Saturday, January 16, 2010


I've been accused of a lot of things but here's a new one. Making Chloe American and teaching her of "things" so now she wants them. AHHH, poor girl.

Yeah, we had a conversation that we have had many a times. When, when, WHEN can she have a cell phone? Why not now? What about a computer of her own? When does that happen? Ha ha ha! In a hurry to grow up, she was bemoaning her becoming an American and knowing of all these wonderful treasures she feels she can't live without now that she knows of them. Is she funny or what???

She has to be the funniest kid there is. Has to be. She is a total hoot. Someone told me that it is a sign she is emotionally healthy that she willing to argue with her momma and try to con me into giving in to her pleading... something I will not do, I haven't been worn down yet. But she's trying:)

She wants to know what grade Chase and Chance be in, when will they get cell phone, computer--- she has "no fair" down pat. She doesn't really understand how we determine things- by age appropriateness and English skills. They have to factor in there, as I can just see her getting a cell phone and calling China 100 times till our bill came---- yikes!

Speaking of English, Chloe called her brothers last night (morning for them) and was told they weren't there. And hung up on. She was not happy at all, she was trying to ask where they were but she was not realizing she was saying "what" in ENGLISH! She had said who she was, in Chinese, so it still seemed quite rude to me, but it was funny she was throwing that "what? What?" out there and getting louder like that would help. Till I caught her attention and said to her "Chloe, not ENGLISH" she had been hung up on:(

Our wonderful college student Vita is staying with us and she noted too, that Chloe's English while wonderful is seeping into her Chinese. Not that she is losing the Chinese, she is not, it's just that she doesn't think and uses English. It means she is really grasping what the meaning of the English words are.

Vita and I laughed because I have to think when Chloe talks sometimes, "is that Chinese?" to figure out what she is saying, while there's Vita, trying to figure out if it was English she put in her Chinese to figure out what she is saying :) And Vita speaks both, but struggles with her English, this is why she stays with us to help her keep her English strong for school. She tells Chloe how lucky she will be that she will have BOTH languages, strongly grounded, to use for work possibly some day.

BTW, Kat was Thursday and Friday, although Friday was better than Thursday, she must have thought she didn't get enough trouble in on Thursday and she had to continue into Friday:( Still not sure of the "prize" but whatever it was KAT got it for this week!

The little girls all seem to not feel well, I think they are brewing colds AGAIN, I had Pip and Em to the ENT doc and they are getting tonsils and adenoids out in March. The same day. I may regret that, but they need it. Kat already had this done, she was constantly sick before it and it helped a ton. But I noticed yesterday as we got ready for school, they were all coughing and every single one of them managed to COUGH ON ME----- ahhh, why is that???


Sue said...

We have taught our children to that includes the sickies practices writing and speaking in chinese frequently (usually to herself) so that she won't forget it. She sometimes still has dreams in chinese and is very happy about that. My 7 and 6 years are asking for Cell phones already...

Tim said...

While Tian at 10, now home 21 months, has lost most of her Chinese, she still recognizes characters and will tell me what they are.

In the meantime, in some instances, I have to stop and say, wrong language, to myself as thinking in Chinese has started coming to me!

I'm a rather older student.