Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chloe's Plan

You know that Chloe has a wonderful sense of humor. She is really funny. She has hounded me for weeks now, when will the brothers come- 11 (November) "NO", 12 December, "NO" and so on. I think about March, a little over a year from her adoption. She says "ahh man, you kiddin' me?"

Uhh, no dear. I am not. I can not force anyone to hurry this up. I wish I had that magical power and I would use it for more than just her brothers. So many more children waiting to come home. Wanting to be a part of a family so badly.

One other point of contention for her. Are we taking her along? Well, yes, of course we would LOVE to, BUT if it comes down to the issue of $$$$$ then we may not be able to. She came up with a solution. She went to her biggest brother at home and said "Donobin, you no eat so we have money for me to go to China?"

He came a hurrying to me pretty fast saying "what is she saying to me?" Yeah, his food is pretty important to him:) He tells her " are you speaking English?"when he doesn't like something she may be telling him. Like I don't know what he is pulling. Really can you think of much ANY kid could pull on me that someone else hasn't pulled or that I did when young. Oops, telling secrets there-- shhhh.

Chloe was NOT thrilled with her field trip this week, it was to the waste water treatment plant. She called it "Stink water" and said she is not going back.

Kat is asking how much more school she has to go to- uhhh, only about 150 more days there hon. She said everyone "talks too much" she doesn't like it. Just a little prissy there, even being adorable each day is not helping her feel better:)

Chloe is looking forward to Halloween, we have a fun parade we always go to. It's hard to make her understand what it is, but I can assure you she has gotten the whole "Santa" deal and is making a list already. I explained to her it is Jesus birthday but she gets gifts as all kids get gifts and she said " nuuu uhhh." She liked that idea.

So far she wants Ninte*do DS- like the one she sadly left behind in China somehow. I think some hotel maid is playing that pink thing like mad and I hope they enjoyed it:( Chloe still blames Kat for leaving it, it was Chloe's but she claims since Kat played it more it was her fault it got left on our trip. I'm still trying to figure out how that worked????
Not much else going on here, Donobin just informed me he has a 100.5 temp, he has been trying to convince me he has swine flu for days, I think he is a goof. Yesterday his temp (he's checking it every day) was 99.5 after eating something hot. And he wanted a "professional opinion" of his temp. I reminded him that his mother happens to be a nurse, aka PROFESSIONAL and I thought he was a hypochondriac. Let him stew on that awhile...........


Sherri said...

I think you would be able to raise the money to take Chloe along. I'd aim for that if I were you.

Cayle said...

I would love to see Chloe going on the trip too.
IF anything i would love to donate!