Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chloe's reaction

How mean of me to make you all wait to find out Chloe's reaction to the news, shame on me. Just a LITTLE busy here (MOM).

Chloe was sitting on my lap reading the Chinese part of the Pre Approval. She read it. She looked at me and said "It no say what TIME!" The NERVE of them. Yeah, the girl want it to be NOW, yesterday, done, finished, brothers home. Can't say I blame her.

Just one or two little things. We have to have approval. We are praying over funds. We know God will provide, we knew going in He would have to, in fact, I prayed and said, "God, you know our hearts, we will do your Will, but you have to show us the way to the money for this, because it just isn't possible for us." And He has.

It has meant a great deal in the "load on my shoulders" through this adoption process. But as I have questioned agency many times now, "will we be able to get the orphanage fees waived, at least one of them?" The news is not good. This too, goes under a new process and it's not happening like it used to, it's not happening at all, we are told, for anyone. Yikes. That's not a small sum. So please join us in prayers that this fee is a mole hill in the hands of God, not the mountain we see.

We also appreciate that people are interested in donating to help Chloe go along. We have been asked by her many, many times, she so desperately wants to go. She asks me constantly if Baba will bring in the suitcase from the garage so she can "park" (pack). She is figuring up how many pairs of pants she will need for how many days. Just today in her quest to get a suitcase I told her it was still January, we will not travel till at least March, what does she need suitcase for?
She said "to look at and know we go soon". Oh child, just break my heart in two if we can't afford to take you, why don't you!

So what we are going to do, we are going to ask for the funds needed to get the boys home closer to time to travel so we are sure of what we need. We are being considered for another smaller grant at this time, so that will be a huge help if we are awarded the grant. I know people who want to know how much it will be extra to take Chloe. I will post that when we know and let it up to God, if she is meant to go.

I would love to take her, I can't say I don't wish to, she would be a super help with the brothers, I know it would be a huge blessing for us to have her along.

Continue the prayers PLEASE, hey they are FREE..... and we need them as well.

We were blessed to get the boys on the phone today, I had to call and say their names and I loudly said "MAMA" to which daughter pulls phone out of my hand and says " what that mean?" Well, I thought it meant I am their mama and put them on the phone since she calls and tells them it's her and they hang up on her---grrrr. Well, IT WORKED....... 5 minutes go by and she is telling me " they not there (on phone) and I am saying "I their momma, they go get them" as it's on speakerphone and I know they can hear me talking.

And then....... there they were!!!!! The girl's face lit up and she was rattling off in Chinese like no body's business. She told them we are coming for them, March, maybe April but no matter we WILL be there. She asked how they are, do they need anything sent - both are fine, they want handheld games but we can bring them when we come, Chase needs shoes. She got to talk to them both, and yes, they BOTH know we are coming for them.

I asked her once she got off the phone, are they happy we are coming? She said "I not" and when Baba and I looked at her like "WHAT??" She says " it's not tomorrow we go." Okay already, we get it, you want them here NOW, we KNOW!!

I can't figure out these kids and their names, Chloe asked if we could name Chance "Jackie Chan" to which we got a HUGE laugh out of that one. Not sure who's idea that was but I think I know....................maybe the goofball who wanted to be renamed "Chicago" last week??? Me thinks so. And the answer to that ? Still "NO."

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Pre Approval is ours!!!!!!!!!!

WOW. AND........we also have approval from immigration for both!!

Both approvals came today!

Many are questioning how this happened, didn't one age out? Ye of little faith- ha ha! An error you see, of a misplaced number making it seem someone was too old but in fact he is NOT. Miracles.. happening for these guys, they are BOTH coming home!! Chance and Chase will be growing up with their sister, siblings forever.

I have to go cry now. I'm just so overwhelmed with all the great news of our SONS!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Who's adopted?

This is a true story. One little girl went to our pastor's wife and said "I have a friend and he is getting 2 brothers from China, where he is from." Now the pastor's wife having been a huge prayer warrior in our journey knew this girl was talking about our family. So she said to the girl, "Do you mean where Chloe is from?" And the girl said, "no, no Cam, he's adopted."

Just goes to show you, there may be no one who really, truly knows WHO is adopted here and who is not. I guess it just makes it easier to treat them all the same, as our children we love, at least most days - ha ha! It is interesting how once you get to know us, and even faster to us, that the darker skin and black hair just fits, it doesn't stand out.

I just thought that was amazing because of all the children I have to say Cam is the carbon copy of me, just the male form. He is the one everyone who is puzzled by our "color variety family" they pick out immediately as "mine" just due to the red hair, the big brown eyes, pale coloring. His nickname has been "mini male me" for some time now.

