Thursday, December 3, 2009

Brother news!

So, ahh, I have to say first, I like the kids again. They all went to school:)

Now for the brother news. We have hope that we are going to bring BOTH the boys home. I can't say HOW, but it's a God~ moving~ mountains ~situation.

Just knowing there is hope, that we can someday SOON-- look at these children and tell them- we did everything we could, without a doubt, that's how much we wanted YOU THREE together--it's so inspiring for us.

This journey has not been one we expected. We don't know how we would bear knowing we couldn't bring them both. To have hope that we will not let these children down is such a relief. We want all 3 of them together, safe, loved, wanted as a part of our big family.

We have some paperwork hurdles to jump, mainly asking immigration here to give us permission for a second child. Small fees but at a rough time of year right now to be coming up with as the travel monies needed still loom in our minds-- it will be necessary for us to travel within months. We are blessed that our SW already stated if this option occurred that she would do an addendum for no cost. YEAH!

What do we need? Prayers!! That this goes through, as it needs to for them both to come. Anyone with any ideas or know-how to move immigration to expedite us.
We still need donations for this all to happen, haven't hit the lottery yet- I know, bummer:(

We asked for new pics, haven't gotten any--- wish we had some, but able to say we will be soon, taking pics of them OURSELVES-------as their parents--man, that sounds GOOD, huh?


Chad and Kristy said...

Oh what wonderful news!! God is so good!! My heart is rejoicing for you:)

Stacey T. said...

I hope it's ok. I posted a link to your CHIP in on my facebook page!

Lori said...
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learningtogether said...

So thankful for this news! I'll keep on praying!

Angie said...

When we were waiting on immigration, we contacted our US Congresswoman, and her office put us in touch with a contact in Washington D.C. Now that was tax dollars at work! :)

Donna said...

Vickie, that's such wonderful news! Is Chloe able to call her brothers and talk to them? Are they learning English?

Keep those updates coming! We're so excited for you guys!

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