Saturday, November 28, 2009


We had a lovely Thanksgiving Day, with a surprise..... an early Christmas present from brother Jay----a new puppy! We named her Lucy, we tried Sasha but Chloe was saying "sauce - ahh? hot? and we didn't want her to EAT her- ha ha! So we went with Lucy. She is a mutt, not sure what all she is mixed with maybe pom, westie?? Tiny, cute and playful, with an easy going personality. Yes, that's the little imp on my coffee table.

Now to get her house trained-----

We had all the kids but for 2 of the boys for Thanksgiving dinner and it was good. The usual foods, eaten until we could burst, no room for pie till later. The boys were all asking what pies I had, did I have pumpkin (of course I did) and eyeing up who was going to be able to eat some first, mindful of them missing out. Son #1 tells all that he got mom to bake him his own pies, he bought the ingredients the day before and I baked them, Son #2 yelled, "no fair" and claimed dibs on my pie baking next:)

I had dinner early so we could enjoy the day and eat leftovers all day, no waiting till evening to eat:) Usually we ( hubby and I ALONE) take off Thanksgiving eve and go shopping, staying overnight away from home- our one mini vacation of the year--but we gave this up to afford adopting with little to no fuss. Priorities:)

We had a local paper do an article about Thanksgiving and our boys, asking for local financial support to get our guys home. We thought they did a nice job with the story and we are so grateful that people care, everywhere! It's an answer to many prayers, and we hope that it not only helps our boys but it opens up other people's hearts to adopting.

Friday we spent decorating for Christmas. It was fun, the 2 girls are here now and they had a ball helping to get everything decorated. I will never forget our first foster child and our first Christmas with him. This was a rough and tough teen, we got everything decorated and he said "is that it?" I thought we forgot something he did at home? No, he said "no swearing, brother fighting and breaking things, dad yelling, mom crying and leaving?" I thought long and hard about what he said to us that day. Not the words but the meaning, the broken look in his eyes.

This is why I can pour myself into "foster" children because I know that we gave that boy HOPE- he saw a way Christmas CAN be. You don't take everything away bad, that's impossible, but you CAN heal them...... they are truly so special.Each one has taught us something and had helped the next child that came to us, such a gift to pass on and on.

Our tree is decorated in all kinds of things, which is fun, I had 2 years that I decorated in perfect angels, burgundy bows, ribbon, everything just so. Know what? I missed the mismatched stuff, the silly things the kids made over the years, too many ornaments on the bottom:) It just wasn't the same.

My asthma is better, I slept last night for the first time all night with no coughing spells, WOW-- amazing how much that can mean after so many nights of not sleeping more than a few hours at a time----ahhhhhhh.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday time!!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Giving thanks tonight for medicine. Ear infection, asthma flare up and cooking for 12 or 14 in 2 days is not a good thing! I got to the doc and told him to fix me up. So he did, well, he gave me the stuff and ordered me to rest. And I have. When I am not coughing, which only happens every time I lay down.

BUT.. I am not whining. It could be worse, It could be uncurable. It could be Thanksgiving and no doctor in. I am thankful I have time to get well and still cook for Thanksgiving.

Still no news on the boys, so hard to be patient but I am. I guess I have no choice, huh?
Chloe is ungrounded, not that it means she is not on my bed behind me now, aggravating the dog, wanting to know why Baba will not go kill a mouse so
she can watch the cat eat it?
Yuck, she's gross. I told her that, she said " I not gross- what gross?"
She is so funny. She is asking if we know what "squash in gym means" - uh that would be SQUATS:)

Not much else to tell you, sorry so boring, but that's all for now, I''ll post some cute pics of the kids to make up for the boring post:)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

So smart

I just have to let you all know I am so smart. Like ya didn't know, right? Chloe was trying to figure out what to wear to church insisting she be allowed to wear flip flops 'cause Hannah did last week. So what flip flops to wear?

I don't mean to say this is a HUGE issue to me, really I tell her God could care less as long as she is THERE. But to her, this must be resolved immediately upon my waking this morning, as if brain power is at a max just then- NOT.

