Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year

We started out our New Year very quietly. Chloe didn't make it awake, nor did the little ones. Dad and I watched the ball drop and kissed- I know- yucky but true.

The kids must be sick of me as they are thrilled just 2 days till they go back to school. Usually it's the other way around but they are being pretty good with all the new stuff they have to play with. I did take down the tree this week, I usually let it up longer but I had to figure out where to put all the stuff and needed it to all go away for my sanity sake. So now it's all away and I have my house back.

No big plans for the weekend, Chloe and Cam went with friends to see the ice sculptures, and run around with their friends all day:) Keeps them busy, as Chloe for one will pester momma all day if she thinks she has nothing to do:)

Last night Cam came to my room, he was all choked up and crying. He was trying to tell me something about a boy, his age, parents died, he was trying to care for his younger siblings and get them food to eat and he didn't get to eat. It was an ad for sponsoring children. Cam was just heartbroken. He cried and cried then went and started a pile in our room of things he could do without for this boy to have.

He s such a sweet boy, I think he is going to need a BIG house and a very understanding wife-- he's gonna be saving the children of the world. He ended up sleeping in my bed, he was just wore out from crying and as I went to sleep I thanked God for this precious son, with his big huge heart, his caring, his tears even, that he will hold that close to his heart and some day do something to better any child's life. My dream of adopting started with a program I watched as a teen about Ch*na's abandoned girls, so who knows what he will do. Won't it be fun to see??

Makes me think of people who hesitate to answer the call to do anything, we all need to be so excited, to gather things we really don't need and find someone who does need them. It was amazing to see Cam really think hard about things, not that he didn't want to give them up, but what all this boy could really use. Paper, pens, gloves, blanket, pillow, tissues, books, stuffed animal, and a few toys. He asked this morning -"Could we send it all, and add some food and clothes for him please?"

Through the eyes and the works of a child we learn so much. We are very honored to be this thoughtful and caring child's parents. He's really amazing.

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Kelly said...

I saw this post on another blog and thought it was a good idea. We aren't able to proceed with adopting (husband is out of work), so we are going to do this as we buy shoes this year, or can gather shoe boxes from family and friends. There is an absolute charming video on the post, maybe this would be something tangible your son could do to help another child. I know that we also gathered art supplies to send over to an orphanage when another family was traveling.... maybe your son could do that anticipating your trip for the other boys (we are so praying for your family).