Sunday, November 22, 2009

So smart

I just have to let you all know I am so smart. Like ya didn't know, right? Chloe was trying to figure out what to wear to church insisting she be allowed to wear flip flops 'cause Hannah did last week. So what flip flops to wear?

I don't mean to say this is a HUGE issue to me, really I tell her God could care less as long as she is THERE. But to her, this must be resolved immediately upon my waking this morning, as if brain power is at a max just then- NOT.

I told her the dress she picked had green in it, she could wear her green flip flops. She said " nuhh uhh"- I said "yuhh, huhhh, go check" to which she did and declared- "ahh you SO SMART, how you get so smart? Baba chuckled and said I should be so flattered to be complimented so early in the morn. Does that mean he knows I function at 25% and can't usually even get names right till I have had my tea? Guess he knows me well.

My mom ended up having an auction yesterday since her hubby passed away and left a HUGE amount of tools, equipment, vehicles, etc, that she doesn't need to worry about. Had a good turn out, she wanted pies, the food stand was not going to sell them and somehow I ended up baking 10 pies on Friday. We sold a ton, but also are still having them for every snack time:) Yum. Pumpkin, cherry apple, my faves.

Chloe was to go with me and help with the pies, she did for cutting and placing on plates, then she left me when she saw the action start elsewhere. She ended up being a "runner", someone who holds the items up, then takes it to whom ever buys it. She was really busy, she worked hard all day and not one complaint from her! Other than in this picture, she was cold--- brrrr, it was a chilly day.

I had a few scares when they handed her POWER TOOLS that were plugged in and when she was trying out the stapler and nearly clipped my SIL--- ahhh. I wondered where the brothers (Derrik and Donobin) where and why they were not watching curious Chloe? Luckily she hurt no one, and she now knows what a sale is.
Chloe really enjoyed helping Grandma, she is such a caring person, it's so obvious that she will give 100% when someone is in need.
I had a call from the school on Friday that totally cracked me up. Cam's teacher called to tell me what she had witnessed that morning. Kat was walking into school off the bus with a little boy who was holding her hand. Not the first time apparently. So Cam goes to the boy, says "That's MY sister and you need to get your hands off my sister, keep them off and I mean it!"
Teacher assured me I have no worries of fresh little kindergarten boys getting away with ANYTHING with our daughter:)

She even said we may never see her date, if Cam has anything to say about it. I told her I was just fine with that, Miss Sweetness doesn't NEED to date till she's 25 or so:) But that was a good laugh for the day:)
No other news on the boys yet, I know, I know, we need some NEWS------

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