Today we got an update on Chance, with one picture. He sure is a cute bugger and a carbon male copy of Chloe. She told me "he smile, have no eyes like me" meaning he smiles big and his eyes squint tight enough to not see them. Chloe has some eye jealousy issues:) She says "why you eyes so big?" I just told her she could have them if I could have her skinny butt:) She's wasn't taking any of my fluff- ha ha.

I did ask her why he was wearing slippers thinking she might say they are his favorite or something like that- no, I should have known better. She comes off with "I don't know, I not there" like I was goofy for asking her. Turd.

His measurements are very close to Chloe as well. She is now 89 lbs and 5 ft 1 inch. He is 88 lbs and 5 ft 1/1/2 inches. We were all amazed that he is growing about the same as her. As she eats and eats here, slurping her noodles tonight so bad that I said "Chloe, good grief, why don't you eat like you are Chinese already?" And she laughed as we always do, 'cause she was doing it on purpose to get me to say something.... a little game, you see, that she thinks I don't know what she is doing.

No news on the approval yet.....still waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, like it or not waiting, guess you can figure out what we are doing-- W-A-I-T-I-N-G:(
Okay, I'm getting bugged by Mini Male Me to type his homework with him so gotta goooooooo..

Monday, January 25, 2010

Chasing Chase

Some news on Chase. We are awaiting an approval that is very important. Prayers needed! We need this approval to go through smoothly, that we can bring BOTH these boys home!

The chase for Chase:)

Today was a day of college prep for Mal, figuring out the financial stuff and getting her squared away for college in the fall. #4 will be grown and gone soon. Sure happens fast. I remember the first "date" we had (hubby and I) which included his little girl with the huge blue eyes and her daddy's deep dimple in her chin...sigh. Now so quickly she is a young lady. She has a job, she is on the honor roll, a steady guy, wow, it's incredible.

Hubby got some eye opening this morning, being home later than usual. After telling girls to get shoes on, get coats on, get backpacks, 3 times PER girl, he said "man, do they do anything the first time you say it?" Ha ha ha, he's so amazingly funny. I told him that the really sad thing was that I could record myself and play the tape and it would work because I do the same thing every single morning with them. And I am not a morning person. OIY.

What else happened today, well, no one barfed, I got my 5 loads of laundry done, foster support group was cancelled due to the heavy rains flooding some roads in the area.

That's about it, I was so happy to hear some progress in the chase for Chase had happened and now we wait some more for the answer, God's plan for these children to unfold.
Pictures of the ornery Miss Kitty, trying not to laugh but unable to keep that up for any amount of time:)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sat night fun

We had loads of fun last night. We decided to go bowling with our Sunday School class for a discounted rate and a meal. I made blueberry cupcakes with the real deal blueberries, yum. Didn't even get one there, they went that fast.

It was Chloe's first time to go bowling and the girl is good. She had a ball making funny faces as well. She nearly won our game. But then Baba decided not to be shown up. All in all we had some good players and a fun evening. Everyone brought something and we ate supper and snack while we played.

I think someone told Em and Pip that they were supposed to eat the ENTIRE time, both of them downed 2 hot dogs, cookies, crackers, cheese, chips. I did give them only water to keep them from being sick.
No more repeats of the doggie's performance, thank you very much. By child or dog:)

Chloe was very happy her friend Hannah and family went as well, they bowled beside us and as they grew tired of their game, Chloe "helped" them out as she was not happy it was taking so long for us to get through one round of our big ol' family:) The little girls did not get shoes, so in socks, on slippy floors, with heavy balls, = some good laughs and sliding all over. But they had a blast, which is all that mattered.

Do you think Cam's tongue being out helped him bowl better?

Donobin kept us all in line by badgering, pushing, demanding we move it as we were "on a time limit." Now we knew we had 2 hours and really didn't care, it was all about the fun for us but obviously he went with a different agenda.

The little ones were having to wipe off fingers each time to even roll their turn as they were eating continuously, further driving Donobin out of his "comfort zone". He wanted us lined up and ready to GO. As soon as our name was up. The boy needs to loosen up a bit:)

Kat's shirt said "I'm Kinda a Big deal" Baba thought that was so funny. His shirt said "Months of waiting--- 15 hours on a plane to China, 40 hours of no sleep...holding my daughter in my arms...priceless" Isn't that special?