I told her the dress she picked had green in it, she could wear her green flip flops. She said " nuhh uhh"- I said "yuhh, huhhh, go check" to which she did and declared- "ahh you SO SMART, how you get so smart? Baba chuckled and said I should be so flattered to be complimented so early in the morn. Does that mean he knows I function at 25% and can't usually even get names right till I have had my tea? Guess he knows me well.

My mom ended up having an auction yesterday since her hubby passed away and left a HUGE amount of tools, equipment, vehicles, etc, that she doesn't need to worry about. Had a good turn out, she wanted pies, the food stand was not going to sell them and somehow I ended up baking 10 pies on Friday. We sold a ton, but also are still having them for every snack time:) Yum. Pumpkin, cherry apple, my faves.

Chloe was to go with me and help with the pies, she did for cutting and placing on plates, then she left me when she saw the action start elsewhere. She ended up being a "runner", someone who holds the items up, then takes it to whom ever buys it. She was really busy, she worked hard all day and not one complaint from her! Other than in this picture, she was cold--- brrrr, it was a chilly day.

I had a few scares when they handed her POWER TOOLS that were plugged in and when she was trying out the stapler and nearly clipped my SIL--- ahhh. I wondered where the brothers (Derrik and Donobin) where and why they were not watching curious Chloe? Luckily she hurt no one, and she now knows what a sale is.
Chloe really enjoyed helping Grandma, she is such a caring person, it's so obvious that she will give 100% when someone is in need.
I had a call from the school on Friday that totally cracked me up. Cam's teacher called to tell me what she had witnessed that morning. Kat was walking into school off the bus with a little boy who was holding her hand. Not the first time apparently. So Cam goes to the boy, says "That's MY sister and you need to get your hands off my sister, keep them off and I mean it!"
Teacher assured me I have no worries of fresh little kindergarten boys getting away with ANYTHING with our daughter:)

She even said we may never see her date, if Cam has anything to say about it. I told her I was just fine with that, Miss Sweetness doesn't NEED to date till she's 25 or so:) But that was a good laugh for the day:)
No other news on the boys yet, I know, I know, we need some NEWS------

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Kat's meow

I just have to throw a post in here about Miss Kitty. That girl is such a goof. She was off school Friday for yet another fever, illness. But was I ever glad. Because our very first foster son stopped in, and he got to see her. She adores him, she ran to get her "wallet" which held pictures of her and him at the tree farm:) He is almost fully grown now and doing okay in life. Always good to see him:)

I am totally unable to catch her in any "unposed" picture. She hears the camera turn on and the poses start. She's so silly.

We get to go to conferences for her and Cam tonight, this should be fun. I know she thinks people "talk too much" in school, I'm hoping to learn she is not one of those "talking too much people" herself! She is reading simple books on her own, she can spell things on her own, it's really helpful that Chloe is constantly asking " how do you spell?" as she learns.

Sadly Cam spouted off "if Chloe can't spell wind, how is she is 6th grade?" So I explained to him the concept of her learning so fast she couldn't go to a lower grade when she will most likely catch up in a year or 2 with her grade she is in, it's just a matter of time. And YES, she came complaining to me, that he was making fun of her "not knowing." We so want them to be siblings, so we get this as the result. Guess we know they are bonded- hummm.... sure would prefer they hug or something. ( Another mom dreaming moment there)

Chloe didn't understand her report card she got, but it is super, all A and B's-- she said "China no have this." Okay, but America does and it's good so it was okay once she understood it was good. She laughed when I told her Donobin grade 6, no A's, no B's. Bad grades. She thinks it's funny that he hates school.

We got the school portraits back, Cam looks handsome even if he did pitch a fit about the nice shirt I made him wear. Kat, cheesy grin, of course. Donobin refused to bring home envelope to allow me to buy pics of him, again:( Chloe looks cute, she did smile when I told her I wanted smile and I would KNOW if she didn't. We got a good laugh when she said "how you know?" and I said "I'm gonna see the pictures silly!"

Chloe sat on my bed the other evening, yes, the grounding from TV brings her right up my butt, I mean closer to me---- anyway, she said "ask me things?" I was like- "what things?" She said "anything"- so we went over things she like to eat, cucumbers are called hung- goowahh- what she wants for Christmas (again), school stuff, then brother stuff. We got silly after awhile when I asked her if brothers like to play with dolls, and we ended up laughing then she hugged me and kissed me. She was sitting beside me and out came the easiest "I love you" I have heard from her yet. Just as natural as can be. What a great gift. I really enjoy having her "up my butt" she really is a neat kid.

