Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Giving thanks tonight for medicine. Ear infection, asthma flare up and cooking for 12 or 14 in 2 days is not a good thing! I got to the doc and told him to fix me up. So he did, well, he gave me the stuff and ordered me to rest. And I have. When I am not coughing, which only happens every time I lay down.

BUT.. I am not whining. It could be worse, It could be uncurable. It could be Thanksgiving and no doctor in. I am thankful I have time to get well and still cook for Thanksgiving.

Still no news on the boys, so hard to be patient but I am. I guess I have no choice, huh?
Chloe is ungrounded, not that it means she is not on my bed behind me now, aggravating the dog, wanting to know why Baba will not go kill a mouse so
she can watch the cat eat it?
Yuck, she's gross. I told her that, she said " I not gross- what gross?"
She is so funny. She is asking if we know what "squash in gym means" - uh that would be SQUATS:)

Not much else to tell you, sorry so boring, but that's all for now, I''ll post some cute pics of the kids to make up for the boring post:)

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shell said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Vickie! Hope you and yours have a wonderful day.