We were in the van today when Pip said "mom, how far is China?" Before I got a word in Chloe comes off with "I China, I right here, you know- ahh dis" (this). I followed up with "far away Pip." Pip then said she wished Jesus had made her Chinese and all the time I was telling her that Jesus made her American and very special just the way she is-- grumbling (from Chloe, of course) of "you no Chinese, you can't be - ahhh Chinese, you Americk and that not going change--- " she sure (thinks) she knows it ALL..... such a teen:)

I think I have to admit to some bad parenting skills this week, after many a frustrating days of the girls not cleaning their room, Cam walked in and saw a spider. the girls freaked out over the little tiny thing, I proceeded to tell them that spiders look for dirty rooms to live in and if their room was clean Mr. Spider would move out and never come back. I KNOW this was terrible (MOM don't call me).

As the girls are already afraid of spiders, I was thinking years of therapy for spider paranoia for them verses mother going to the nut house, well, therapy won out. They have been keeping the room much cleaner and really it only takes them 10 minutes or so with them all helping to get it straightened up. So there's my confession of the week.

I think this last bit of waiting is possibly the hardest to endure, at least that's what I am claiming if anyone does call me out on any of my crazy doings till we travel. It just seems to take forever to get final approval to GO and all you want to do is GO, it seems so simple to just say "GO".
So this week I looked over some of the clothes we have for the boys, not so little in sizes, but nesting all the same, seeing what will be good to pack. Just looking at the color books, the etching art packs, the little cars, makes them more real to us and helps us through this waiting time.

Also I like to say "nothing good comes easy, so these guys are gonna be GOOD!" Or we can at least hope that their transition is easy and they understand our love of them, how they may have been unplanned but no less loved by us. They may not understand our family for some time, but even Kat if asked how many brothers she has includes them, without hesitation.

The boys are a part of us even now, which is why we will continue to wait, to hold onto the hope we have for them both to join our family and we will rejoice when we finally reunite the sibs within our family with added sibs to love on them as well.

Sure hope they like bowling too, as sis has already decided she wants all birthday parties at the bowling alley:)

Grandma is home from her vacation in Florida so there is one BIG piece for us to travel, she comes in and stays while we go off to China, letting us leave with the peace that our children here are lovingly cared for and even the dogs are whipped into shape before we get back. It's a true blessing to have her to come when we need her and to be able to count on her.

That's our weekend, on to the new week, let's see what that brings:)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Rotten Dog

Would you, could you, think that a doggie that cute would go to vet and then bless me (not even 1/10 of a mile away from home) with her entire breakfast in my lap? AHHH- clear down my shirt, on my new coat, seeped into the undies even. I know, TMI, but you gotta understand how grossed out I was.

Thank God I have a strong stomach or I might have added to the mess, I just smiled at her and said "thanks Lucy, thanks a lot." To which she licked my face and wagged her tail. I'm gonna say 2 words here, doggy carrier.

My mom just brought me that new coat 2 days ago, I was amazed Chloe liked it because she has told me "Turkey no give you clothes" Meaning, she doesn't like clothes Tookie (my mother's nickname) gives me.

Chloe says "they old woman clothes" and I hate to break it to her but fluffy mother is getting older. She doesn't want me and my mother looking the same ( nor do I!) but there's an issue when we are both fluffy and Tookie helps me out with clothing from time to time. I am thankful for the jeans, not so much the genes. No nasty phones calls MOM. You know it's true.

I'm not even gonna remind you of the underwear fiasco of my last trip to China, no wonder Chloe has it in for your clothing "help" after that.

Chloe's new glasses are in. We will be off to get them after school and get some help with the contacts. Yeah, we are having trouble getting them in. Then once in she says they "feel funny", which I think is from us messing with her eyes so long to get the buggers in. So we are going for momma instruction, I can put them in for her in the morning, I don't mind, but I am having a hard time even trying.

Okay now for the super momma recipe's- I don't normally post such things but I will this time. I might tell you that to me 4 ingredients or less is my all time favorite recipes.

For the laundry soap-

1/3 bar of Fels-Naptha bar soap
1/2 cup borax
1/2 cup Arm & Hammer washing soda
2 gallon bucket

Take a pan, grate 1/3 bar soap into it, add 6 cups water. Heat till melted, add borax and washing soda. Stir till dissolved. Put 4 cups hot water in bucket, add soap mixture and stir. Add 1 gallon and 6 cups of water. Let sit overnight. 1/2 cup per load.

Some tips- soap will not be sudsy, doesn't need to be, it does clean your clothes. It has a nice lemony smell to it from the bar soap. It gels, kinds like thick egg soup. This works in ALL machines, HE, top loader, front loader. Triple the recipe and make in a 5 gallon bucket, it will keep. I got the ingredients at the local grocery store, could not find the bar soap needed at Walm*rt. 7 cents a load, can you justify buying T*de anymore? I can't! Use fabric softener if you need your pretty smell, I do:)

Broccoli Soup

3 bags frozen broccoli pieces
1 pint whipping cream, light or heavy
1 lb Velveeta cheese
1/4 to 1/2 cup cornstarch

Cook broccoli in pan with enough water to soften, add cream, cheese, stir in cornstarch to thicken to your liking. I also added fried bacon I crumbled up for extra flavor. Make a large pot, to feed 9.

