Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Angels

You know, there have been times in my life I felt compelled to help others, just knew I needed to do it. Sometimes I did it, sometimes not, something got in the way, it seemed too late, no money. Excuses, none really good enough and I can't go back now:(

I felt led, and I mean LED to help someone that mentioned in church that their son had no job, broken ankle and a little girl with nothing for Christmas. I knew I had a velvet dress at the very least, hanging in the closet, 24 months size, was never going to be worn again by our girls ages 5 and up:) Worn ONCE. I found some gorgeous barely worn Chinese shoes. I added in leggings and a small doll with a bottle I bought. I spent very little. Yet when I gave to grandma she said "you- of all people, YOU!" And I said "yep, me, I felt I was led to do this."

Funny enough, later that same day the pastor came to me and said " We did up the food baskets, we have an extra turkey, would you like to have it?" Guess what? I hadn't bought my turkey yet, and it cost double what I put out for that girl.

I tell this story as I feel so blessed this Christmas season. We have a compelling story with the new foster girls, and of course, the sibling situation has touched so many people. But all along God has made sure to cover all bases with the financial end and I focus on the JOY! I share the JOY of these wonderful children. I share the story of the sibs to encourage people- NOT to give money to us, but to think of any child you can help, adopt a child, foster, sponsor a child, babysit a child for a stressed parent, be a Big Brother/Big Sister, cub scout leader, or if you aren't "into kids"(gasp) it's okay- support someone emotionally, in prayer, or financially if you can who is adopting. That's what our children and their stories, our lives, represent-- HOPE.

I e-mailed someone about a pony (shhh don't tell) for the girls. Not a real one, comm'om mom no phone calls, if anything goes in the back yard it's a cow to produce the gallon of milk we use a day. ANYWAY---It's one of those 3 foot tall ones that the girls can sit on, it moves and makes all kinds of noises. In answering the ad, which the girl wanted to sell it and posted it without mom knowing to buy her sis a Christmas gift. Mom asks about the kiddos we have especially the 2 new ones who came with little.

Next thing I know, I get an e-mail from mom. Not only are we getting the pony BUT.... they feel so blessed in overabundance that mom and Bailey ( little girl) are GIVING us clothes, toys, to help out with the girls. My son went and picked it all up and he calls and says "mom it's amazing" and in he comes with the clothes. The squeals were so loud, I had to stop the girls from going totally nuts trying on everything!! They are looking GOOD every day, so cute and it's so adorable to see them just dance to get ready for school each day in their "new clothes".

AND I HAVEN'T mentioned the toys yet! Tons of them, some new, all with new batteries, amazing things that we are soooo thankful for. It's going to be a super Christmas morning, I am NEVER up early, I LOVE my sleep, but I swear I am more excited than them. I was up at 5 am today after being up till 12, couldn't sleep! I can't WAIT for the big day!

Amy and Bailey are Christmas angels. 2 very special girls, we thank you so much for caring. They even sent a gift for hubby and I and we are waiting to open it:)

Yesterday I also received a phone call. Could someone who read the children's story in the article come meet Chloe. I said "sure, come on over." She had worked in China many years ago and said she had a heart for these precious children. Her and hubby came after school and although Chloe was shy, Kat doesn't know the meaning of the word and when the wife said "come here" to her she was up giving hugs in no time and talking their ears off.

We talked a little about the boys and their situation, she took a call from her son, and they went to leave. Before leaving she handed me a check. For $2,200!!!! Then proceeded to say "my son said to expect another $2,000 coming from him, it's in the mail." Now, like my daughter, I am rarely speechless. But I was, I cried. I hugged them and I managed to get a thank you out and said they didn't begin to know what this meant for our sons and Chloe. I told them they MUST see these children together in person, they have dibs on visiting when we are home:) I was just dumbfounded, not even by this money gift to help get the boys home- because we all know God has that figured out- but by how much people CARE.

No one has to, they aren't forced to answer that call if they hear the story, they don't have to do a thing, it will go away, be forgotten. BUT-not just our story, but our LIVES are touching people in ways we never thought possible. God opened our heart with Kat and we said "come on in" and it's snowballed into something wonderful from there. Even with fostering we have people ask how we do it, that they want to, they have thought of doing it, how special it is.

We don't think we are doing is anything "SUPER" we are just living our life. We love kids, it's my "job" and I can say I am good at it. I am blessed with this job I love and want to do my best for each of them every day. I am eager to get the boys home and have them a part of this family, to learn about them, to be their momma.

We also got a knock at the door this a.m. and "someone within the community that does work with the foster system here had sent out word of ages of our children, we had 5 van loads, not just the foster girls, but ALL of our kids, gifts- clothes, shoes, 3/4 of the stuff is wrapped so we don't know what all it is. Unbelievable, I can't describe the thankfulness of our hearts,yet more people who CARE.

THEN I got the mail and a card arrived, no signature, just a $100 gift card for the local grocery! I can't stop crying, I'm not an easy crier, but it's so overwhelming and wonderful!

We are sooo blessed and thankful, this is such a load off of us about the spending with trip looming soon. It's hard not to think of it with everything we must spend let alone Christmas for 7 kiddos.

I hope if you get nothing more out of this post that you somehow feel our JOY at the awesome people we have met, some we don't even know but have touched our lives, at the love we have for our kids, at the amazing things that can happen when you trust in God. It's not about the getting, it's all about the JOY!!!

BTW I got out of all the wrapping, I begged, bribed, guilted son #2 to come home early and he has all this stuff stashed at son #1's next door and is wrapping it ALL- I just make piles, who gets what, he wraps. It's going to be an amazing Christmas morning...this may be the best year yet!

Nahh, that's gotta be next year when the boys are ALL here and we can see them together with Chloe for their first Christmas, but this will be a close second for sure. We truly hope and pray you all are as blessed as we are. Open your hearts, there's so much out there waiting for YOU....


Jerry and Christy said...

What a blessing! All the prayers of people who are praying for all of you are being answered. Not just answered, but abundantly and far beyond what could be imagined.
I will continue to pray for both the boys to be with you soon and for all you need to make this next adoption a success.

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

GOD is good!!! So happy to read your post, it brought tears to my eyes for your family!

Sue said...

Congrats on everything. I am also amazed how many people have come and help us and I have been helping others. It is truly amazing how great people are. I keep telling people God has a plan and it will all work out.

learningtogether said...

We serve a wonderful Daddy! I'm so joy-filled for you today! Thanks for sharing!!!

Annie said...

WOW!! Speechless!!!