Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chloe's reaction

How mean of me to make you all wait to find out Chloe's reaction to the news, shame on me. Just a LITTLE busy here (MOM).

Chloe was sitting on my lap reading the Chinese part of the Pre Approval. She read it. She looked at me and said "It no say what TIME!" The NERVE of them. Yeah, the girl want it to be NOW, yesterday, done, finished, brothers home. Can't say I blame her.

Just one or two little things. We have to have approval. We are praying over funds. We know God will provide, we knew going in He would have to, in fact, I prayed and said, "God, you know our hearts, we will do your Will, but you have to show us the way to the money for this, because it just isn't possible for us." And He has.

It has meant a great deal in the "load on my shoulders" through this adoption process. But as I have questioned agency many times now, "will we be able to get the orphanage fees waived, at least one of them?" The news is not good. This too, goes under a new process and it's not happening like it used to, it's not happening at all, we are told, for anyone. Yikes. That's not a small sum. So please join us in prayers that this fee is a mole hill in the hands of God, not the mountain we see.

We also appreciate that people are interested in donating to help Chloe go along. We have been asked by her many, many times, she so desperately wants to go. She asks me constantly if Baba will bring in the suitcase from the garage so she can "park" (pack). She is figuring up how many pairs of pants she will need for how many days. Just today in her quest to get a suitcase I told her it was still January, we will not travel till at least March, what does she need suitcase for?
She said "to look at and know we go soon". Oh child, just break my heart in two if we can't afford to take you, why don't you!

So what we are going to do, we are going to ask for the funds needed to get the boys home closer to time to travel so we are sure of what we need. We are being considered for another smaller grant at this time, so that will be a huge help if we are awarded the grant. I know people who want to know how much it will be extra to take Chloe. I will post that when we know and let it up to God, if she is meant to go.

I would love to take her, I can't say I don't wish to, she would be a super help with the brothers, I know it would be a huge blessing for us to have her along.

Continue the prayers PLEASE, hey they are FREE..... and we need them as well.

We were blessed to get the boys on the phone today, I had to call and say their names and I loudly said "MAMA" to which daughter pulls phone out of my hand and says " what that mean?" Well, I thought it meant I am their mama and put them on the phone since she calls and tells them it's her and they hang up on her---grrrr. Well, IT WORKED....... 5 minutes go by and she is telling me " they not there (on phone) and I am saying "I their momma, they go get them" as it's on speakerphone and I know they can hear me talking.

And then....... there they were!!!!! The girl's face lit up and she was rattling off in Chinese like no body's business. She told them we are coming for them, March, maybe April but no matter we WILL be there. She asked how they are, do they need anything sent - both are fine, they want handheld games but we can bring them when we come, Chase needs shoes. She got to talk to them both, and yes, they BOTH know we are coming for them.

I asked her once she got off the phone, are they happy we are coming? She said "I not" and when Baba and I looked at her like "WHAT??" She says " it's not tomorrow we go." Okay already, we get it, you want them here NOW, we KNOW!!

I can't figure out these kids and their names, Chloe asked if we could name Chance "Jackie Chan" to which we got a HUGE laugh out of that one. Not sure who's idea that was but I think I know....................maybe the goofball who wanted to be renamed "Chicago" last week??? Me thinks so. And the answer to that ? Still "NO."


Cayle said...

Hello their,

There have been so many miracles in your travels that it has amazed me. I will be praying like crazy for the many things needed. haha. I will also be praying for sweet Chloe I can only imagine how inpatient I would be! As soon as I have the funds I can't wait to help Chloe out.


Sherri said...

God's hand has been there from the start. I trust that everything will be provided.

I am so eagerly anticipating the big reunion!

Christine said...


Wow! Glad Chloe got to speak to her brothers. I think she has a sense of humor :)

Also, I am relieved she told her brothers that you will be there for them, so in case they are ever told that you won't be coming for them, they will have her words to hold on to.


Trish said...

You're family is amazing, trust God, I'll be saying prayers for all of you.


Krista said...

I'm so happy for you! I'll be praying for fast travels!!
Krista D

angelchica said...

I will pray for you guys. God bless you for taking in Chloe's brothers as well! Please post pics of the reunion=)

Donna said...

I'm excited that this is getting closer now but I can feel your fear about where the money is going to come from. I can also see how having Chloe go along would be such a tremendous help for you and comfort for the boys.

Would it be possible for people to donate frequent flyer miles to help defray the cost of airfare? If you can look into it and find out what airline(s) would work, I'd be happy to donate our miles and put a post on my blog to encourage others to get involved too.

Your chip-in widget doesn't tell us how close you are to having the money you need to make these two adoptions happen. Could you figure out how much you'd need to travel (for example) at the end of March and make that the goal? It doesn't convey the sense of urgency if there isn't a "goal". Plus, if you still need thousands of dollars, we need to make another big push now.

I'm so excited for your whole family. How lost these boys would be without you. I feel the tears well up in my eyes just thinking about it. God bless you, my friend!

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