There you go. Now you can whip up some soup, while you are making your homemade laundry soap and impress your family as the super woman you are:)

Just don't take the dog to vet in your lap:(

And don't let daughter take off with your camera or you get goofy pictures like this..........

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Hard Week

I had some bright idea that I really could use a few less fluffies of me to travel soon and decided to go cold turkey on my soda intake. Wow, was that DUMB. Can I just say MIGRAINE? Severe. Spent the day curled on the couch thinking God called me home, nope, that was just Chloe coming in from school, yelling "what wrong wif you?" She wasn't amused when I said "just let me die."

No news, now I have been told, no whining allowed, since our boys sit there waiting which is 10 times worse than our sitting here waiting. But as I find us creeping closer to the 1 year since we met Chloe I can't help but think of the nasty person who told her it was taking too long that we weren't coming for her. Ohh, break my heart, how could someone do that to a child? And what are they saying to our boys? They can't understand paperwork, approvals, heck, even Chloe doesn't get that, she keeps saying " ahh, just go". Yeah, and what, live there? Till when?

I keep chanting God's timing, God's timing--- it helps to remind myself of that. Not even my journey, it's God's, and I am a blessed woman to be in on it.

We have been watching, like everyone else, the whole Haiti thing, wow, that's just so awful. To have so much devastation, to have so much suffering. No water, no food, sleeping in the streets, operations on tables out in the open.... it's just inconceivable the hugeness of it all. I am praying, it's all I can do, but no less important.

Pack in this week the girls getting more comfy here and starting to let me know some of what had been done to them in the past, and needing to work through it. It's a good sign, that they are comfortable with us to let down their guard some. An ongoing process but a healing one for them. Hard for a momma bear and honestly a Papa bear here made a comment about "ripping someone's head off" in regards to what had been done to them, so I can't say he is not affected and hurting for them as well.

I did make a super cheese broccoli soup this week, homemade- yum. Oh and to boost my "super mom" title back up, I made my own laundry soap. Very simple, and oh so CHEAP. 7 cents a load, and I do 5 loads of clothes a day usually. Nice lemony smell and the clothes are clean. I feel so domestic:)

Can't seem to get a picture to load so this post will be pictureless, I know, gasp, how could I, but that's how it is.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Like A New Girl

Check out our "new" girl! Chloe had her appointments today, first the dentist where she got her new smile. She was so pleased. And momma was thrilled to hear the $1500 of dental work was successful, no root canals needed on the 2 teeth in question. So they filled the holes with permanent fillings and fixed her chipped tooth. She was able to get it done without the shots in her upper lip, she said that was much worse than the actual work, so they did it without and she did super.

Next we were off to the eye doctor. Nothing like having a day off school and spending it at appointments-- I rescheduled the puppy's appointment when I realized the vet might be wanting to give my lovely children shots if I took the 6 of them along with the dog for puppy shots today. Puppy Lucy and I will go Friday- ALONE- instead.

Chloe took forever in the eye doctor's, Baba was texting me that children were hungry should he feed them? So as the amused people in the waiting room could over hear us as I texted back "Not feeding children is child abuse, you do not need me to feed them." Yeah, ha ha! BTW, he didn't feed them:( I took home a chicken pack.
Chloe got a trial pair of contacts to see if she can handle them and likes them. So far so good. She also got back up glasses, they are cute, I think she looks much better in them than her old ones, but either way I told her she must have contacts or glasses unless she is asleep. No sass needed.

Her final pictures are of her new smile and her new contacts in. She already wanted to know if she could have blue ones, I told her "no" that would just look too weird.

Along with her asking this week if we would change her name to "Chicago" - I didn't even ask, don't want to know, I just said "NO".

Now I know, I am ruining my reputation as super mom, that I should have at least listened to her reasoning, or maybe not. I just didn't want to hear it. Guess my super mom status can slip a few notches into reality:)

It might have had something to do with the 5 million questions about "why could she not bite down on things with her new tooth? Why have to be careful, why no sleep with contacts in , why it take her 20 minute to put one contact in, how will she get contacts in for school tomorrow on time, why we not get spicy chicken for supper, why why"---ahhhhhhh--- my patience was running thinnnnn.

Now everyone is showered, snacked, ( that's snacked not smacked) and tucked in bed with visions of school tomorrow in their head.. oh no, that's right, that's my dream- ha ha ha.... night night.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I've been accused of a lot of things but here's a new one. Making Chloe American and teaching her of "things" so now she wants them. AHHH, poor girl.

