Monday, November 16, 2009

As fickle as the wind

Yeah, that girl might have been as happy as can be on Thursday but on Sunday she was a GROUCH. She was in a snit. She didn't want to get up for church, seems she decided to stay up till midnight, not that anyone ELSE was to blame for that.

I asked her to do something and she told ME "no." ME- that redheaded woman who only wants to hear NO when asked to do something if it's the beginning of "NOw I'd LOVE to do that for you right now Mother." (Okay, so I can dream a little can't I?) So after being grounded from TV for the day, then still not responding and it went to a WEEK of no TV, off she went to her room where she NAPPED and was much nicer. Wonder if she LEARNED anything from that?? I'm guessing probably NOT but such is life with a teenager.

Funny enough when she was done with her little snit fit, at bedtime she had me come turn her light off and she said "come-ahhh here" like always and hugged and kissed me. I told her I loved her and she said "WHY?" I said 'cause I do, I always do and I always WILL." As I left the room I heard her quiet little voice say " I love you". I know girlfriend, even on the hard days, the love is here.
Chloe called and got to talk to one of her brothers on Saturday, he asked when we are coming (not surprised by THAT daily question) and I got to tell him "I love you" about all I can say in Chinese:( It was sooo funny when he said "sank you" to me, he sounded exactly like CHLOE!
This weekend, our oldest son invited us to a dinner held by a local fire company for their fundraiser, he offered to pay for US, I never turn down someone dumb, oops, I mean, NICE enough to want to take all of US and feed us :) Seriously, when you have such a large family it's hard not to be counting how many groceries that total cost of ONE meal could be.
Derrik is the oldest of our clan and he always likes to say he grew up "with" me as I had him at a young age. He is a BIG, ol' teddy bear who likes to mess around and be silly with all his sibs. He's also the guy who lives next door- not far from mom. He was after me with a rake in his picture for taking pictures-- hee hee- I got him:)

My wonderful friend, Brenda, has already given us reason to be excited about her help with support for our adoption of the brothers. We had a local paper ask to do a story on the sibs. They will be featured under a special "Giving Thanks For" Thanksgiving issue:) Perfect if you ask me, as we are SO thankful for our children, especially the sibs, that we have hope to bring them both home, and for all the help everyone has given to get to this point. We will be thanking folks for years to come :)

We did respite for the foster sisters this weekend again- Kat was so funny trying to teach little Miss V some Chinese words, they were in the car saying "booo ouch" and "kneed how mom?" All we could do is laugh. Kat was telling the girls something about "her" daddy and she said "I mean OUR daddy"- wow she is willing to share daddy! It was just sweet, just as she is.

She wrote daddy a note this morning, just so his head doesn't swell, it says -I love mommy, and I LIKE daddy:) He's going to get that at lunchtime..... he misses having her sweetness home at lunchtime each day, ahhhh our babies are all growing up:)


Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

So excited to hear about the newspaper article!!

Holly said...

Aw, Vickie, sorry that those hard days have to come. We took in a teenager too, when she was 17 though. And there were some wonderful days, and some very moody days, and some things that were hard because she hadn't learned how to share her feelings with people who love her. Now she is 21, and is in college, and she doesn't remember being difficult at all! ha! I have to remind her. :) I can't wait until you get those brothers. So exciting!! I will continue to pray for you guys!!