Monday, November 9, 2009


We've had some painful happenings around here. Firstly I got an ear infection. Woke up in terrible pain Sunday morn. Of course, on a weekend.

Not sure Cam's pain was quite as BAD as mine but the poor boy--
oh dear, oh my. I was an issue of a tick in a unfortunate area that he lifted for me and I went "oh no". I smothered the rotten thing with petroleum jelly, waited 5 LONGGGGG minutes and out it came, easy as can be, less the total embarrassment factor.

We've had a rough year of nasty ticks, I have found 2 on our poor Mr. Tommy, even with monthly treatment for these pesky critters. I HATE bugs so I am very
diligent in checking puppy for any bugs and keeping his pest treatments current. But I can't possibly spray down the kiddos every time they go in the yard, I'd be sure I caused them cancer or something from all that spray, yet if they get a tick they could get Lyme Disease, so how do you win??

I'm hoping for snow, that will fix those darn bugs, for sure but it's not in the forecast for these week at least :( Today it was actually quite warm and although we had to race the clock to beat the 5pm dusk, we cleaned up a ton of leaves in the yard. Miss Kitty was sooo funny when she declared the trees were NAKED- guess she is right, but sure made me think of
a bunch of trees with their limbs wrapped around their trunks trying to hide their nakedness:) So I laughed and she laughed and we laughed. Gosh I love that girl, she is so funny.
Cam was a hoot too, he declared if we had a dollar for every leaf in the yard we would be rich. Man, do we wish!! We'd be set to go get the boys in China AND quite honestly, we'd be helping some other family go get their child as well. I'd just have to as we have been so blessed, we'd pass it on for sure. So if I wake up and the yard has turned green- as in money backs, you all will hear the screams.

Knowing our luck, the leaves will turn to money only after they are hauled off.......... so we'll still have our dreams:)

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