Yeah, we had a conversation that we have had many a times. When, when, WHEN can she have a cell phone? Why not now? What about a computer of her own? When does that happen? Ha ha ha! In a hurry to grow up, she was bemoaning her becoming an American and knowing of all these wonderful treasures she feels she can't live without now that she knows of them. Is she funny or what???

She has to be the funniest kid there is. Has to be. She is a total hoot. Someone told me that it is a sign she is emotionally healthy that she willing to argue with her momma and try to con me into giving in to her pleading... something I will not do, I haven't been worn down yet. But she's trying:)

She wants to know what grade Chase and Chance be in, when will they get cell phone, computer--- she has "no fair" down pat. She doesn't really understand how we determine things- by age appropriateness and English skills. They have to factor in there, as I can just see her getting a cell phone and calling China 100 times till our bill came---- yikes!

Speaking of English, Chloe called her brothers last night (morning for them) and was told they weren't there. And hung up on. She was not happy at all, she was trying to ask where they were but she was not realizing she was saying "what" in ENGLISH! She had said who she was, in Chinese, so it still seemed quite rude to me, but it was funny she was throwing that "what? What?" out there and getting louder like that would help. Till I caught her attention and said to her "Chloe, not ENGLISH" she had been hung up on:(

Our wonderful college student Vita is staying with us and she noted too, that Chloe's English while wonderful is seeping into her Chinese. Not that she is losing the Chinese, she is not, it's just that she doesn't think and uses English. It means she is really grasping what the meaning of the English words are.

Vita and I laughed because I have to think when Chloe talks sometimes, "is that Chinese?" to figure out what she is saying, while there's Vita, trying to figure out if it was English she put in her Chinese to figure out what she is saying :) And Vita speaks both, but struggles with her English, this is why she stays with us to help her keep her English strong for school. She tells Chloe how lucky she will be that she will have BOTH languages, strongly grounded, to use for work possibly some day.

BTW, Kat was Thursday and Friday, although Friday was better than Thursday, she must have thought she didn't get enough trouble in on Thursday and she had to continue into Friday:( Still not sure of the "prize" but whatever it was KAT got it for this week!

The little girls all seem to not feel well, I think they are brewing colds AGAIN, I had Pip and Em to the ENT doc and they are getting tonsils and adenoids out in March. The same day. I may regret that, but they need it. Kat already had this done, she was constantly sick before it and it helped a ton. But I noticed yesterday as we got ready for school, they were all coughing and every single one of them managed to COUGH ON ME----- ahhh, why is that???

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter days

I have to remember that this too will end. I do not like the cold, cold grey days of winter. Now that Christmas is over it seems like something should be happening. It's just more waiting, January seems to move along so slowly.

Pip's birthday was Tuesday, she is a cute little thing, so happy she is 6 now. I guess they would be called virtual twins, as her and Kat are so close in age. Just 3 months apart, but add in Em who is 7 and all are very small for their ages and it looks more like The Three Musketeers:)

They sure have a blast together. The girly giggles just abound in our home now:) My life is clothes, hair bows, dolls, ponies, dress up. Everything I wished for when I was birthing those 5 boys and wondering if God had the right mom here. I wanted girls with all of them sooo badly.

It was so cute in Children's church last night that Kat was asked what she would like to pray and thank God for and she said "Pip, my new sister and her birthday." It wasn't so cute when asked if she wanted to pray and she said "Yeah, (put her hands together, closed her eyes) and said "gooobyitsgeeeeewweeeeeekkdmjlaaaahhh" aka nonsense. Mom was not amused.

The girls coming to us has been a wonderful thing in many ways, they are healing from past hurts, they are also helping Kat in her acceptance of having a birth mother. The girls came with the neatest term for their birth mom. Tummy Mummy. It's that CUTE?

It's sooo sweet to hear them say they have a tummy mummy who carried them in her belly under her heart. She is unable to care for them so they are with us, and I am their mommy. I care for them, I love them. Their acceptance of this allowed Kat to ask me about HER Tummy Mummy.

Now this is a kid who wanted no part of having a "birth mom, Chinese mommy, a first mother", whatever term we used. Didn't want to hear it. Always said "no, YOU are my mommy". End of it.

So as the girls said it and it was COOL she asked about her Tummy Mummy. And I told her what I knew. And she was fine with that. I always knew God sent us the kiddos we are meant to have even the short term ones, and here's a good example of that. For the girls as well, Kat and Chloe being adopted is super to them, they are not the only ones here that I am not their Tummy Mummy but I am every one's MOM:)

We haven't figured out who was Monday's child of misbehavior but I assure you Chloe was Tuesday's girl.

