Saturday, November 28, 2009


We had a lovely Thanksgiving Day, with a surprise..... an early Christmas present from brother Jay----a new puppy! We named her Lucy, we tried Sasha but Chloe was saying "sauce - ahh? hot? and we didn't want her to EAT her- ha ha! So we went with Lucy. She is a mutt, not sure what all she is mixed with maybe pom, westie?? Tiny, cute and playful, with an easy going personality. Yes, that's the little imp on my coffee table.

Now to get her house trained-----

We had all the kids but for 2 of the boys for Thanksgiving dinner and it was good. The usual foods, eaten until we could burst, no room for pie till later. The boys were all asking what pies I had, did I have pumpkin (of course I did) and eyeing up who was going to be able to eat some first, mindful of them missing out. Son #1 tells all that he got mom to bake him his own pies, he bought the ingredients the day before and I baked them, Son #2 yelled, "no fair" and claimed dibs on my pie baking next:)

I had dinner early so we could enjoy the day and eat leftovers all day, no waiting till evening to eat:) Usually we ( hubby and I ALONE) take off Thanksgiving eve and go shopping, staying overnight away from home- our one mini vacation of the year--but we gave this up to afford adopting with little to no fuss. Priorities:)

We had a local paper do an article about Thanksgiving and our boys, asking for local financial support to get our guys home. We thought they did a nice job with the story and we are so grateful that people care, everywhere! It's an answer to many prayers, and we hope that it not only helps our boys but it opens up other people's hearts to adopting.

Friday we spent decorating for Christmas. It was fun, the 2 girls are here now and they had a ball helping to get everything decorated. I will never forget our first foster child and our first Christmas with him. This was a rough and tough teen, we got everything decorated and he said "is that it?" I thought we forgot something he did at home? No, he said "no swearing, brother fighting and breaking things, dad yelling, mom crying and leaving?" I thought long and hard about what he said to us that day. Not the words but the meaning, the broken look in his eyes.

This is why I can pour myself into "foster" children because I know that we gave that boy HOPE- he saw a way Christmas CAN be. You don't take everything away bad, that's impossible, but you CAN heal them...... they are truly so special.Each one has taught us something and had helped the next child that came to us, such a gift to pass on and on.

Our tree is decorated in all kinds of things, which is fun, I had 2 years that I decorated in perfect angels, burgundy bows, ribbon, everything just so. Know what? I missed the mismatched stuff, the silly things the kids made over the years, too many ornaments on the bottom:) It just wasn't the same.

My asthma is better, I slept last night for the first time all night with no coughing spells, WOW-- amazing how much that can mean after so many nights of not sleeping more than a few hours at a time----ahhhhhhh.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday time!!



Annie said...

Very cute puppy!!!

Kelly said...

Every now and then I come across a student like your foster son who is broken. I took one of them (a 14 yo girl) shopping once with my sister and neice. Her comment to me was, "Geez Ms. D you're like happy all the time." She hadn't had an all fun day. When I stopped by my house to pick something up she said I was rich because I had an upstairs in my house (she lived in a single wide trailer). Little comments put things in perspective really quick.

I'm really praying for your family to be able to bring BOTH boys home because regardless of being 14 or older, every child deserves a home. I also pray that one day I will be able to follow your example and adopt as well... God Bless Your Family Everyday. Kelly