Saturday, December 12, 2009

Who is trying to fill mom's britches?

I have never once denied being my own fluffy self. Now the girls, being the little buggers they are, thought it would be terribly funny to try to fill MY underthings, before I could grab them and go for my shower. I'm thinking these two goofballs will NEVER fill mom's britches:) They can only wish- or not.

I had a nice cold shower to start my day, as Mal beat me to the only bathroom we own and had used up every drop of hot water we had:( Isn't that LOVELY. I'm amazed that 5 people can shower and be clean till we run out of hot water but just one of Mal uses it ALL. GRRRR.

I had to get clean to take off to the doctor's first thing this am. Poor Pip has 2 bulging ear drums and she was up crying at 12:30 am. The doctor said she was amazed she wasn't in more pain from her ears that they are nasty sore looking.

We went to the store to get her medicine when she wouldn't stop touching EVERYTHING and I said we were going to go sit and wait by the pharmacy. She talked, and talked, about Santa coming, Santa seeing everyone, then about how people get old and die, but they go to Jesus and He can make them new bones out of sticks, she even had me feel her leg, since it's hard like a stick:) When we got called up they asked " was that just her talking- we thought you had more than one with you?" Ha ha, I said. Just her. She's a talker.

Kat, Em and Cam went to 2 birthday parties, luck for us they were the same time at the same bowling alley:) Pip had to stay home but she was good having mommy time to herself, other than Chloe. Chloe seemed to think she HAD to go somewhere too, I told her, no that was not a requirement of the weekend.

We did have to laugh when Chloe asked for $5 to buy a school shirt. I was thinking T-shirt? Uhh, no not quite. She comes home with a size 40- yep, 4-0 used basketball jersey? She has a hair band tied to the back to keep it from reaching her knees. It's pretty silly looking, but she loves this shirt.
Chloe was making out her Christmas list last night with 8 things on it. The first 6 were toys, #7 Chance, #8 Chase.
Sure wish Santa could deliver those 2 wishes for her. She is getting excited just knowing it isn't going to be too much longer now.......... she's even making her " things Chloe wants mom to buy her in China list" it's getting LONG>>>>> and includes a basketball jersey that FITS, she says if I get her one she will give up the HUGE one to her brother. Isn't she great at working her momma?

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Chad and Kristy said...

Ok, I didn't get to read the whole post as I have a baby crying in the background and kids that need to be in the bed but I did read the first paragraph and just had to say.. you are such a nut! You crack me up:)

Love ya!!