Saturday, October 3, 2009

Moon Festival

We were invited to celebrate the Moon Festival with our Chinese college students. They had a wonderful celebration, Vita danced and Will played his violin. We ate moon cakes and had Chinese tea. The kids snuck too many pieces of Chinese candy:)

They even had a fun game, how many marbles could you get with chopsticks into a cup from a bowl. I thought Chloe would be a pro at this, nope, she lost out to (Gasp) an "americk" (born American). Poor Kat lost as well, she got NONE, no surprise there, she was like a baby bird when we got her at age 3, we wondered why she didn't even try to feed herself, then when we went back and visited her foster parents we learned why. They held her and fed her bite by bite:)

Chloe asked me why a man ( has Chinese wife and 2 sons) could speak really good Chinese and not me. WELL- I knew one day I would have to answer for this. I am totally language impaired. English, I am good. Anything else, I butcher. I told her "you teach me, like I teach you English" and she laughed and looked at me like I had grown a second head. Yeah. Right there with ya, daughter, laughing.

I got my kitchen completed, I got the exact look I wanted for over the sink, and I went with "birds of a feather flock together" it turned out really well. If you click on the picture you can see it in bigger detail. I even hand painted the berries:)

We got a surprise baby yesterday, a former foster girl called and asked if we would keep her little guy for the weekend. I laughed when son #2 stopped in and I said "shhh, don't wake the baby" and he calmly pops off with " where'd ya get a baby already?" Ha ha- as if I just grow one out of the woodwork if I am bored? I don't think so. Guess no one is surprised that I have one, I think they all figure I will show up with one that IS ours one of these days. Can't get any grandkids out of my stubborn-still-living-it up older sons:( So it serves them right.

Chloe just adores the baby but keeps saying " here's your son" and I tell her, " he's not mine" she said " you take him, he yours" She said she likes babies, not big ones, I guess she means like that sister of hers. Mr K is an easy going little fellow, all smiles and so pleasant. As long as someone is with him he is fine, he is sleeping in the girls room, he just loves Kat being in there with him.

He was giggling so I went to see what they were doing and she was rolling him in the playpen all over the room, he was giggling like crazy, thought that was a blast.
We started switching around rooms today, we had one major meltdown from Cam, so I guess that's not too bad:( Chloe will be in with Mal, Donobin in with Cam. Kat may get to play with her toys before she is grown up now and get to sleep in on school days :)
We turned on the heat yesterday, we hold off till the last day we can't stand being chilly anymore but had to for the baby- that's the little guy not ME.......

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Cinderella said...

Chole is beautiful! If I showed up with a baby no one would be surprised (except maybe my husband)