She got her friend on the phone and was asking me if she could ride the bus home with this friend on Wed, and I said "no." She was refusing to tell her friend, tried to make me tell her, and then when she got off the phone laid on the couch all covered up with blankets pouting and refused to come out for Pip's birthday celebration.

She had been wanting a memory card for her new DS and I went to get one but did not give it to her right away, she thought I bought it for my camera.

Cam was trying to help her come up with ideas of how she could make money to pay for one, seeing how bad she wanted one. When we got home I gave it to her, and I said " you need to behave better because we do not give things to badly behaved children and your behavior was not nice at ALL last night. She immediately looked shamed and said " I'm sorry." She sure is a teen:)

I treat her no different than the others these days, at first you have the language barrier that you must really help them as much as you can, but she is about as normal a teen as any now, home 10 months. It's an amazing transformation, and even with her teen snits, I love her dearly. She is one cool kiddo.

I guess she is in the running for the prize of the week, still not sure what that is either, but I can't say who was Wednesday's child so unless someone ends down the week with a whopper of a day, Chloe's gonna be the winner of their weekly plan....... do you think they take votes as to who won???

Sunday, January 10, 2010


These kids are sooo busted. Baba and I have figured them out. It hit us when Cam was misbehaving Friday, Thursday was Kat, Wed was Em, etc...... We KNOW their secret. We are pretty sure it's Sunday that they have a secret meeting where the 5 youngest map out who is taking what day and from there on it becomes a contest at who can drive mom and Baba craziest on "their" day.

We aren't sure what the prize is yet, but we'll let you in on it when we get that info. Otherwise we are just thankful they each pick a day, that we can handle... now if they all gang up on us.. who knows:)

We got Chloe's passport this week, less than 2 weeks after we applied for it! I am totally impressed state of PA:) They said 4 weeks when we applied. It made me terribly nervous to hand over the required original documents of hers but they did come back not even folded. YEAH!

3 of the girls are sporting something NEW---- can you guess?? It's EARRINGS:)

Everyone was so NOT surprised when I took a kit along to Ch*na when we adopted Kat and did her ears as soon as the papers were signed. Hey, now, she wanted them done. Poor girl had her head shaved and was such a girly girl. She loved having them and still does.

Now fast forward to Chloe's trip and yes, I took the kit but she said "no, no sank you." Oh, okay, I said. See, I really do not torture my young. But with more English she has come to tell us she had them before but they hurt terribly and she was scared but she wanted to have them. I can only imagine what they used to do it with and she knew nothing of cleaning them so it figures they were probably infected and quite painful.

I had permission for the girls to do theirs since they wanted to get it done. I did Pip's first and not a peep out of her. Next was Em, same thing. Chloe watched this and said "go ahead." So I did hers. She had to pick a little and say it hurt, although hard to convince mom of that when she had to ask if it was done yet?

They all look adorable and are doing great keeping up with the cleanings. I'm glad they are all done now, although Chloe can't imagine she must wait 2 months to change her earrings. She is already asking "how much earrings cost, where get them?"

I had to laugh this morning when she wore a dress to church with new tights I picked up on clearance, gotta LOVE clearance shopping with this many kiddos, but they were patterned with a design that was made from holes. They matched her dress perfectly but she wanted to know "why you buy me broken tights?"

I wonder who got Monday for this week??? Guess we'll have to wait till tomorrow to see? Stay tuned, I'll let you know:)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Funny Funny

I've had a few calls this week- "everything okay?" Hee hee, didn't write the last post for our family specifically, but hey, if the shoe fits...... there is a few of "ours" that could be slapped, oops..... I mean whipped into shape:(
Miss Kitty is just at that age that they come off with some of the funniest things, honestly, you'd LOVE to be a fly on the wall at our supper times. This past week she said "I'm going to get married when I am 25, I'm not leaving here till then." Her picked husband? Cam's poor friend named "FOX". Now, how odd is that gonna be, a Kat married to a FOX-- I couldn't resist asking- "what are you going to name your kids?" She very quickly answers "Flower" in a DUHHH mom tone.
All I can say is I hope it's a GIRL and no, we were not, are not hippies .... maybe they are gonna make a comeback?
Her other requirement of marriage? He WILL build her a house out of sticks. Always good to know what you want out of life so you can be clear with the dude wanting to marry her.
Pip chimed in and said she was gonna marry Cam which, predictably brought the round of "UHHH, yuck, you can't marry your BROTHER!" I guess we can attest Chloe's love for me as she said she would marry ME:)
Chloe is funny when she talks about being 14 and in 4 years she will be adult, yeah, right, whatever is what I tell her. She always asks, " where will I live" and I always reply the same HERE 'cause you aren't leaving till you are 21. I tell her I got her "late" I'm not giving her up at 18. She needs to hear that, you can see the relief when I tell her that, on her face.