Not much else happening in this part of our world, raining today, a nice day to nap:) No news on our boys yet but do you know we are already at day 30 from Log In Date. Didn't that go by fast???

Monday, November 16, 2009

As fickle as the wind

Yeah, that girl might have been as happy as can be on Thursday but on Sunday she was a GROUCH. She was in a snit. She didn't want to get up for church, seems she decided to stay up till midnight, not that anyone ELSE was to blame for that.

I asked her to do something and she told ME "no." ME- that redheaded woman who only wants to hear NO when asked to do something if it's the beginning of "NOw I'd LOVE to do that for you right now Mother." (Okay, so I can dream a little can't I?) So after being grounded from TV for the day, then still not responding and it went to a WEEK of no TV, off she went to her room where she NAPPED and was much nicer. Wonder if she LEARNED anything from that?? I'm guessing probably NOT but such is life with a teenager.

Funny enough when she was done with her little snit fit, at bedtime she had me come turn her light off and she said "come-ahhh here" like always and hugged and kissed me. I told her I loved her and she said "WHY?" I said 'cause I do, I always do and I always WILL." As I left the room I heard her quiet little voice say " I love you". I know girlfriend, even on the hard days, the love is here.
Chloe called and got to talk to one of her brothers on Saturday, he asked when we are coming (not surprised by THAT daily question) and I got to tell him "I love you" about all I can say in Chinese:( It was sooo funny when he said "sank you" to me, he sounded exactly like CHLOE!
This weekend, our oldest son invited us to a dinner held by a local fire company for their fundraiser, he offered to pay for US, I never turn down someone dumb, oops, I mean, NICE enough to want to take all of US and feed us :) Seriously, when you have such a large family it's hard not to be counting how many groceries that total cost of ONE meal could be.
Derrik is the oldest of our clan and he always likes to say he grew up "with" me as I had him at a young age. He is a BIG, ol' teddy bear who likes to mess around and be silly with all his sibs. He's also the guy who lives next door- not far from mom. He was after me with a rake in his picture for taking pictures-- hee hee- I got him:)

My wonderful friend, Brenda, has already given us reason to be excited about her help with support for our adoption of the brothers. We had a local paper ask to do a story on the sibs. They will be featured under a special "Giving Thanks For" Thanksgiving issue:) Perfect if you ask me, as we are SO thankful for our children, especially the sibs, that we have hope to bring them both home, and for all the help everyone has given to get to this point. We will be thanking folks for years to come :)

We did respite for the foster sisters this weekend again- Kat was so funny trying to teach little Miss V some Chinese words, they were in the car saying "booo ouch" and "kneed how mom?" All we could do is laugh. Kat was telling the girls something about "her" daddy and she said "I mean OUR daddy"- wow she is willing to share daddy! It was just sweet, just as she is.

She wrote daddy a note this morning, just so his head doesn't swell, it says -I love mommy, and I LIKE daddy:) He's going to get that at lunchtime..... he misses having her sweetness home at lunchtime each day, ahhhh our babies are all growing up:)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another week gone by

This has been a full week for us, with Veteran's Day in the middle of the week. The kiddos had off, we got the 2 sisters again for overnight. We had to explain to Chloe what Veteran's Day was and why is was so important they had off school for it. That we honor the selfless and giving of our Armed Forces who keep our country FREE. Something new American Chloe very much enjoys, her freedom:)
Today I got a carpet steamer and scrubbed my rugs and oldest son's. He paid for the scrubber rental since he had some type of accident with pancake batter, something I doubt I want to know the whole truth about, and he needed his carpet cleaned. I did his for him, as a fair trade for use of the scrubber for my rugs. Nice to get them done right before the holiday season.

We had some small news about brothers this week, we need many prayers for things to work out, can't share how yet- sorry, but really, the prayers help so much. So please, if you could, remember the boys that would be a huge blessing. It's really nerve wracking to wait and hope but I am trying to pretend I have learned some patience with my age- ha ha, who am I kidding?

