Thursday, January 7, 2010

Funny Funny

I've had a few calls this week- "everything okay?" Hee hee, didn't write the last post for our family specifically, but hey, if the shoe fits...... there is a few of "ours" that could be slapped, oops..... I mean whipped into shape:(
Miss Kitty is just at that age that they come off with some of the funniest things, honestly, you'd LOVE to be a fly on the wall at our supper times. This past week she said "I'm going to get married when I am 25, I'm not leaving here till then." Her picked husband? Cam's poor friend named "FOX". Now, how odd is that gonna be, a Kat married to a FOX-- I couldn't resist asking- "what are you going to name your kids?" She very quickly answers "Flower" in a DUHHH mom tone.
All I can say is I hope it's a GIRL and no, we were not, are not hippies .... maybe they are gonna make a comeback?
Her other requirement of marriage? He WILL build her a house out of sticks. Always good to know what you want out of life so you can be clear with the dude wanting to marry her.
Pip chimed in and said she was gonna marry Cam which, predictably brought the round of "UHHH, yuck, you can't marry your BROTHER!" I guess we can attest Chloe's love for me as she said she would marry ME:)
Chloe is funny when she talks about being 14 and in 4 years she will be adult, yeah, right, whatever is what I tell her. She always asks, " where will I live" and I always reply the same HERE 'cause you aren't leaving till you are 21. I tell her I got her "late" I'm not giving her up at 18. She needs to hear that, you can see the relief when I tell her that, on her face.

She should know she isn't getting rid of us that soon:)

A wonderful person, Trish has made my life so much better, she e-mailed this silly momma about the whole glasses issue and offered CONTACTS--- hello, I never ever thought of them. Guess you can tell I have never had glasses or vision issues . Son #1 has glasses, he tried contacts once and couldn't get over putting something in his eye, as well as Donobin.

Chloe, on the other hand, was THRILLED and wanted to know how soon she could have them, how she "put them in, take out, do they hurt, will she be able to shut her eye??" All the things a girl should know. So Trish, you are super awesome and we thank you for an easy solution for the vision issue. We will have back up glasses but I think she will be so happy to be able to wear the contacts when SHE wants. I'm glad too we have enough English this is even doable, I can just see her home a month and me trying to convince her to put some little thing in her eye, yeah, like that would have worked~not!

Her appointment is on the 18th, she also has another appointment on the 18th earlier that day, it's the BIG dental one. They will x-ray to see if the new trial procedure they did on her teeth to try to repair the roots of her 3 damaged front teeth has worked. They will also fill the holes they made to do the procedures and fix the chip in her tooth. I've told her it is not the painful procedure like before, but she is not believing me yet. We are praying the over $1500 (not covered) procedure worked, or we could be looking at $500 more for 2 root canals:(
But either way they will fix her chip and she is very self conscious about it so I will be excited to see her face when it's all done and she realizes she can smile BIG with a knockout smile.
Sadly I may miss that little chip, as I have one that's repaired as well and honestly I love Chloe's smile as is. But it's her teeth and she wants that gone. I don't blame her.

It should be interesting tonight when they all pile in from school, I know what Donobin is going to be saying as soon as he hits the door "what is that horrible SMELL"- yep, he has become my pickiest eater, and as I made pork and sauerkraut for New Year's and found out Chloe LOVES it, I promised to make it again.
Although she is not as picky as Kat, I can not cook spicy enough for her so I am thrilled to have something else I can make that MOST of us like and can eat. Donobin will just have to "get over it' for tonight, mom's rule, I make one meal. If you like it- SUPER, if not, hope you like tomorrow's:)
Small news on Chase, we submitted paperwork that God has moved mountains to allow us to even be able to do this, so the prayers are working.. keep them up, we aren't done yet, but it's so hopeful...........we are hoping for some more news of his situation soon. Being PATIENT......not really but there's no other choice:(


Chad and Kristy said...

Speaking of little kids and their stories...When Bethany was little and we were building our house she asked if we were building it out of brick becasuse she was really conserned about the big bad wolf blowing it down:)

Wife of the Pres. said...

I love your blog! You are so funny!!! Are you always this candid in person? I wish we could chat over a cup of coffee or something else with CAFFEINE!

OK, saw your post on RQ!!! YEAH!!!

I gotta ask, when did you officially ask??? And when did you send in supp. 3???

I think our timetables are very similar. Our agency officially asked about our 2nd ;) on Jan. 15. We sent supp. 3 that day as well! Please do tell … cljjs (at) yahoo (dot) com