She should know she isn't getting rid of us that soon:)

A wonderful person, Trish has made my life so much better, she e-mailed this silly momma about the whole glasses issue and offered CONTACTS--- hello, I never ever thought of them. Guess you can tell I have never had glasses or vision issues . Son #1 has glasses, he tried contacts once and couldn't get over putting something in his eye, as well as Donobin.

Chloe, on the other hand, was THRILLED and wanted to know how soon she could have them, how she "put them in, take out, do they hurt, will she be able to shut her eye??" All the things a girl should know. So Trish, you are super awesome and we thank you for an easy solution for the vision issue. We will have back up glasses but I think she will be so happy to be able to wear the contacts when SHE wants. I'm glad too we have enough English this is even doable, I can just see her home a month and me trying to convince her to put some little thing in her eye, yeah, like that would have worked~not!

Her appointment is on the 18th, she also has another appointment on the 18th earlier that day, it's the BIG dental one. They will x-ray to see if the new trial procedure they did on her teeth to try to repair the roots of her 3 damaged front teeth has worked. They will also fill the holes they made to do the procedures and fix the chip in her tooth. I've told her it is not the painful procedure like before, but she is not believing me yet. We are praying the over $1500 (not covered) procedure worked, or we could be looking at $500 more for 2 root canals:(
But either way they will fix her chip and she is very self conscious about it so I will be excited to see her face when it's all done and she realizes she can smile BIG with a knockout smile.
Sadly I may miss that little chip, as I have one that's repaired as well and honestly I love Chloe's smile as is. But it's her teeth and she wants that gone. I don't blame her.

It should be interesting tonight when they all pile in from school, I know what Donobin is going to be saying as soon as he hits the door "what is that horrible SMELL"- yep, he has become my pickiest eater, and as I made pork and sauerkraut for New Year's and found out Chloe LOVES it, I promised to make it again.
Although she is not as picky as Kat, I can not cook spicy enough for her so I am thrilled to have something else I can make that MOST of us like and can eat. Donobin will just have to "get over it' for tonight, mom's rule, I make one meal. If you like it- SUPER, if not, hope you like tomorrow's:)
Small news on Chase, we submitted paperwork that God has moved mountains to allow us to even be able to do this, so the prayers are working.. keep them up, we aren't done yet, but it's so hopeful...........we are hoping for some more news of his situation soon. Being PATIENT......not really but there's no other choice:(

Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to school

It was so quiet here today :) Off they happily went to school. I had the house clean, many loads of laundry done, dishes done, all before 11 am. It was nice to have some quiet time.

This evening I took Chloe for a haircut, just a trim. Then we checked out glasses, she needs an exam but she assures me if I buy her new frames with plastic molded frame verses her ones she has now with the nose pads, that she will wear them all the time, yeah and pigs fly too. Mother was not born yesterday.

It's going to come to a battle, in which I will have to force her to wear them. She needs them and I have been patient enough with her never having them before. Em had to have glasses as well and just got them this last week, she is doing great wearing hers so Chloe will just have to accept she needs them and wear them :(

As we picked up a few things at the store, I came out from returning the cart and she had her head out of the van looking everywhere for me. I told her (joking) to get her head back in the van, she said " I no see you, I scared bad man come and say- give me your chicken and your money." I laughed as Miss Drama Queen was making all this up and could hardly tell me for her laughing so hard. She is such a goof. I did tell her she was pretty safe, she could lock the doors, there were cameras in the parking lot.

I was giving some support to another adoptive parent of a teen this weekend and came across yet another family that has followed God's call to adopt but then been slammed with the negativity of their family. Much to the dismay of many adoptive families, this sadly, is COMMON.

All I can say is SHAME ON YOU... and you all know who you are. For one thing the rule to adopt is you must be 35 for Ch*na, so we aren't talking about " hey, I'm 18 now, I think I'll adopt." It's usually a point of your life that you are pretty well set up, at least emotionally. Plus add in costs, and just the huge amount of paperwork, the time waiting, and you have mainly committed mature people doing this. As I don't know any people that do it for show, it's just so much deeper to add a child in and have to respect their culture, their past, their needs, than to do it for silly reasons.
So WHY does anyone feel they have a right to even COMMENT negatively? Our families care about us, hummmm... well, then why are they not happy for us, why are other adoptive parents MORE supportive? Why do we hear comments like "why do you need more?" from FAMILY?? When strangers say " oh wow, yeah, I'd have to go back for brothers too, good for you." We aren't looking for anyone to say what great folks we are, we aren't looking for a spot on TV for the next reality show.