We had someone call and tell us that she totally can not get the boys' story out of her head, she woke up at night crying over them. I told her she needed to stop that, I don't even do that! She asked how she could help, bless her, and what to pray for. It just warms my heart to know someone cares that much for our children. I told her that the orphans are God's Chosen children so He has them covered, but prayers are cool, and she wants to help me plan some fund raising- also COOL- I am sure God sent her to me to give me some much needed moral support. She's a wonderful person who assures us we are not insane even going for #9 and #10. Some days you just need to know someone believes you are still in control of all of your marbles:)

Notice Chloe's shirt says "Happy"- she was in the van with me yesterday and she was YELLING - I said "could you stop yelling at me" as she was right beside me as I was trying to drive. She responded, "but I SO HAPPY!" Okay, can't fight with that one, she's happy, what a joy:)

Monday, November 9, 2009


We've had some painful happenings around here. Firstly I got an ear infection. Woke up in terrible pain Sunday morn. Of course, on a weekend.

Not sure Cam's pain was quite as BAD as mine but the poor boy--
oh dear, oh my. I was an issue of a tick in a unfortunate area that he lifted for me and I went "oh no". I smothered the rotten thing with petroleum jelly, waited 5 LONGGGGG minutes and out it came, easy as can be, less the total embarrassment factor.

We've had a rough year of nasty ticks, I have found 2 on our poor Mr. Tommy, even with monthly treatment for these pesky critters. I HATE bugs so I am very
diligent in checking puppy for any bugs and keeping his pest treatments current. But I can't possibly spray down the kiddos every time they go in the yard, I'd be sure I caused them cancer or something from all that spray, yet if they get a tick they could get Lyme Disease, so how do you win??

I'm hoping for snow, that will fix those darn bugs, for sure but it's not in the forecast for these week at least :( Today it was actually quite warm and although we had to race the clock to beat the 5pm dusk, we cleaned up a ton of leaves in the yard. Miss Kitty was sooo funny when she declared the trees were NAKED- guess she is right, but sure made me think of
a bunch of trees with their limbs wrapped around their trunks trying to hide their nakedness:) So I laughed and she laughed and we laughed. Gosh I love that girl, she is so funny.
Cam was a hoot too, he declared if we had a dollar for every leaf in the yard we would be rich. Man, do we wish!! We'd be set to go get the boys in China AND quite honestly, we'd be helping some other family go get their child as well. I'd just have to as we have been so blessed, we'd pass it on for sure. So if I wake up and the yard has turned green- as in money backs, you all will hear the screams.

Knowing our luck, the leaves will turn to money only after they are hauled off.......... so we'll still have our dreams:)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A dress?

I haven't shared any Chloe funnies for awhile so I have to do so now, I have a few stored up. She's just such a hoot.

She came home after school yesterday with Hannah's mom so they could go to Activity Night together from here. Hannah's mom said she asked Chloe her address. Chloe looked at her and said "address"? So mom said " you know, your home address". Chloe proceeds to tell her that our house "no have dress" and when they pulled up 'cause mom figured it out on her own, Chloe said "see, our house have no dress!"

As the paranoid momma I am, I have made Chloe carry a card to school with our names, address, phone number and cell phones from the first day. So many things are overwhelming and if any emergency happened she would blank on what she does know, I am sure. So I got her covered.

She told me this morning, she didn't want to let her see the store flyers anymore, it makes her want more things:) She was picking out more things she thinks she can't live without. Yeah, the Santa list gets longer and longer.

She also told me she wants to eat the sun, she knows it is HOT and she loves hot sauce, the hotter the better, she has downed stuff even Baba can't stomach and he is a hot sauce loving man. So I told her sorry, she couldn't eat the sun.

She picked at Kat this morning, standing in front of the TV on purpose then wouldn't move. When we said "girls that aren't nice don't go to friend's houses", she mulled on that for a good 20 minutes, then she FINALLY apologized and Kat did too, and they hugged. Man, she is sooo my kid. Not giving an inch if she doesn't have to.

