Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another week gone by

This has been a full week for us, with Veteran's Day in the middle of the week. The kiddos had off, we got the 2 sisters again for overnight. We had to explain to Chloe what Veteran's Day was and why is was so important they had off school for it. That we honor the selfless and giving of our Armed Forces who keep our country FREE. Something new American Chloe very much enjoys, her freedom:)
Today I got a carpet steamer and scrubbed my rugs and oldest son's. He paid for the scrubber rental since he had some type of accident with pancake batter, something I doubt I want to know the whole truth about, and he needed his carpet cleaned. I did his for him, as a fair trade for use of the scrubber for my rugs. Nice to get them done right before the holiday season.

We had some small news about brothers this week, we need many prayers for things to work out, can't share how yet- sorry, but really, the prayers help so much. So please, if you could, remember the boys that would be a huge blessing. It's really nerve wracking to wait and hope but I am trying to pretend I have learned some patience with my age- ha ha, who am I kidding?

We had someone call and tell us that she totally can not get the boys' story out of her head, she woke up at night crying over them. I told her she needed to stop that, I don't even do that! She asked how she could help, bless her, and what to pray for. It just warms my heart to know someone cares that much for our children. I told her that the orphans are God's Chosen children so He has them covered, but prayers are cool, and she wants to help me plan some fund raising- also COOL- I am sure God sent her to me to give me some much needed moral support. She's a wonderful person who assures us we are not insane even going for #9 and #10. Some days you just need to know someone believes you are still in control of all of your marbles:)

Notice Chloe's shirt says "Happy"- she was in the van with me yesterday and she was YELLING - I said "could you stop yelling at me" as she was right beside me as I was trying to drive. She responded, "but I SO HAPPY!" Okay, can't fight with that one, she's happy, what a joy:)


Holly said...

What a great post. I love seeing your Chloe so happy too! And I will definitely be praying for those brothers. I'm so glad God sent you some great moral support. He is so good. I know He is going to work this all out!

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Love the post. Glad to hear Chloe is so happy!! ;-)

We will be praying for those brothers to get here safely and quickly!!!!