Saturday, November 7, 2009

A dress?

I haven't shared any Chloe funnies for awhile so I have to do so now, I have a few stored up. She's just such a hoot.

She came home after school yesterday with Hannah's mom so they could go to Activity Night together from here. Hannah's mom said she asked Chloe her address. Chloe looked at her and said "address"? So mom said " you know, your home address". Chloe proceeds to tell her that our house "no have dress" and when they pulled up 'cause mom figured it out on her own, Chloe said "see, our house have no dress!"

As the paranoid momma I am, I have made Chloe carry a card to school with our names, address, phone number and cell phones from the first day. So many things are overwhelming and if any emergency happened she would blank on what she does know, I am sure. So I got her covered.

She told me this morning, she didn't want to let her see the store flyers anymore, it makes her want more things:) She was picking out more things she thinks she can't live without. Yeah, the Santa list gets longer and longer.

She also told me she wants to eat the sun, she knows it is HOT and she loves hot sauce, the hotter the better, she has downed stuff even Baba can't stomach and he is a hot sauce loving man. So I told her sorry, she couldn't eat the sun.

She picked at Kat this morning, standing in front of the TV on purpose then wouldn't move. When we said "girls that aren't nice don't go to friend's houses", she mulled on that for a good 20 minutes, then she FINALLY apologized and Kat did too, and they hugged. Man, she is sooo my kid. Not giving an inch if she doesn't have to.

Miss Kitty is requesting lunch, so I'm off to get that in the works.

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