Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Kat's meow

I just have to throw a post in here about Miss Kitty. That girl is such a goof. She was off school Friday for yet another fever, illness. But was I ever glad. Because our very first foster son stopped in, and he got to see her. She adores him, she ran to get her "wallet" which held pictures of her and him at the tree farm:) He is almost fully grown now and doing okay in life. Always good to see him:)

I am totally unable to catch her in any "unposed" picture. She hears the camera turn on and the poses start. She's so silly.

We get to go to conferences for her and Cam tonight, this should be fun. I know she thinks people "talk too much" in school, I'm hoping to learn she is not one of those "talking too much people" herself! She is reading simple books on her own, she can spell things on her own, it's really helpful that Chloe is constantly asking " how do you spell?" as she learns.

Sadly Cam spouted off "if Chloe can't spell wind, how is she is 6th grade?" So I explained to him the concept of her learning so fast she couldn't go to a lower grade when she will most likely catch up in a year or 2 with her grade she is in, it's just a matter of time. And YES, she came complaining to me, that he was making fun of her "not knowing." We so want them to be siblings, so we get this as the result. Guess we know they are bonded- hummm.... sure would prefer they hug or something. ( Another mom dreaming moment there)

Chloe didn't understand her report card she got, but it is super, all A and B's-- she said "China no have this." Okay, but America does and it's good so it was okay once she understood it was good. She laughed when I told her Donobin grade 6, no A's, no B's. Bad grades. She thinks it's funny that he hates school.

We got the school portraits back, Cam looks handsome even if he did pitch a fit about the nice shirt I made him wear. Kat, cheesy grin, of course. Donobin refused to bring home envelope to allow me to buy pics of him, again:( Chloe looks cute, she did smile when I told her I wanted smile and I would KNOW if she didn't. We got a good laugh when she said "how you know?" and I said "I'm gonna see the pictures silly!"

Chloe sat on my bed the other evening, yes, the grounding from TV brings her right up my butt, I mean closer to me---- anyway, she said "ask me things?" I was like- "what things?" She said "anything"- so we went over things she like to eat, cucumbers are called hung- goowahh- what she wants for Christmas (again), school stuff, then brother stuff. We got silly after awhile when I asked her if brothers like to play with dolls, and we ended up laughing then she hugged me and kissed me. She was sitting beside me and out came the easiest "I love you" I have heard from her yet. Just as natural as can be. What a great gift. I really enjoy having her "up my butt" she really is a neat kid.

Not much else happening in this part of our world, raining today, a nice day to nap:) No news on our boys yet but do you know we are already at day 30 from Log In Date. Didn't that go by fast???

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Jean said...

Day 30- that is really good! I can hardly wait until we are DTC and LID!!

Cute pics of Kat! She is really growing up!

Sarah is constantly asking us how to spell... I love the eagerness to learn!