Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sister hair

Our dossier was accepted Monday and we should have a Log In Date(LID) this week. YEAHHH! Then the countdown starts. As if it already hasn't been ongoing in this house:) Doesn't it seem to be going sooooo slow?

Kat and Chloe both seem to be feeling better, they slept for the better part of the weekend. Chloe woke up a crab on Monday, they did not have school, yet again, and she complained wanting to be there. And to think I worried if she was ready?? She said China school not have so many "no school"days and she wants to go to China school. I told her that would be kind of hard to manage since she is an American now and we all laughed.

Even with no school for 3 days and illness, the girls did manage to entertain themselves with Chloe wanting to pull Kat around by the hair- oops, I mean, style Kat's hair for her and this was the end result ?? Yikes, not seeing a hairdresser career in Chloe's future:)

Chloe was being really nasty to Kat then when I asked her to talk nicer to sister she started on ME! I put a stop to her right then and there. I told her in NO way will she speak to me that way- it is unacceptable. She grudgingly apologized but then she did snap out of it. The joy of teenage girls and all their "moods."

She was hesitant about changing rooms to share with Mal but now that I painted (of course) hung new curtains and we changed the layout it really turned out well and they seem to be settling in better. Before it was like she had a small corner of Mal's room, now it's THEIR room. Today I am painting the places in the wall of the boys' room that one of the foster children had picked a hole in the wall and I had to spackle and wait for it to dry. NOT the first time I've had to fix it due to him either------grrrrr.

Funny Chloe story of the week- I realized the other day Chloe always says " I open TV"- Baba looked at her and said "open?- you mean turn ON?" She said " yeah- open!" Like he was wrong- ha haha. She's such a goof and even feeling comfortable enough to push her momma, it's all part of being a family member. And she is, part of this nutty crew alright, we claim her, she's one of us:)

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