all the time I was telling her that Jesus made her American and very special just the way she is-- grumbling (from Chloe, of course) of "you no Chinese, you can't be - ahhh Chinese, you Americk and that not going change--- " she sure (thinks) she knows it ALL..... such a teen:)

I think I have to admit to some bad parenting skills this week, after many a frustrating days of the girls not cleaning their room, Cam walked in and saw a spider. the girls freaked out over the little tiny thing, I proceeded to tell them that spiders look for dirty rooms to live in and if their room was clean Mr. Spider would move out and never come back. I KNOW this was terrible (MOM don't call me).

As the girls are already afraid of spiders, I was thinking years of therapy for spider paranoia for them verses mother going to the nut house, well, therapy won out. They have been keeping the room much cleaner and really it only takes them 10 minutes or so with them all helping to get it straightened up. So there's my confession of the week.

I think this last bit of waiting is possibly the hardest to endure, at least that's what I am claiming if anyone does call me out on any of my crazy doings till we travel. It just seems to take forever to get final approval to GO and all you want to do is GO, it seems so simple to just say "GO".
So this week I looked over some of the clothes we have for the boys, not so little in sizes, but nesting all the same, seeing what will be good to pack. Just looking at the color books, the etching art packs, the little cars, makes them more real to us and helps us through this waiting time.

Also I like to say "nothing good comes easy, so these guys are gonna be GOOD!" Or we can at least hope that their transition is easy and they understand our love of them, how they may have been unplanned but no less loved by us. They may not understand our family for some time, but even Kat if asked how many brothers she has includes them, without hesitation.

The boys are a part of us even now, which is why we will continue to wait, to hold onto the hope we have for them both to join our family and we will rejoice when we finally reunite the sibs within our family with added sibs to love on them as well.

Sure hope they like bowling too, as sis has already decided she wants all birthday parties at the bowling alley:)

Grandma is home from her vacation in Florida so there is one BIG piece for us to travel, she comes in and stays while we go off to China, letting us leave with the peace that our children here are lovingly cared for and even the dogs are whipped into shape before we get back. It's a true blessing to have her to come when we need her and to be able to count on her.

That's our weekend, on to the new week, let's see what that brings:)

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Annie said...

Cannot wait to folllow your journey back to the boys!!!