Sunday, November 1, 2009

November already

Amazing how fast November has arrived. My mother once told me the older you get the faster time goes by, at that time I just thought she was losing it, but now it's happening to ME..... whole different outlook now:)

We are doing a respite for 2 little foster girls that ends today. Our brothers with autism left us and we have done 2 respite weekends now. This one MUCH better than the last 2 kiddos we did respite for. Hope these sisters can come back, just little sweeties.

Chloe went to her friend Hannah's yesterday and spent the day. She had a great time chasing their chicken, and telling them how they eat the head of the chicken in China----eishhh. That will teach them for offering to butcher chicken for supper for her:)

She was in a super mood this morning, as she was looking in her translation book and asking me what different English words meant, till we came to "bastard" yikes. Had to tell her that was NOT a nice word. She said "oh sorry."
She was lounging across me as I read the Sunday paper and she was willing to pose, usually I get the " why you take too many picture?" I also got 2 kisses and a totally spontaneous "I love you". WOW- a super day:)

We are close to 9 months home now, hard on one hand, 'cause just yesterday she cried on my bed, I asked what was wrong and she finally said " I miss my brothers." I know she does, and I wish I had better answers than "soon." But it is a lesson in patience and good things coming to those who wait- we hope at least. Baba is doing well with this lesson, he is still waiting for spontaneous loving from Chloe, he never lacks it from Kat but Chloe is still reserved around him.
Chloe can hardly wait for Santa, she is wanting to go see him so she can tell him what she wants. She has a list and is soo funny- she says " I want PSP" then " I want skateboard" then " oh no, I want electric scooter but I can't tell 3 things to him." That's right, we told her she did have a limit to what she is allowed to ask for:) Gotta keep her based in reality here:)

Although Chloe still eats a wider variety of foods than Miss Kitty, she is quite disgusted by the amount of CHEESE eaten by us "Americans". She, as well as Kat deeply dislike cheese. She goes over the school lunch menu and if it's too much cheese for her she packs:) She has me making her tea soaked hard boiled eggs right now. She told me I did good when I made them, that I cook Chinese. She was so proud of her ol' momma:)
Don't be asking me the recipe, I just hard boiled some eggs, threw in some sugar and Chinese tea, warmed it all up and let it sit for a long time. I guess it passes for her?

I'll just leave you with the news that we may not be able to give details till we return from China, we ARE working to bring Chase now that our dossier is in China for Chance. It's a huge matter of his paperwork. We do not intend to leave China without both the boys--we want to have a 3 of these kids together, as the siblings they already are!
No matter how long it takes, we're bringing those boys home. For our Chloe girl, this truly did end up being her year, huh? 2009 the Year of Chloe. Next year will be the Year of the Sibs!


Sherri said...

I don't always comment, but I regularly check your blog. I am praying for all the details to work out so that the siblings can be reunited. What an incredible gift!

Christine said...

I am praying that everything goes swiftly and without any major complications for you and your family to get these two adorable boys home.