Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's my birthday

Yep, I'm 42, oops, I mean 37. I have to say I am happier now than I was in my twenties, I just didn't take time to enjoy my life and my family like I do now. I was so busy raising the boys I am sure I missed many opportunities to ENJOY them :( But they will always be my kids and dear to my heart- at least till they come eat all my food and ask for money- LOL.

I am glad that they still call me "mom" not - "the old lady, old woman, ancient," etc. Guess they know better, my foot can still reach all of their tushies.

So far it's been a quiet day, I cleaned out the bathroom drawers, a big to-do on my list of things to accomplish with my free time while everyone is in school:)

I got some great gifts with a puzzling card. It says "you deserve the best then has an added - "ME" on there. No self confidence issues for my hubby. I'll include a picture of this "best man" for you all to see and feel jealous that I have "the best" there is. At least he thinks so, huh? I just laughed at that, since he really is the BEST:) At least for me:)

Isn't he just too cute??

No big plans for my day, I'm too big to expect a fuss, and really a quiet day is right up my alley:)

I want lots and lots of travel money for the boys for MY birthday gifts:) It's really all I need, to go get these brothers and get them home asap. Our costs are covered till travel time, we have been working on selling some things to help get as much money saved as possible.

There now you all know what to get me, ha ha!! I even started the new "Chip In" I forgot today was the end date for it so I had to start a new one. I know these boys will be as big a blessing as the rest. At least I know by my next birthday we will have them home:) YIPPEEEEE!


Lori said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I am right behind you...I turn 41 (I mean, 36) next month.

I hope you gets lots of birthday money!

Andi68 said...

Happy Birthday Cousin!! :-)
You are a great Mom, friend and cousin!
Tell your hubby that my daughter saw his latest picture and said "there is a nice grandpa". Then I explained that he is Kitty's daddy. She said, "oh his a nice daddy too"

Tim said...

Since I'm not sure how old you are - and it really doesn't matter - just that you get to be around to celebrate another milestone in life.

Praying both your boys are home soon.

I wish I could remember 42 but that is so far back in the mists of time that would be hard to find.