Sunday, January 10, 2010


These kids are sooo busted. Baba and I have figured them out. It hit us when Cam was misbehaving Friday, Thursday was Kat, Wed was Em, etc...... We KNOW their secret. We are pretty sure it's Sunday that they have a secret meeting where the 5 youngest map out who is taking what day and from there on it becomes a contest at who can drive mom and Baba craziest on "their" day.

We aren't sure what the prize is yet, but we'll let you in on it when we get that info. Otherwise we are just thankful they each pick a day, that we can handle... now if they all gang up on us.. who knows:)

We got Chloe's passport this week, less than 2 weeks after we applied for it! I am totally impressed state of PA:) They said 4 weeks when we applied. It made me terribly nervous to hand over the required original documents of hers but they did come back not even folded. YEAH!

3 of the girls are sporting something NEW---- can you guess?? It's EARRINGS:)

Everyone was so NOT surprised when I took a kit along to Ch*na when we adopted Kat and did her ears as soon as the papers were signed. Hey, now, she wanted them done. Poor girl had her head shaved and was such a girly girl. She loved having them and still does.

Now fast forward to Chloe's trip and yes, I took the kit but she said "no, no sank you." Oh, okay, I said. See, I really do not torture my young. But with more English she has come to tell us she had them before but they hurt terribly and she was scared but she wanted to have them. I can only imagine what they used to do it with and she knew nothing of cleaning them so it figures they were probably infected and quite painful.

I had permission for the girls to do theirs since they wanted to get it done. I did Pip's first and not a peep out of her. Next was Em, same thing. Chloe watched this and said "go ahead." So I did hers. She had to pick a little and say it hurt, although hard to convince mom of that when she had to ask if it was done yet?

They all look adorable and are doing great keeping up with the cleanings. I'm glad they are all done now, although Chloe can't imagine she must wait 2 months to change her earrings. She is already asking "how much earrings cost, where get them?"

I had to laugh this morning when she wore a dress to church with new tights I picked up on clearance, gotta LOVE clearance shopping with this many kiddos, but they were patterned with a design that was made from holes. They matched her dress perfectly but she wanted to know "why you buy me broken tights?"

I wonder who got Monday for this week??? Guess we'll have to wait till tomorrow to see? Stay tuned, I'll let you know:)


Kelly said...

With 4 girls, I am always glad that they "take turns" misbehaving. So far it has worked out the same way you have experienced. I'm dreading the day they all gang up on us and really let loose.

Chad and Kristy said...

Bethany is 11 and is STILL terrified about getting her ears pierced. I still ask from time to time but keep getting the same answer.. NO!

Kathy said...

Sarah wanted hers done.
So we did it yesterday for
her birthday. I did warn her
it would hurt. She still wanted
to. I could tell by her reaction
and the look on her face it hurt.
Maybe we should have made an
appt. with you. ;)
She is very happy with her new bling!