Monday, January 25, 2010

Chasing Chase

Some news on Chase. We are awaiting an approval that is very important. Prayers needed! We need this approval to go through smoothly, that we can bring BOTH these boys home!

The chase for Chase:)

Today was a day of college prep for Mal, figuring out the financial stuff and getting her squared away for college in the fall. #4 will be grown and gone soon. Sure happens fast. I remember the first "date" we had (hubby and I) which included his little girl with the huge blue eyes and her daddy's deep dimple in her chin...sigh. Now so quickly she is a young lady. She has a job, she is on the honor roll, a steady guy, wow, it's incredible.

Hubby got some eye opening this morning, being home later than usual. After telling girls to get shoes on, get coats on, get backpacks, 3 times PER girl, he said "man, do they do anything the first time you say it?" Ha ha ha, he's so amazingly funny. I told him that the really sad thing was that I could record myself and play the tape and it would work because I do the same thing every single morning with them. And I am not a morning person. OIY.

What else happened today, well, no one barfed, I got my 5 loads of laundry done, foster support group was cancelled due to the heavy rains flooding some roads in the area.

That's about it, I was so happy to hear some progress in the chase for Chase had happened and now we wait some more for the answer, God's plan for these children to unfold.
Pictures of the ornery Miss Kitty, trying not to laugh but unable to keep that up for any amount of time:)


Christine said...

I have been praying for things to go smoothly for you to get your sons home. Is the "approval" you are waiting for on the Chinese side of things? Please keep us posted. ;)

Kelly said...

I am praying so hard for you to move this mountain so that all of the kids can be together.