It just would be nice if everyone's families said "wow another child, how blessed they and you will be." And STOP there. Don't ask how we can afford it unless you are paying my living expenses. Ask us "what can we do to help you?" Can we pray? Doesn't cost a DIME to pray for our family.

Please family, realize us adopting doesn't give you any more right to say to us "why, how, and what are you thinking?" than if we did the natural way and were pregnant- honest. You may not WANT that much information about us.

My best support has been someone from our church family, Chloe's friend's mom. She called me up out of the blue and said " I can't get the sibs story out of my mind- what can I do to help". She has not been able to financially help, but she calls me, she was there when I got the LOA for Chance and said "AHHH, now this and this and this needs done" and was flipping out. She said "you can do this" and I did! She told our story to people that have donated funds to help get our boys home. She is not asking for anything in return, she answered God's call for her to do this.

Families need to realize that these are children we have been called to adopt. Not that anyone HAS to do it too, it isn't for everyone. BUT it's so simple to just be willing to accept this child is, in fact, OUR CHILD, the child born in our hearts and our dreams that you are cutting up. Do you have the right? NO, I don't believe you do. So please, if you do not appreciate what God is leading us to do, smile and move on. Do not spread your ill will on MY family, because this is MY family, these children all blended in love and I will do all I can to protect them.

As children of our Savior I think many more "family members" need to understand GOD tells us to care for the widows and the orphans. We are doing His Will and if you don't like that- too bad, you are missing out on knowing some really cool kids.

If you happen to be the family member and I urge adoptive families, send this link to your disappproving family member to read, then I say "what is really your issue?" Do you think that one child on this earth deserves to live on the streets, hungry, scared? Adoption is not adding to the world population, it's giving a child, already born a chance at LIFE. Do you really think your son, daughter, mother, father, sister will love you LESS if they adopt? I encourage you to visit what your TRUE fear is and meet it head on. Beat it to the ground with joy and welcome for this new member of your family.

It's hard enough for the parents to take on many unknowns about their new child, worry about bonding, their medical needs, their educational needs, racial acceptance, so why would FAMILY add in another WORRY- it's NOT what family is supposed to be for!

Don't know what you can do? Make a phone call, e-mail, send a letter today, say to adoptive parents "what can I do to help?" It will mean so much to them. And to all of you that are already doing this for a child or a family that's adopting, GOOD JOB, please pat yourself on the back, you are wonderful.

I can tell you that there is yet to be a person that Miss Kitty doesn't like. She is all sweetness, and love. Chloe is more of a pistol but I can't begin to imagine life without either one of these precious girls. Any big or little thing we have done for them they have given us back 10 fold and we feel like we hit the super jackpot by being chosen for THEM.

Negative family members, I ask you--do you really want to mess with something that wonderful, really???

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year

We started out our New Year very quietly. Chloe didn't make it awake, nor did the little ones. Dad and I watched the ball drop and kissed- I know- yucky but true.

The kids must be sick of me as they are thrilled just 2 days till they go back to school. Usually it's the other way around but they are being pretty good with all the new stuff they have to play with. I did take down the tree this week, I usually let it up longer but I had to figure out where to put all the stuff and needed it to all go away for my sanity sake. So now it's all away and I have my house back.

No big plans for the weekend, Chloe and Cam went with friends to see the ice sculptures, and run around with their friends all day:) Keeps them busy, as Chloe for one will pester momma all day if she thinks she has nothing to do:)

Last night Cam came to my room, he was all choked up and crying. He was trying to tell me something about a boy, his age, parents died, he was trying to care for his younger siblings and get them food to eat and he didn't get to eat. It was an ad for sponsoring children. Cam was just heartbroken. He cried and cried then went and started a pile in our room of things he could do without for this boy to have.

He s such a sweet boy, I think he is going to need a BIG house and a very understanding wife-- he's gonna be saving the children of the world. He ended up sleeping in my bed, he was just wore out from crying and as I went to sleep I thanked God for this precious son, with his big huge heart, his caring, his tears even, that he will hold that close to his heart and some day do something to better any child's life. My dream of adopting started with a program I watched as a teen about Ch*na's abandoned girls, so who knows what he will do. Won't it be fun to see??

Makes me think of people who hesitate to answer the call to do anything, we all need to be so excited, to gather things we really don't need and find someone who does need them. It was amazing to see Cam really think hard about things, not that he didn't want to give them up, but what all this boy could really use. Paper, pens, gloves, blanket, pillow, tissues, books, stuffed animal, and a few toys. He asked this morning -"Could we send it all, and add some food and clothes for him please?"

Through the eyes and the works of a child we learn so much. We are very honored to be this thoughtful and caring child's parents. He's really amazing.