Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Day of Meetings

My day started out weird. First I rescued a doggy, a really pretty pit bull that had been wandering around for 2 days or so, obviously hungry and scared. I tempted her with food while a neighbor called Animal Control and they came out about 30 minutes later and took her. I had to feed her then get her to let me pet her, then grabbed her. She was clearly terrified of men, and the neighbor was a guy. So he couldn't get her. Shame on people who ditch their animals, what do they think will happen to them??

Then off I went to meeting, only to learn the teacher had mistaken me for another "Vickie" (imagine that) and scheduled us both. She wasn't prepared for me thinking the other one was coming so I left, rescheduled for next week.

Next on my list was another appointment that I waited at for 45 minutes and LEFT. Hey, my patience was running out, I wonder how much of my life is wasted on people making me wait on THEM? I probably don't want to know.
I got a call today that no parent wants to get- the school calling to say Miss Kitty was hurt. Slammed into a boy on the playground, they said she hit the concrete, she says they ran into each other:( Either way she has an impressive goose egg on her head that I had to kiss twice- to make it better.
Chloe was invited to go on a hay ride Sunday with Hannah and she came home happy and smelling like camp fire:) She said she had a good time and she went by herself!! After she got home and I told her something, she said " you kiddin me" with her accent it was just too cute.

The baby went home, I miss the little booger, he was so sweet. The kids all seem to think we need a baby now, Chloe is trying to convince me to bring home a baby when we go to China, I think she believes I can just go pick one out at the orphanage and head on home- don't we all wish it were that easy:)

Speaking of adoption, our dossier FINALLY headed off to China, thank goodness. It seems to be taking forever, I'm gonna stick this pesky girl on the phone to said agency and let them explain what is taking so long and that WE are doing all we can to get brothers HERE........
I HAD to include pictures of my goofball children. We DO really and truly buy them toys, yet what do they PLAY with?? Yes, empty food boxes. Guess you can tell what Chloe eats a ton of- I don't know how she stomachs a H*t Pocket for breakfast? All I can say is EISHHHH. Gotta love 'em, I mean what else could you do with these nuts?


Lori Lynn said...

Great news on the paperwork! I think it's great that Chloe is attending outings on her own and enjoying herself.

So sorry to read about Kat. Her head looks horrible. I hope it is feeling better.

Holly said...

Wow, that is so great about Chloe! She is just jumping right in to things. What a neat girl! I was thinking we had the same agency...but we have never had anything but wonderful things to say about them, and it's the same I've heard from others. It's strange that you are having these troubles. Or maybe it's not the same agency. Anyway, I certainly hope things speed up for you soon! And guess what...We are on the plane in 6 days!!!!