Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I wonder if I am the only person who gets dressed and then realizes at the end of the day I had my undies on inside out for the WHOLE DAY. Hummm.... at what point do you care and say "I need help, serious help", or just laugh it off and say "oh well, they were clean- just like momma told me to wear everyday, she never mentioned right side out!"

Guess you figured out that I laughed it off, 'cause I'm still here and not in a rubber room.

So much for all that loving I got on Sunday, Snotty Chloe, the girl I love, was in a MOOD yesterday. Just making sure I don't get tooooo used to her easy going mood, she threw in a "no, I not do that" and a few more "no's" even after I told her not to tell her momma- "NO". URGGG. All over a pile of leaves needing raked, could they NOT find the fun in raking then jumping in, then bagging them?

Nope, Donobin as usual, makes himself director of work, meaning he bosses everyone else while he does NONE, making everyone else MAD. Gotta love 'em just as they are, but not liking this particular trait in said son.

They did manage to finish up and then later Kat was drawing hearts and wrote, I love Dad, I love Mom, I love Cam. She ran out of room and came and showed me the paper. WELL..... A certain sister got all huffy that SHE was not on the "love list" and even came off with "you no love me, you love all them, no me, me no you family." I told her to not say that, Kat writes BIG and she ran out of room, she certainly does love her. To which Kat said " of course I wuv you Chloe, you my sister" just like she was saying duhhhhhhh and all was good in our world again.

Phewww, moody females, honestly, I know now why God started me out with sons.............the family couldn't handle me on top of so many girls, but I have mellowed with age and can handle them now. even enjoy the silliness...... even if I can't get my undies on right.


Lori Lynn said...

Cute story! Girls can be so dramatic!

For the first time that I can ever remember, I put my underwear on wrong side out about a month ago. I was so perplexed when I undressed. I just couldn't imagine doing that. Maybe that's another sign of our age. :-)

carol said...

Your adoption story is powerful. I hope you bring those boys home soon.