Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Hard Week

I had some bright idea that I really could use a few less fluffies of me to travel soon and decided to go cold turkey on my soda intake. Wow, was that DUMB. Can I just say MIGRAINE? Severe. Spent the day curled on the couch thinking God called me home, nope, that was just Chloe coming in from school, yelling "what wrong wif you?" She wasn't amused when I said "just let me die."

No news, now I have been told, no whining allowed, since our boys sit there waiting which is 10 times worse than our sitting here waiting. But as I find us creeping closer to the 1 year since we met Chloe I can't help but think of the nasty person who told her it was taking too long that we weren't coming for her. Ohh, break my heart, how could someone do that to a child? And what are they saying to our boys? They can't understand paperwork, approvals, heck, even Chloe doesn't get that, she keeps saying " ahh, just go". Yeah, and what, live there? Till when?

I keep chanting God's timing, God's timing--- it helps to remind myself of that. Not even my journey, it's God's, and I am a blessed woman to be in on it.

We have been watching, like everyone else, the whole Haiti thing, wow, that's just so awful. To have so much devastation, to have so much suffering. No water, no food, sleeping in the streets, operations on tables out in the open.... it's just inconceivable the hugeness of it all. I am praying, it's all I can do, but no less important.

Pack in this week the girls getting more comfy here and starting to let me know some of what had been done to them in the past, and needing to work through it. It's a good sign, that they are comfortable with us to let down their guard some. An ongoing process but a healing one for them. Hard for a momma bear and honestly a Papa bear here made a comment about "ripping someone's head off" in regards to what had been done to them, so I can't say he is not affected and hurting for them as well.

I did make a super cheese broccoli soup this week, homemade- yum. Oh and to boost my "super mom" title back up, I made my own laundry soap. Very simple, and oh so CHEAP. 7 cents a load, and I do 5 loads of clothes a day usually. Nice lemony smell and the clothes are clean. I feel so domestic:)

Can't seem to get a picture to load so this post will be pictureless, I know, gasp, how could I, but that's how it is.


April said...

Praying that the adoption process picks up some momentum again and that you will have your boys home soon!

recoveryagent2 said...

Ok, cough up the laundry soap recipe :)
Keeping up with your blog and ready to travel...not nearly as much as you I know. I love you post often, keep it up....'cause I know you have nothing better to do :)