Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birthday weekend

The girls are nearly partied out:)
After Mal turned 18 yesterday to a pumpkin pie celebration (her preference) we then had chinese lunch today and cake for Kat who is 6 years old today. Is there anything better than a pile of gifts when you are 6 years old?? She got many Tinkerb*ll items, she is into that right now:)

Big brothers got her a backpack (she complained about the square one but it seemed smaller for her size) and a sleeping bag, she LOVES to snuggle into. She is one happy girl today. She decided on a Care Be*rs cake, it was just adorable, much like her.

I told her today that I was glad her Chinese birth mommy had her in her belly and I get to have her as my daughter. Her answer to that- "uh- huh."

Next is MY birthday, I will be turning 37 of course, as my older sons insist I am losing years, but I wonder firstly -- what do they want from me? And secondly, do they realize before too long we will both be 30? Euhhhh. Too bizarre for me.

I got one birthday gift early, good thing this is a CLEAN, non swearing, flame less, don't go there with me you dirty dirty dog, blog. Brother of mine, a gym membership? I think this was given in love, making me feel you want me healthy and living forever, otherwise I have to glue your --------------beeeeeep------------ to your -----beep---------------- next time I catch you napping in my house.

I want to believe the best since I KNOW I am your fave sis, but really, you are asking me to go FAR outside my comfort zone----- exercise to me is walking, biking, walking, NOT the gym with bodybuilders who I will slap senseless with my arm fluff. I am not sure I can do this. The gym may just suffer a collapse if I walk in, or maybe I will. Darn, sure wish you missed me sitting down on that old glider at our uncle's and it snapping, did you see my hubby was already on that glider?? It wasn't just me, did that snap crackle and pop say GYM to you?? It said "blame hubby for tooting FAST" to me, I didn't hear the slightest suggestion of GYM-- or maybe you were hearing things and someone introduced "JIM?"

Giving you the benefit of the HUGE DOUBT here, 'cause I love ya, tons. Even if you are a skinny, rotten a----------------------------------------------------feel the love????
Happy Birthday to our wonderful girls!

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Chad and Kristy said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you all:) Mine is today!I am turned 34!! Too bad I spent the majority of last year thinking I was already 34 so I missed being 33... I will have to go back and do that one later on.. like maybe after my 39th b-day. I celebrated with a sweet potato favorite:)