Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 The Year Of Chloe- At Year's End

As I predicted 2009 would be the Year of Chloe before she ever arrived, I think I can say I was right. The Year of Chloe. Amazing, to bring her home, amazing to learn of her brothers. The beginning of a wild and joyful ride to bring these guys home in their year, 2010.

I thought it funny that this morning the kids decided to "show me their muscles" started by Chloe. She commented she wanted to be "a boy" and I told her I was SOOO glad she was NOT a boy:)

So as they flexed and preened for my camera shooting, I thought about how telling it was that this precious girl thought her "muscles" showed how strong she was. Silly girl, her momma knew how strong she was the day she met her, with not an arm muscle in sight:) under those 3 layers of clothes- yeah, 3 layers.

First with her stoic stand when meeting me for the first time, then through learning of her brothers and knowing she was thinking they were lost to her forever. Strong is too weak a word for this girl.

As they all joined in the fun this morning of muscle clenching, face scrunching poses, I had to thank God for these super kids of ours, that they are so strong, yet so full of hope, possibilities, willingness to accept us, love us, accept our love and wake up each day smiling.

It's hard to explain as the past is there, but there is no resentment, no huge anger, no "pity me" attitude of our children, just happiness that now they have- and have they do, love, safety, routine, food, fun. Chloe is a mentor, she shows us all what spunk and hope can do for your life.

Chloe also wanted to know how come her and Kat had the same funky, and I mean funky, little toe nail, it's odd that it grows out not up and is smaller than a normal nail. Also they share a scar, both have the exact same scar on their forehead, Kat's is from falling when learning to walk, we learned this from Po Po (grandma in China) but Chloe's is unknown.

Chloe tried to say Kat copied HER, but I told her Kat was here first and she copied her, which she didn't want to hear- she said how that happen- she "born first" but I teased her and said Kat got here first:) She's a ton of fun, we tease and play often, she then laid her head on my shoulder and I thought how much love I felt for this girl, my daughter of my heart.

The Year of Chloe, it's been a super one... now on to 2010, the Year of the Brothers.

All we can say is...bring it on.................

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Holly said...

So happy that we had the opportunity to follow along this year with you in your "year of Chloe." What a blessing she definitely is! And we will pray along with you this year as you anticipate the brothers!! :)