Thursday, December 10, 2009

Honor Roll

Yep, our girl did it. Actually 2 of them did, but Mal is always on the Honor Roll. Not that we aren't super happy with that:) Chloe made the Honor Roll!!

I showed her the newspaper with her name in it. What does she say? "what I do? I told her good grades, this is super! She says - as she waves that pointy finger back and forth at me- " no, no. no, I bad." Then she laughs. She's quite the little bugger, she told me the other day she was bad in school and I said "WHAT?" Then she says "just kiddin".
Chloe's English skills have grown by leaps and bounds, just the amount of " how you spell?" questions decreasing is showing us she is picking things up very fast and her reading skills are close to a 2-3 rd grader when just months ago she was at a kindergarten level. She loves helping the little girls with their homework, they read simple books every night, and she loves that she can have them read to her, as she can make sure they are doing it right:)
Her writing is really coming along as well. She made a poster of a girl from a TV show and then listed her different traits, she did a great job, plus she added in some Chinese characters as well. One cool poster. She took her new school schedule and translated it over into Chinese:)
The girl LOVES to mess with paper, she can make amazing folded paper things, she loves tape, scissors, drawing. That's her using up the last of my tape:( And her shirt says "CUTE is my middle name." Of course it is:)

We should have some news within a few weeks on Chase, please, please, keep him in your prayers, we need God to hear our pleas for this precious child. Chloe shared something out of the blue yesterday, we heard a commercial say "so many children live on the street tonight- blah blah." Chloe comes off with " I live in street in China."
Like it was NOTHING.
As usual I was shocked with the nonchalant comment, and totally unprepared to respond. I said "how did you eat?" Chase- he got her food. "Where did you sleep?" In the street. Chase watched over her and Chance. Can you imagine? I can't. I want to take that boy and hug the stuffing out of him. He was her protector. He made sure his siblings had food, were safe. But WHO took care of HIM? He would have been so little himself. It breaks my heart.

I pray he gets to be our son, we are doing everything we can to make that happen, I want to see him be a CHILD again. To never go hungry again. To not sleep "on alert." To know his siblings are safe in the same family, same home and they all have a mom, a dad, love, that they are wanted. To learn of God, who brought them home.

I know God must hear the ache this momma has in her heart for these boys, to have them home, with their sister, He has moved mountains already so we trust He will provide the way for our sons:) Not just to be sons of our heart, but sons of our HOME.


Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

This post is so hard on the heart!!! I cant not even imagine. God has to move the mountains to get these boys home forever, I hope you hear something real soon!!!

Great job for the honor roll!!!!!

Sue said...

I agree with you that god moves mountains, I will pray extra hard that you will get an awesome Christmas present and that is Chase. Awesome job Chole. Way to go.

Chad and Kristy said...

You are such an awesome mom! I am so glad that Chloe is making such progress. God is good! Praying for you and your boys:)