Saturday, December 19, 2009

What's next?

I was in shock about the LOA and didn't even give my post a title:) Good grief. Anyway, for all the "non adoptive" people, LOA means we have been accepted to be the parents of Chance. We sign paper, send back, accepting him.

Next step is Travel Approval or TA in adoption lingo. That takes about 8 weeks or so, for us to get it and then for agency to plan travel is about another 4 weeks added in. So we have about 12 weeks and we are working hard to get Chase's way here done so they will both be coming.

Our roller coaster this week was grant- good, finding out original social worker (SW) is unable to help us due to a serious illness- BAD. Then LOA, GOOD. No more bad please. But these are the roads of adoption that make you a stronger person, that shows the world you are up to snuff to parent if you can make it through all this and still be sane.

And we are still claiming we are. Sane that it. Not looney, nuts, goofy, gone, over the edge, losing it, lost, nutso, bonkers, whacko, whifty, ditzy................I think you get the drift?

Speaking of drifts, we are 6 inches and counting deep in AMERICK snow. WOOO Hooo fun. It's beautiful, so white, so peaceful. Just like my heart, knowing God is keeping His plan in place for our is official now, can we hear 2?? Keep praying we will:)


Kennedy said...

Hey well that is the best news I have heard in days.....just amazing!

Karen in Montreal and my gang of 6.

Holly said...

Praise the Lord!!! I am so excited for you!! Boy #2 will be next, I'm sure! : )