Miss Kitty is requesting lunch, so I'm off to get that in the works.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I wonder if I am the only person who gets dressed and then realizes at the end of the day I had my undies on inside out for the WHOLE DAY. Hummm.... at what point do you care and say "I need help, serious help", or just laugh it off and say "oh well, they were clean- just like momma told me to wear everyday, she never mentioned right side out!"

Guess you figured out that I laughed it off, 'cause I'm still here and not in a rubber room.

So much for all that loving I got on Sunday, Snotty Chloe, the girl I love, was in a MOOD yesterday. Just making sure I don't get tooooo used to her easy going mood, she threw in a "no, I not do that" and a few more "no's" even after I told her not to tell her momma- "NO". URGGG. All over a pile of leaves needing raked, could they NOT find the fun in raking then jumping in, then bagging them?

Nope, Donobin as usual, makes himself director of work, meaning he bosses everyone else while he does NONE, making everyone else MAD. Gotta love 'em just as they are, but not liking this particular trait in said son.

They did manage to finish up and then later Kat was drawing hearts and wrote, I love Dad, I love Mom, I love Cam. She ran out of room and came and showed me the paper. WELL..... A certain sister got all huffy that SHE was not on the "love list" and even came off with "you no love me, you love all them, no me, me no you family." I told her to not say that, Kat writes BIG and she ran out of room, she certainly does love her. To which Kat said " of course I wuv you Chloe, you my sister" just like she was saying duhhhhhhh and all was good in our world again.

Phewww, moody females, honestly, I know now why God started me out with sons.............the family couldn't handle me on top of so many girls, but I have mellowed with age and can handle them now. even enjoy the silliness...... even if I can't get my undies on right.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November already

Amazing how fast November has arrived. My mother once told me the older you get the faster time goes by, at that time I just thought she was losing it, but now it's happening to ME..... whole different outlook now:)

We are doing a respite for 2 little foster girls that ends today. Our brothers with autism left us and we have done 2 respite weekends now. This one MUCH better than the last 2 kiddos we did respite for. Hope these sisters can come back, just little sweeties.

Chloe went to her friend Hannah's yesterday and spent the day. She had a great time chasing their chicken, and telling them how they eat the head of the chicken in China----eishhh. That will teach them for offering to butcher chicken for supper for her:)

She was in a super mood this morning, as she was looking in her translation book and asking me what different English words meant, till we came to "bastard" yikes. Had to tell her that was NOT a nice word. She said "oh sorry."
She was lounging across me as I read the Sunday paper and she was willing to pose, usually I get the " why you take too many picture?" I also got 2 kisses and a totally spontaneous "I love you". WOW- a super day:)

We are close to 9 months home now, hard on one hand, 'cause just yesterday she cried on my bed, I asked what was wrong and she finally said " I miss my brothers." I know she does, and I wish I had better answers than "soon." But it is a lesson in patience and good things coming to those who wait- we hope at least. Baba is doing well with this lesson, he is still waiting for spontaneous loving from Chloe, he never lacks it from Kat but Chloe is still reserved around him.
Chloe can hardly wait for Santa, she is wanting to go see him so she can tell him what she wants. She has a list and is soo funny- she says " I want PSP" then " I want skateboard" then " oh no, I want electric scooter but I can't tell 3 things to him." That's right, we told her she did have a limit to what she is allowed to ask for:) Gotta keep her based in reality here:)

Although Chloe still eats a wider variety of foods than Miss Kitty, she is quite disgusted by the amount of CHEESE eaten by us "Americans". She, as well as Kat deeply dislike cheese. She goes over the school lunch menu and if it's too much cheese for her she packs:) She has me making her tea soaked hard boiled eggs right now. She told me I did good when I made them, that I cook Chinese. She was so proud of her ol' momma:)
Don't be asking me the recipe, I just hard boiled some eggs, threw in some sugar and Chinese tea, warmed it all up and let it sit for a long time. I guess it passes for her?

I'll just leave you with the news that we may not be able to give details till we return from China, we ARE working to bring Chase now that our dossier is in China for Chance. It's a huge matter of his paperwork. We do not intend to leave China without both the boys--we want to have a 3 of these kids together, as the siblings they already are!
No matter how long it takes, we're bringing those boys home. For our Chloe girl, this truly did end up being her year, huh? 2009 the Year of Chloe. Next year will be the Year of the Sibs!