Saturday, December 5, 2009

Americk Snow

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Chloe woke up this morning and saw SNOW. I actually woke up to her yelling "SNOW, Americk SNOW". I never knew there was such a thing as Americk snow but apparently there is "China snow" and "Americk snow". The difference? Where Chloe is from in China she said snow has been there for some time now, and we were lagging WAYYYY behind in our snow producing "Americk" (American) Pennsylvania

Chloe was sure that Santa sent this snow, because last evening we had our first Christmas Party honoring foster parents and the kids got to see Santa and get an early gift. Chloe was unsure of the whole ordeal, but managed to look gorgeous after mom spent 2 hours curling 4 girls' hair:) They all had to beautiful for the big man, Santa, that is, not Baba- ha ha!

Donobin refused to dress up (teenage boy attitude- gotta love 'em) and ate 2 HUGE plates of mashed potatoes, much to Chloe's disgust. He did sit on Santa's lap, much to our horror, poor Santa, he looked pained.

Today we went to a movie with Chloe's friend Hannah and family, we saw the Polar Express, admission was a can of food for the local food bank- just the right price for us :) Then we got pizza and as we were leaving the Christmas Parade started and we got to see Santa AGAIN. Chloe looked a bit puzzled that this one looked a little different:)

Brenda and family taught Chloe how to stand under tree and shake tree, to create a snow storm, loads of fun and lots of WET kids, by the time we were all home:)We traded kids, Cam has Hannah's brother over for the night, Chloe went to Hannah's for her very first sleep over! We told her if she needed to come home at any hour we will come get her. I think she will be fine and we will meet up in the a.m. at church.

I am going to swallow one of my biggest fears tomorrow, so pray for me, I am going to tell Chloe's story of her brothers in church tomorrow. Everyone has been praying and so supportive of us, but not everyone knows the whole story of the boys. I'm going to try to be brave and let God use me for His purpose. The siblings story, to me, is about so much more than us adopting again. It's about God's Hand in this, and for us- opening our hearts to what He wants us to do. If this touches one person to help any child, not just by adoption, but in any manner, then it has been worth it.

Tonight was also the Semi Formal Dance for Mal, doesn't she and her guy look so nice? We sure are blessed. 20 days till Christmas, and NO, I'm not ready!!


Holly said...

So cute...Americk it!

I hope all went well for you today as you shared at your church. I'm sure it did. I know God is in all of this, and He would give you the strength to do it! I am praying for you all. I know God is going to do something HUGE!!

Lori Lynn said...

I really enjoyed the pictures and the story. I hope it went well for you at church and that you were able to touch hearts and minds.

I wish we could have snow here!