Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's a GRANT

AHHH- A huge answer to prayer. We have been awarded a grant:)

We are sooooo incredibly thankful, it's hard to even put it in words, every dollar, every person, I hope that seeing these 3 kiddos together will be your reward to know YOU touched these kids lives, YOU did it. We may get the joy of raising them (remind me I said that in 6 months or so) BUT bringing them home, YOU ALL are doing that.

Just think, you can't/ don't want to adopt. Don't know how you can help be a difference? It's SOO easy. Donate to someone adopting, even $10, 20,$5 may be the amount they need to get a paper sent in, to go to the next step. Or sponsor a child's foster care, that's just as important for the children, ones being adopted and ones not. Can you imagine when you see the picture of Chloe and her sibs and even if you gave $5 knowing YOU helped make this happen? YOU made a difference in the lives of THREE orphaned children, no longer orphans but LOVED, CHERISHED children within our family.

God gives us these precious children, they are meant to be shared, and we share with you the journey of lifetime, made one step closer for us today by Gift Of Adoption!!!


Sue said...

Congrats on your grant.....I agree, that every little bit no matter how little the amount is, it makes you that much closer. We are now working on our grants

Chad and Kristy said...

Great news!! God is paving the way and I am so honored to get to see it unfold on your blog:)I am filled with joy over the news:) I so can't wait to see them 3 together!

Holly said...

I've just been catching up on your last few posts. I am so excited for you...I can feel it will be soon! Such good news about how great Chloe is doing! I love reading people's stories. It just shows how great God is.