Thursday, December 24, 2009

Operation Santa & the Tooth Fairy?

Not only are we expecting Santa tonight, but now the Tooth Fairy is due as well. Cam has been whining about a tooth that's been barely loose.
Well, he may learn to keep his mouth shut, literally, as someone got Chloe an Operation game and she was going to "help him out" from all the "doctoring" she has learned from her game:) She was terribly disappointed I would NOT allow her to place those pliers in her hand in his mouth!

#2 Big brother Jay decided to floss under it coaxing it out further and then I grabbed the thing and yanked before he knew what was going on and it was out. Gross. Sorry but pulled teeth gross me out.

All's well that ends well. He is up to cookie eating so all is good now.

BTW, Operation Overflow, the amazing gifts showered on us yesterday did not stop after my post, we got another huge box of gifts.
In light of the fact that we were so blessed, we decided to pass on some of the blessing and we took some of the unwrapped gifts and we shared with 2 families in need, to make their day as joyful as well as ours.
We knew the donors wouldn't mind as they wanted it to be a help and we couldn't see not sharing when there was soooo much:) More than enough...... still in awe of the love and the outpouring of support. It means so much.
I think more than anything it comes at a time when for YEARS we have asked the children to give and give, they share clothes, rooms, they feel the pinch when we scrimp for adopting, and this year we had planned to not be adopting again, to be able to shower them in gifts and not feel we were shorting them "yet again" and here we are, adopting but they ended up showered in gifts they really do deserve--- they are super kids, we are proud of how caring, loving and thoughtful they are.
Just don't have any loose teeth and tell Chloe, we may need to hide that game, I'm afraid to mention my foot is aching as a storm is heading our way again, she might want to saw it
off to fix it! She may be a bit too thoughtful, we still need to work on her some :)
AHHHH...... Merry Christmas Everyone.... I'll post pics as soon as I can tomorrow:)

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